Restricted Rehire Status – What Does it Mean?

On the very last day of our DCP program.
At the Cinderella Castle on the very last day of our second DCP program.

NEW Disney Casting Number: 844-559-2278!

If you need information on your rehire status, first you must get through the phone tree by pressing 2-1-8-4, then when you connect to a real cast member, you can ask for Casting Records.

To Check on Your W-2:  Call the new Casting number (844-559-2278), then press 2-1-8-0 to check on your W-2 form. Or, you can email HR with the request at:  or

You’ll need to provide your full name, permanent address, social security number, DOB, and Perner info.  They will then send you a link to your W-2 that’s active for 24 hours.

W2The casting center phone line is open from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, eastern time.

Casting Records has your records as to whether you can be rehired but might not tell you over the phone; if you live nearby they will tell you to come in in-person to discuss.

Remeber reading this during Traditions?  This is the Program Guide page that expalins the points system.
Remember reading this during Traditions? This is the Program Guide page that explains the points system.

Restricted Rehire Status

3 points within 30 days of each other

6 points within 90 days of each other

9 points within 180 days of each other

12 points within 365 days of each other

Restricted rehire status (RRS) means that you left the company on less than ideal terms. If you self-term your DCP program before your planned last day, you will be put on restricted rehire status.

Remember, once restricted… you will remain restricted, there is no time frame in which it “wears off.”

Be sure to check that you have turned in all the pieces of your costume before you lose access to the Hub!

You MUST return all your costume pieces at the end of program!


The number one reason that CPs are placed on Restricted Rehire Status is failure to return all costume pieces upon departure from the program!!!

costuming (2)
Before you leave the program, check on the hub that your costume balance is $0 and that nothing is still outstanding.

Failure to return any piece will result in a Restricted Rehire Status until the piece is paid for (generally $25 per item).  This will be on your work record even if it’s been 5 years or more since you worked for Disney!  

Caroline costume
Don’t forget to return ALL costume pieces, including any hats or belts you’ve signed out!

**You will not be able to join the DCP Alumni Association if you are on Restricted Rehire Status!  Conversely, if Disney adds you to the DCP Alumni Assoc., then your rehire status is clear!**

For costume questions, email costume recovery at:

WDW Costuming:  407-824-1269

General WDW Number: 407-824-2222

Costuming email address


Disney Employment Verification: 800-800-4857, ext. 9000

To be considered for rehire for a second program (DCP or PI) or a cast member role, you will have to do extra paperwork detailing your recent employment history since you last worked for Disney and must prove that you’re worth giving a second chance to.

This evaluation is done on a case-by-case basis. On a positive note, many people have been rehired after proving they’ve held a consistent job since leaving their program. There is a special rehire process for RRS and they will let you plead your case. In order to get your rehire status changed back to favorable in the system, you need to show at least six months (preferably a full year) of stable work, and explain why you left the program early.

On the negative side, there are many more students applying to the DCP program than ever before. Because of that, it’s become extremely competitive and they are even more selective than ever before. They also keep prospectives “pending” for weeks, sometimes months, which they never used to do. A lot of restrictive rehires have been stuck waiting in that pending pool, with about 50/50 chance of getting back in.

If you self-termed for a good reason (i.e., sick family member, medical issues), you will have to talk to recruiting about it during your phone interview.  You do have a chance – it’s not an automatic rejection. Remember, if it’s meant to be, it’ll work out.

Our advice:  Be honest, and try being very flexible on your role checklist!

Remember, Disney wants:

  • To see that whatever reason caused you to self term doesn’t exist anymore
  • You are currently employed and have a stable job performance
  • You are organized in getting your paperwork together and submitting it in a timely matter.

If Disney’s the last job you had before seeking rehire, volunteer at your school or get a part time job.  Both of those efforts will improve your chances.

Do Not Rehire (DNR) Status

If you got fired for cause from the program – terminated – truly think about that for a moment. Why would they want you back?  The DCP program is a competitive, paid internship with a rejection rate of over 80%. It is probably not a good use of your time to reapply and try to get your status changed.  Consider it a learning experience and move on.

Castle morning (2)
It’s a new day!


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95 replies to “Restricted Rehire Status – What Does it Mean?

  1. Question: I won’t have a car on campus when I’m doing the program this semester so I will have to use the bus transportation. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about the bus option and that it can cause lots of delay. Are work places usually lenient with that kind of thing or do they get mad? I hate being late to work so that’s probably my biggest concern about not having a car during the program.


  2. If all I had in terms of negative job performance was 3 attendance reps during my first CP in Spring of 2014 do I have a chance at doing a second program in Spring of 2016? I’ve heard that all attendance points go away after one year and I have heard of people getting hired back with worse circumstances than mine.


    1. I also heard that the restricted rehire status lasts a year, but there are also some people in the Alumni Association who are having difficulties even though it has been more than a year. My advice is to either call/email Disney about it to confirm what your options are or just apply again and hope for the best! Good luck!


  3. Hello Caroline and Elly ,

    Thank you for creating this post for it had shed some light to my issues, but I do have a question regarding Restricted Rehire Status. On a second note, I was not in the DCP as I was hired regularly. If you don’t mind answering my question, do I have a chance of getting re hired ? As in filling out paper works that shows that I had a stable work for a year. I was Terminated due to a policy I violated at the time. Thank you for your time !


    1. Hello Christopher,
      If you were terminated due to violating a Disney Policy, your work status is Do Not Rehire (DNR), as opposed to Restricted Rehire. You have almost no chance of ever being hired again at any Disney company or subsidiary.

      For example, we know a QSFB cast member that ate a cookie off a guests’s plate as he was bussing the table. (The guests had already paid and left the restaurant.) He was fired on the spot for violating Disney Policy – theft – and placed on DNR. He will never work for Disney again.

      If you are DNR with Disney, consider it a learning lesson and move on with your career.

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      1. Hello again Caroline & Elly ,
        Thank you for replying to my post very quickly, I really appreciate that. Also, thank you for answering my question and explaining me about DNR as my shop steward failed to do so. It is funny that you mentioned the QSFB cast member as I was a QSR and was somewhat told to eat a pretzel of the ground by another cast member causing my termination, but I digress. Thank you again for taking your time to read and explain my situation. Knowing myself, I probably wont stop trying to work with this amazing company until Mickey himself tells me to back off, hahah. Again thank you and have a great day !

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  4. Hi,
    I used to be a Disney cruise line officer,
    I had to leave the company on a immediate basis due to a family dispute back home. I unfortunately could not give a notice period and left within 3 days. Do you think I may be eligible for rehire. I tried to contact DCL corporate hr. But they said I am not eligible for rehire. Can I appeal for a rehire through any other means.


    1. Hello,
      No, you will never work for Disney again.

      Your status with the company is not “Restricted Rehire”, but rather “Do Not Rehire”.

      This never leaves your Disney employment record and is in effect across all Disney divisions and subsidiaries. There is no appeals process for Do Not Rehire status.

      Having said that, this is what you can do: Apply at other cruise lines. We like Royal Caribbean a lot.

      Do not worry about what Disney will say about your employment history. Due to international HR laws, they will only disclose the dates that you worked for Disney and job title. They will not disclose salary, internal personnel issues/annual reviews, why you left the company, job rehire status, etc.

      YOU must put a positive spin on your time working for Disney!

      So, practice this: I loved working for DCL, but had to take some time away from my career to handle a family matter. But, it’s resolved now and I’m ready to resume my career.

      That’s all that needs to be said. Keep it vague. Do not whine or provide details. It’s nobody’s business.

      ONLY talk positive, do not disclose that you could only give DCL 3 days’ notice.

      Practice positivity!

      Use this info on your resume for Disney Employment Verfication:

      Good luck in your job search!


      1. Thank you so much for your quick response. I have a clear picture now, I will not waste my time trying to go back to Disney.
        Thank you for the information, I can use it for my further career move.
        Warm regards

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      2. I highly disagree that a rehire status cannot be changed. And telling people that it is never a possibility is also wrong. I was a no rehire status and I had it appealed and I worked for the company again after that. Another person I knew while on my 1st CP who was part time was also fired and then had it appealed and she now works for the company again. There’s always a chance for rehire you just have to know how to get in contact with the right people and go through the right steps.


      3. We stand by what we wrote.

        Restricted Rehire (RR) Status can be changed after 6 months if the issue is resolved, i.e., paying for a missing costume piece.

        Do Not Rehire (DNR) is extremely rare to overturn. It’s almost impossible to even find someone in HR to work with you in changing that status in the system. Not totally improbable, just highly improbable. Example: You are fired from Disney for stealing something or for drinking on the job. We know CMs who did just that and got fired. THEY WILL NEVER WORK FOR DISNEY AGAIN. PERIOD. It’s not being negative, it’s the truth. It’s not worth anyone’s time saying that there’s even a remote chance that they could be rehired several years down the road if they just could get in contact with the “right people” and go through the “right steps”.

        Everyone has a different situation that landed them on DNR and we think the chances of ever changing that status are <1% at best.


  5. Hello Caroline and Elly!
    I did the International College Program in 2014. I applied again in 2015, but was put into NLIC. On my program, I had 1 reprimand from calling in sick. Do you think I’m on restricted rehire? If so, do you have any advice for an international participant in how to resolve this and hopefully be rehired? Should I call casting records?
    Thanks for any advice! 🙂


    1. Hello,

      No, you are not on Restricted Rehire status. Your single point from calling in sick (not a reprimand) disappeared from your record after 6 months. You can verify your hiring status by calling Casting and asking for Casting Records.

      Most likely, you were NLIC’ed because of high competition either from your country (high number of applicants) or the role you did/wanted to do (i.e., too many other people wanted merchandise too).

      At what point were you NLIC? If it was after your phone interview, make sure to practice your answers next time!

      Good luck!

      CP Attendance Policy: Points and Reprimands

      CPs are subject to disciplinary action including termination for work absences (calling in sick, calling out personal day) and clocking in late.

      CP absences can’t exceed 10 consecutive work days or 14 consecutive days. CPs with absences exceeding 10 work days will be termed and placed on Restricted Rehire status.

      3 points in 30 days = 1st Reprimand
      6 points in 90 days = 2nd Reprimand
      9 points in 180 days = 3rd Reprimand
      12 Points in 365 days = 4th Reprimand, termed
      4 reprimands in 1 year (365 consecutive days) = Termed

      You get 1 point for call in sick, call out personal day, no show, late clock in.
      3 consecutive no show/no call in = Termed


      1. Oops, let me clarify…I called in 3 times therefore got 1 reprimand.
        Do you think I should call casting? With the international program, we don’t even get a phone interview. We go straight to an in person interview, or get NLIC.


  6. I don’t think that you are on Restricted Rehire status.

    Reprimands stay on your work record 1 year. I think the last time that you applied, you were still within that 1 year timeframe.

    It wouldn’t hurt to call and check if you are serious about doing a second program.


    1. Since you weren’t termed, it probably won’t have any impact on your rehire status/process. (Personnel records aren’t shared like that during the hiring process.)
      If you were written up and termed for cause, your status at Disney is Do Not Rehire (DNR), and you won’t ever work for Disney again.
      If you are uncertain about your hiring status, you can always call Casting Records and check.


  7. Hi there. Just wanted to inform you that you are giving misleading information. Being terminated from the college program almost never leads to a “No Rehire”, but rather an RRS, which can be appealed. Also, a No Rehire can be appealed based on the severity, as I have just gone through the process myself. Costuming charges are actually a No Rehire status. I know this because I was NLIC’d from a program, not because of my RRS, but because costuming had a “NR” on my record. I was terminated but completely allowed to appeal my Restricted Rehire status. I was termed under false accusations, so no i will not just walk away from the company. Thanks!

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    1. There are only 3 work statuses on your personnel record when you terminate from Disney (voluntary or involuntary):

      Good Standing
      Restricted Rehire
      Do Not Rehire

      If your Restricted Rehire status is the result of failure to return all costume pieces, it can be resolved by either returning the missing piece or paying for it. You were NLIC’ed because you were on Restricted Rehire status.

      Former cast members may appeal their Restricted Rehire status and can get it changed to Good Standing if the issue behind the RRS is resolved (costume returned, medical crisis over, family issue resolved, etc., etc.).

      Do Not Rehire is permanent and can not be appealed.


    2. Good day,
      Could you please help me with the information about who and where I can appeal for the no rehire status? I had a clear record with Disney Cruise line and had no discipline on my file. But had to urgently resign and leave the company due to severe family challenge back home. Now since I tried to re-apply, I have been given a no rehire status.


    3. Can you give me any information about how you appealed? I was also termed for false reasons and am going through the appeals process myself. Thank you!


  8. Hey!
    I have tried to call the number y’all have listed to check my rehire status and tried using the option “0”, but that is no longer an option for their phone menu. Do you all know of another way to check rehire status? I am trying to add myself the alumni association and it’s been about 3-4 weeks since I put in for it and I haven’t heard anything. I’m worried I have been placed on a restricted rehire status, but I’m not sure why I would have been. I never received an reprimands during my program, only a few attendance points due to being sick but they were very spread out. If you guys know of another way to check rehire status, please let me know!


    1. Yes, you can call the regular casting number 407-828-1000 during business hours (8:30am-4:30pm, Eastern Time, Monday-Friday) and press 2-1-7-0 during the automated messages. This sequence will get you out of the phone tree and will connect you to someone can answer your questions about your rehiring status.

      You can also contact the DCP Alumni Association at: They can check on the hold-up (if it is a status issue) and will usually get back to you within a day.


  9. It’s possible to have restricted rehire status if you get terminated from the DCP. Not only was I terminated for underage drinking, I was also reprimanded for missing too many days of work. I’m not saying to go my route, but it is possible. I’ve just had a phone interview with Disney, and they explained to me that I should have no problem getting rehired as a full time CM.


  10. I was an international participant a couple of years ago and completed my program but I had a lot of trouble with illness and so got a fair number of points on my record card and received 2 reprimands. Will I be on restricted status or should my standing with the company be okay? Is there a way to contact casting without calling them?


    1. As far as I know, you must call them….there isn’t a general email address to contact Casting about your hiring status.

      Based on what you said, it’s been more than six months since you left the company and your hiring status should be fine if you turned in all your costume pieces, etc. before leaving.


  11. Good day,
    Could you please help me with the information about who and where I can appeal for the no rehire status? I had a clear record with Disney Cruise line and had no discipline on my file during my first contract and during my second contract I left, but with a notice period of 30 days due to severe family challenge back home. Now since I tried to re-apply, I have been given an answer that they can not rehire me :(.
    Even though I resigned during my second contract it was with a notice period. I don’t understand why I can’t be rehired? Any advises??
    Thank you.


    1. You can verify your rehire status yourself by calling Disney Employment Verification: 800-800-4857, ext. 9000. ($20 US, credit card)
      During your new employee onboarding orientation, you were given a cast member program guide with the contact information for Human Resources.
      We recommend that you call them directly to discuss.
      Good luck!


  12. April 12, 2016: PSA from a friend:

    **I can confirm. Leaders fired a girl for a funnel cake and she was on a plane back to Australia the next day.

    **Same thing with some merchandise locations. Sometimes you’ll have to throw away perfectly good cookies just because they’re a tiny bit cracked. It sucks. BUT YOU GOTTA DO IT.

    **Sometimes my location will give out food but yeah. Don’t do it. You’ll get in trouble. Some locations have been cracking down hardcore.

    **I remember during morning shift, one of the Chefs had to call out the whole entire crew currently working that day, because she found a bag of pretzel sticks half eaten. She was soooo mad! lmao. In my head I was thinking, that must of happened over time, only to find out the guy who did it. just snapped all the pretzels in half and stuffed them in his apron and ate them while working on stage.

    **I remember one of my coworkers getting termed for eating spoilage. She ate like a super tiny chocolate chip!!

    **In the lounges when we had to throw away the extra food was so hard! We basically threw away perfectly fine and fresh food! But even if you’re throwing it away, you can’t eat it!

    **At Sunset Boulevard, a CP got fired for trying to steal a cupcake in a drink cup. Not worth the risk.

    ** I watched a part timer get termed for eating a chicken nugget on stage.

    ** A CP girl stole a pretzel and got caught and said everyone was eating the food so everyone got termed. Like 5 people. Just by her saying ate something. So be careful of that too.


  13. Hey guys awesome article. I just reapplied for a second program. Honestly I didn’t know I had a missing costume piece until I just reapplied over a year after my original program ended. Long story short before I could even know I had a missing costume I got an email saying I was not eligible. If I pay for the missing item and call casting will they give my application another shot for the coming program year?


    1. Unfortunately, I think that you have to wait 6 months and then can apply again with your Good Standing record.

      I recommend that you pay for the missing piece (unless you want to contact Costuming first and discuss), get off of Restricted Rehire, join the DCP Alumni Assoc (a clear sign that you are eligible for rehire), then re-apply for another program!

      Good luck!!!

      Have a magical day!


      1. I was told that I had a rehire status when I left the company but unfortunately all the costumes I had were thrown away by a roommate I had. So should I call and see if I can pay them back? I loved working for Disney! And I really hope that this said person didn’t ruin my chances of coming back.


  14. I’m a very worried mom…there’s an issue and I have no one to get an answer from-is there a way for you to answer a question privately? My son is in Florida right now


  15. Curious on thoughts: I did the DCP Fall 2015, and I unfortunately had to self-term. I reapplied for Spring 2017 and was instantly rejected due to an unfavorable hire status. After emailing them, I found out that I was missing a piece of a costume, but besides that my hire status was favorable. They never mentioned restricted status. Once I’m done paying things back, they said I can email them right back and they’ll re-review it for the Spring 2017 program. Should I be concerned for getting accepted?


    1. I don’t think so – I know several people who had to self term, were missing items and paid for them, and then were accepted to do another CP. I think as long as you are not missing any costume items/pay for them and have a good point status, you are definitely still eligible to be accepted! Good luck!


  16. Hello!
    I love your blog and wanted to say thanks for all of the helpful tips and tricks. I unfortunately had to leave my DCP early in the Spring of 2015 due to a family emergency. It was a super hard thing to do, but was definitely the right decision. Now that I’m home and things are much better, I am ready to hopefully come back to work for the mouse. When I had to self term for my program, I was ensured that because of my family emergency that my rehire status would not be affected, and that I would be invited to join the Alumni Association. This was a huge sense of relief, as working for Disney is my ultimate goal. Unfortunately, I heard back from the DCP that I was not accepted into the program twice in a row. After talking with casting, it turns out that I was listed as a RR by mistake. With two very successful interviews, I am super disappointed to lose the opportunity at the DCP. I have also applied for some PI’s and part-time positions and haven’t had any luck. I was wondering if you have any advice for me? It has been a really disappointing process and I am determined to return to WDW.

    Thanks! 🙂


    1. So, the first thing to do is apply to the DAA again. If you are accepted, then you know your RR status has been removed.

      If you don’t hear from them in 2 weeks, contact Marcie. In your haste to leave, double check that you have no outstanding costume pieces!!! That is the #1 reason for failure to rehire!!!

      Not knowing that you were on RR status screwed up your applications.
      PIs are very competitive and difficult to obtain! Without an inside lead, you won’t get one. 😦
      So, don’t spend anymore time pursuing those, no matter how interesting!

      There are more part-time positions open in the summer and fall then in the spring. There aren’t enough hours available in the spring, so you’re unlikely to get a PT job offer earlier than June 2017.

      The Fall DCP app will open again in Feb 2017. If you are still in school or within 6 months of having graduated, you can apply again. Be open to ALL roles at resorts and the parks. They are always in desperate need of lifeguards. No one wants housekeeping or custodial or resort daycare. Everyone wants attractions and merch. QSFB is a tough role! No sense going after a job if you know you’ll be miserable! So, think that through!
      1. Think about getting lifeguard training, CPR training, American Red Cross training
      2. Think about a PT job at a childcare center this winter.
      3. Think about a PT job at fast food, especially McDonalds.
      4. Think about getting PT job at a floral department anywhere, including grocery stores, hospitals, etc.

      Did you read our book? We have lots of advice in it. You’ve already successfully applied once (what role???), think about how to improve your answers and what experience you need for different roles in 2017.

      Hope this helps!
      Only 12-15% get accepted….that’s an 85% rejection rate, on par with Ivy League schools!


      1. Thanks so much for your response! How would i go about finding out about my costume pieces? I was in Photopass and absolutely loved it, and I am planning to take lifeguard training this winter. Marcie follows me on twitter so I could send her a message but the character limit isn’t helpful in explaining the situation… I did request to join the Alumni Association not too long ago and was declined. I do have close friends that are full-time cast members and have used them for referrals on my resume and applications, however, still no luck.


      2. I am suspicious that you asked to join the DAA and were still declined after talking to Casting to clear your RR status!

        Remember, the #1 reason for Restricted Rehire is failure to return all costume pieces!
        Remember those simple black gloves that cost $1 at Walmart? Disney charges $10 for them and you wouldn’t believe how many Spring CPs lose 1 or both gloves and get on RR and don’t even realize it.
        If the DAA accepts you, then your RR status has been removed.
        Maybe call Casting again too?

        Don’t give up! It can be resolved but, as you know, everything with Disney takes time!!

        Check with Costuming that your record is clear:
        For costume questions, email costume recovery at:
        WDW Costuming: 407-824-1269


      3. Yes it’s been a process for sure, however it’s totally worth it if it means it helps my chances in going back to work for Disney! I am still working to get my RR lifted and Casting has been passing my requests around between the CP email, and the direct line. Hopefully I will hear good news soon, and I just sent costuming a message too! I signed up for a lifeguard training course, thanks for the advice! I also was hoping you could help me learn about my options if my RR status is not lifted by the time that I reapply. Should I bring it up during my phone interview even if they don’t ask me about it? They didn’t last time so I wasn’t sure. Also, do you think I can get rehired with an RR status? I have hear many mixed things. Sorry for all of the questions and thank for your help!


      4. No, don’t bring it up during any interviews. Recruiters have no access to cast member personnel files, so they wouldn’t know your rehire status anyway.

        You can NOT be rehired with a RR status! Even if the recruiter says yes, your job offer will be stopped by Casting if you are RR.

        Just keep working on it. It’s been more than 6 months since you separated from the company so it can be lifted at anytime, provided that you’ve returned – or paid for – any missing costume pieces.

        Good luck!


  17. Thanks for your help. I’m just confused because when I talked to casting I was told that I can be rehired after 6 months of my RR as long as I have stable employment since I left. I am still working out to get my RR lifted off of my record, but I was told that it will not get in the way of me being rehired. You mentioned in your post about being able to fill out paperwork prior to reapplying to the DCP, as you mentioned it is on a case-by-case basis. Do you know how I could go about doing this? Also, I am trying to learn as much as possible about how to get rehired, so I really do appreciate all of your insight and advice!


    1. I can be rehired after 6 months of my RR as long as I have stable employment since I left. TRUE

      I was told that it will not get in the way of me being rehired. FALSE
      Having been on RR, then having it lifted won’t negatively impact your chances for rehire. BUT, while you are RR you won’t get any offers for any positions from Disney.

      You mentioned in your post about being able to fill out paperwork prior to reapplying to the DCP. This was for applying for a regular FT/PT cast member positions with Disney after RR status is lifted, not the DCP. Procedure for DCP is still: Apply, WBI, PI, HR checks hiring status prior to any offers, Offer. Aside from maybe your resume to show stable employment – which most people applying to the DCP don’t submit – at the applying point, there’s no other time to provide paperwork during the application process.


      1. Okay perfect that makes more sense now! So now that I’ve had more than 6 months of stable employment, and when I talked to casting was told that I am able to be rehired, I am good to go? I am still working with casting to get it lifted, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks!!


  18. I never turned in my rain poncho/jacket I got from costuming because it came in a bag and had no barcode, so I thought it was mine to keep like my QSFB shoes. Would they put me on restricted rehire for that?
    If I apply in the future and I get that message (seen above) stating they are unable to consider me because I didn’t return all company property, does that mean I’m completely out of the running for that semester with no chance of calling and clearing it up?


    1. You needed to turn back in the rain jacket.

      Have you applied to the DCP Alumni Assoc? We always tell people to apply and if you’re accepted it means that your rehiring record is clear.

      You can also contact Costuming and check if they think you have any costume pieces missing or not.

      Yes, your work shoes were yours to keep and don’t count on your costuming record.
      Good luck!!!


    2. I lost the rain poncho myself and I told the costuming that I did and they told me not to worry about it. Not saying don’t care for it obviously but it doesn’t hurt. And if you don’t return anything it usually gets cut from your last paycheck (the reason why CMs can’t give away their last week of the shift – just in case they lose costumes or damages have to be charged in the rooms). But do call costuming like the sisters said just in case they still have it in record and ask if you can have it removed


      1. How did you tell them about losing your rain poncho? Did you tell them directly at costuming, did you call them or did you email them? My program ended in January so I’m curious what you did.


  19. Hi there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m having a difficult time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking
    for something completely unique.
    P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!


  20. Hi there,
    I was termed during my program because of 3 missed work days (I called in but it still was a point) because my dad was in the hospital for most of my program. I tried applying to another program but it said that I’m ineligible to be hired by Disney. Do you think that there is a way to fix this? Other than the missed days, I was a good cast member and I got a lot of Four Keys cards. I would talk to the management team at my location but they have all moved on to other locations or jobs.



    1. Something doesn’t sound right here.

      3 consecutive No Call/No Shows in one week will get you termed.

      But, you said that you called out, which would be a point each for 3 points.
      3 points = 1 reprimand, not a termination.

      I think you were “ineligible for rehire” because you reapplied within the 6 month blackout period.
      I wonder if you applied now if enough time has passed?
      I would definitely call Casting and discuss with them the best course to get off of Restricted Rehire status.
      My guess is that you are Restricted Rehire (which means you CAN work for Disney again), rather than Do Not Rehire (DNR), which would mean that you will never work for Disney again.

      Casting can help clarify your work status.

      Good luck!


  21. Hi there! So I believe I am on restricted rehire, I left due to my sister having an immense issue with mental health and I am almost certain that costuming said I did not return a hat as well. I’d like to apply again to the program or for a PI in the future, I’ve had stable work for a year since leaving the program. What number or email address should I contact about explaining why I left the program? And would it be better to email or call Disney? Thank you so much!


    1. So, break it down it steps.

      First, confirm with Casting that you are RR.
      Disney Casting Number: 844-559-2278

      You are beyond the 6 month wait period, so that’s not a problem.
      If you can get off RR and back to Good Standing with the company, you can reapply anytime.
      They are very good about rehiring CPs who left for a medical/family reason.

      Next, confirm with Costuming that you don’t have any outstanding pieces and don’t owe any $$:
      You can email them or call, they are very responsive either way and very nice to talk to!
      For costume questions, email costume recovery at:
      or phone: WDW Costuming: 407-824-1269

      Good luck!


  22. Hi there! First time reading your blog and I loved it , it is very helpful!.I’m from Peru, I recently did a 3 month ICP program (December 2016-February 2017). On my last day at Disney I did not have time to give a costume back so I asked another ICP friend ,that was staying longer,to return it back for me. So I just found out she didn`t return it at that time but she is doing it this week. My question is ,does my Rehire Restricted Status is gonna be remove automatically after she return it to costuming or do I have to contact Casting as well? Also I’m planning to apply for a second ICP the next year but I have 1 reprimand, does the reprimands disappear after a certain time? I’m really worried it could affect my chances to be hire again at Disney.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello!

      Yes, since you didn’t return all your costume pieces after you separated from the company, you were placed on Restricted Rehire Status.
      Once all your missing costume pieces get scanned this week, it should automatically lift from your record and change to Good Standing.
      HOWEVER, since you plan on applying again, we strongly recommend that you wait 2 weeks and contact Casting via the number in our blog OR email Costuming and ask if all your costume pieces have been returned. You can not be considered for rehire until your status changes.

      Having 1 reprimand is A-OK. No, it won’t ever “disappear” from your Disney employment record like some sort of traffic misdemeanor offense. It’s there forever, but it won’t hurt your chances of rehire at all.

      Good luck!

      Have a magical day. 🙂


  23. Hello! I was let go from Disney just four months into working because of my attendance record. Since I was still on probation, I was only allowed to have very little points. I asked the manager if I will be able to work for the company again and she said yes. But im not sure how true that is.


    1. Also, I am in the process of applying to other jobs and it asks if I “Have you ever been released or discharged from employment” Do I have to check yes, even thought i was still on probation and it was for attendance?


      1. No.

        Check “no” as you were still in the probationary employment period and do NOT bring it up or explain it during any interview.

        Practice: “I loved my short time working for Disney as a temporary employee and learned a lot.”

        Keep it short and sweet.

        Have a magical day.


  24. Hello so I have a question, I was suspended from the college program for an incident at work. They said it’s under investigation and they will let me know the decision of my feight. I’ve waited 3 whole days since the incident and have heard nothing. Its driving me crazy just sitting here waiting. Any ideas on waiting periods? Can I call HR and ask the status? If I am getting termed why have I not been told yet.


    1. YIKES.

      Here’s our take: Pack your bags, yes you will be termed this week, no later than Friday.
      Disney has a Zero Tolerance policy for CPs.
      This is what stresses CPs out so much.
      You’ve already been suspended from your job.
      They are just fact gathering because others are involved.

      Good luck and we hope you enjoyed some parts of your program.


  25. I have a question, I worked in the CP program in spring 2015 but had to self term due to an illness. I just sent in an application for spring 2018. Do you think I’m eligible for hire?


    1. Good news!
      Yes, you are eligible for rehire as it’s been more than 6 months since you left the company.
      To cover all your bases, you might want to check with Costuming that ALL your costume pieces were returned.
      Remember, failure to return all costume pieces is the Number 1 reason people remain on Restricted Rehire status after 6 months.

      Good luck and have a magical day!


  26. Hello! I did the Disneyland program spring 2017, and I never received any email stating that I was missing costume pieces when I left. They also forgot to collect my blue ID, but I still have it. Would I be on restricted rehire status? and if I want to apply for a summer alumni program how long will the process take to get that removed?


    1. You should be fine.

      Have you joined the DCP Alumni Assoc?
      If they accept you, you’re in Good Standing with the company.
      If they don’t, then you’re on Restricted Rehire.
      Keep your Blue ID. If you work for Disney again and can’t find it, they’ll charge you $35 to replace it.
      The Alumni Homecoming Event is next month and we’re going!

      Join the Assoc:

      Alumni Event:


      1. I have applied twice and I haven’t received confirmation or a rejection from the alumni association. If you have any power in that it would be awesome to be accepted into it!


      2. Okay, I’ll shoot them an email and see if I am missing costumes. I did the program in Disneyland, does that email work for Disneyland costuming as well?


  27. Hi Everyone. Very good information here, thanks for sharing.

    Background: Worked for Disney for 8 years and was terminated for no-show (I know, terrible, but I’ve gotten my life together since). I now have several degrees, 10+ years of career/work history, and a family- needless to say, I’m a different person. I have DNR status and applied for change of status with a petition. 4 weeks later, received a decline. This was as of last week.

    I understand your explanation that if you are DNR it is unlikely you will receive a status change and/or work for Disney again. Very clear. But, I truly feel I am a better person, I am a valuable asset to Disney, and I truly would enjoy my career more with Disney. With all that said, I plan to continue with appealing however possible.

    Question: Aside from calling Casting Records to verify your status, does anyone know or can recommend people or numbers where I can call, email, or speak to a live person about my petition? Possible in casting or HR. *Specifically at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.*

    I feel that possibly speaking to my petition would help them understand my motivation and dedication. Although this might be outside of their procedures for reviewing petitions, I am willing to be “that” person to ensure I fight for my goals.

    Any help would be appreciated. And hey, if successful, I’ll happily come back to this site and share my story.


    1. Hi Dave,

      HR at Disney reviewed your 8 year employment history after you applied for a revision of your DNR status.

      There is no recovery from this. Your employment record is not like your driving record where it will “reset” and drop points after 6 years or whatever.
      You will not be able to work for Disney or any of its subsidiaries again. Focus your energies elsewhere.


  28. Hi! First off, thank you for your blog! It’s so helpful! I wondered if I could get your opinion on my personal situation:
    I left my College Program (FA 2017) a month early, since I was switching schools and had to go back to get everything organized before I started there. I gave a notice when I left, and my leaders told me that I would have restricted rehire for 6 months and then be good to apply again! I wasn’t sure when the 6 months started/ended, so when I applied at the end of February, I assumed if it was too early that I would receive an email telling me so. Instead of a “You applied too early!” email, I received an email for a WBI, and then later, a Phone Interview. I applied recently (went through all the interviews, and the lady didn’t mention anything about my status in my phone interview, so I assumed it was fine to apply). I then got a Pending Email followed by a NLIC – I wonder if you’d know if this could be due to a restricted rehire status? Or will that be lifted within 6 months? I’m interested in doing another College Program (or Professional Internship) in the future, and would hate to not be eligible because of a miscommunication on my end!
    I’ve been sending a lot of emails back and forth but it’s a confusing situation and I don’t want to be a bother – I just want to make sure I’ll be in the clear in 6 months! Did I maybe just get NLIC because I applied too early? I feel like if that was the case, she would have mentioned something in my phone interview.


    1. If I understand this, you were in the FA 2017 program which went until Jan 2018, but you left early in Dec 2017 because of school issues?
      You are on Restricted Rehire until at least June 2018.

      The recruiting system that does the WBI and PI is not linked to HR. So, the recruiters you spoke to had no access to your rehire status or personnel file.

      But, during the final step before the “congratulations” email is sent out, rehire statue is checked.
      As you are on Restricted Rehire, you were automatically NLIC.

      You should be able to apply to the Spring 2019 program if you are still interested.

      But, before you do, check with Casting that the Restricted Rehire status has been removed!
      Hope this helps.

      Have a magical day!


  29. I was Terminated from Walt Disney World as A College Program participant. I had four reprimands for work performance issues. I asked my leader when I left when my reprimands would expire and she said one year from the last one. If they said I was able to be re-hired does this mean that my restricted re-hire status will go away when my reprimands expire since I had perfect work attendance while on my college program, and never actually broke and company policies? Like if I wait for my reprimands to expire could I get a Phone interview and not be under a restricted re-hire status any more?


    1. I think you were given misinformation by your Leader.
      Yes, the points expire on a rolling basis, every 365 days, for currently employed cast members.

      Unfortunately, you were terminated. Your points will never “expire”.
      This placed you on the DNR (Do Not Rehire) list rather than the RR (Restricted Rehire) list.
      It is impossible to get off of DNR list.

      If you feel or were told that you would be Restricted Rehire for 1 year, then call Casting in 2019 and check your hiring status before you go through the effort of applying/interviewing.
      Remember, the recruiter’s don’t have any access to DNR/RR status. That is confidential personal information.

      You could go through the whole interviewing process, be told you were being rehired, only to have the job offer pulled at the last minute because you are not in Good Standing with the company.


  30. If you return your costume, would you be taken off the restricted rehire list? Do you know how long it takes to be allowed to apply back to the company after returning everything?


    1. Yes, if you return all missing costume pieces – or just pay for them, generally about $25/piece, it will clear your record and you’ll go from RR to Good Standing with the company.
      The update is very fast, generally in the same week.


  31. I worked for Disney Dining Reservations (the phone line) and was terminated because they said I stole a number and harrassed a guest. What actually happened was, I am also a Disney Vacation Planner, and I had a guest who is ALSO my Vacation Client, and she was mad at me I couldnt get her a DVC discount on tickets and she called Disney and fabricated this story, Disney terminated me without even hearing my side. Do you know how I would go about appealing this??


    1. These are the most difficult questions that we get on our blog…terminated employees wanting to be rehired.
      Generally, we tell people to move on. They can’t ever get off DNR and they will never be rehired by Disney or any of its subsidiaries.

      In your case, we think it is worth a shot.
      Contact HR and tell them you were a Vacation Planner and never stole anyone’s personal information.

      Disney has a policy that any cast member accused of stealing anything – even a 1/2 eaten cookie off a plate they were busing (true story!) – they are automatically terminated without any recourse for the cast member. 100% of the time. They all go straight to DNR forever.
      There is nothing managers can do and it doesn’t matter how long you were with the company or how many Four Keys you have.

      Write a brief explanation to HR and include your perner: 

      At least you will then know if someone at HR will consider an appeal.
      Your chances are probably around 5%, which is much higher than the 0% chance we usually tell people!

      It’s a long process because so many people have to sign off on it, maybe 3 months.
      We wish you the best of luck!
      Please let us know how it turns out for you.


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