Cinderella Wishing Well

Making a Wish at Cinderella's Castle

Making a Wish at Cinderella’s Castle

Every CP should stop by the Cinderella Wishing Well the first week of their program and make a wish. [Note: There’s some construction going on now around the Castle hub.]

Tossing brand new 2014 pennies into the wishing well!  :)

Tossing brand new pennies into the wishing well! 🙂

Disney has two wishing wells: the Cinderella Wishing Well near the castle at Magic Kingdom as well as Snow White’s Wishing Well in Disneyland. Look carefully and you’ll notice signs that say “Your wishes will help the Dreams of Children come true”. They actually do.

coins (2)

Your wishes will help the Dreams of Children come true.

For more than 30 years, Disney World has been collecting the tossed coins and donating the money to local nonprofit organizations that help children in need.

Recently, Disney donated $18,000 to Community Based Care (CBC) of Central Florida to help provide services to children in foster care. In 2014, cast members chose CBC’s Over-18 Support program to receive the funds. This program helps youngsters in foster care obtain their driver’s licenses, find jobs, secure housing and apply for other health and human services.

So, the next time you visit Disney World, remember that when you toss a coin into a fountain and make a wish, you are helping make somebody else’s wish come true! 🙂

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