Disneyland Measles Outbreak

Poor Mickey!

Poor Mickey!

Disneyland Measles Outbreak Hits 70 Cases and Counting

The measles outbreak that started at Disneyland is expanding, with 70 confirmed cases in patients ranging in age from 7 months to 70 years. The California Department of Public Health has linked 42 of these cases to people who visited Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure Park.

Inital measels outbreak started with people who had stayed at Disneyland December 15-20, 2014.

Initial measles outbreak started with guests who had stayed at Disneyland December 15-20, 2014.

Five Disneyland staff members are among the 70 cases.  All Disneyland employees who might have been in contact with the five infected park workers have been placed on paid leave if they are unvaccinated or if they could not confirm their immunity status, company officials said. Two of the five workers were vaccinated; officials are investigating the status of the other three, health officials said.

Initially, cases were linked to people who visited the parks in mid-December, but health officials now say that other people with measles were at the parks in January while infectious and also have spread the disease.

The measles cases spread at Disneyland a week before Christmas. Experts have said the theme park was a perfect incubator because it attracts visitors from all over the world, such as places in Europe and Asia where measles is still a large problem.

The outbreak has spread beyond California with seven cases in Utah, Washington, Colorado and Oregon. Mexico has also confirmed a case.

“If you are not vaccinated, stay away from Disneyland.” – Dr. Gil Chavez, California state epidemiologist.

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