Tips for Staying Warm & Dry while Working at Disney World


DTD Coordinator costume: white shirt, beige pants, belt, pin lanyard, name tag and radio.

Cast Members are allowed to have 5 complete costumes out at a time.
This does not include weather gear.

Although the rainy season is still a few months away, it rains every week in Orlando. Not the summer thunderstorm downpours with thunder and lightning where Disney World can see 4” – 5” of rain in a single afternoon, but more along the lines of 0.5” – 1” rain events. Certainly enough to get you wet while waiting for the bus or walking to your car!

Our friend, Meaghan, wearing her work rain jacket at Epcot.

Our friend, Meaghan, wearing her work rain jacket at Epcot.

You can ask at the costuming desk if there are any rain ponchos or rain gear outfits (pants and a jacket) in your size available. Having these pieces doesn’t count towards your 5 costume limit.

The weather in Florida in the winter is very variable. It can be warm and sunny during the day with temperatures in the mid-70s, then a cold front will come through and the lows at night can be in the low 40s/high 30s – very cold!

The damp cold in Florida feels much colder than similar temperatures up north!

The AK costume jacket.  Warm!

The DAK costume jacket. Warm!  (All they had left was XXXL on the day Caroline went to check it out.)

Many costumes have matching jackets available. Look at the end of your costume aisle. If you don’t see one for your costume, ask at the desk what is available for your work location.

My friend, Ting, her her DTD work jacket.

My friend, Ting, in her DTD work jacket.

Costuming also sometimes has black gloves and hats available seasonally.  These pieces can be worn with all costumes.

Black Disney work gloves for all costumes.  Don't lose these!  Costuming will charge you $10 if you don't turn them in!

Black Disney work gloves for all costumes. Don’t lose these! Costuming will charge you $10 if you don’t turn them back in!

More on Costuming:

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One thought on “Tips for Staying Warm & Dry while Working at Disney World

  1. Jason says:

    Great topic for an article! I didn’t have rain gear checked out on my first day that it rained so it was a very wet day to say the least lol. One of those things you don’t always think about until it’s too late. I like the long one piece raincoat over the two piece. When I was there in December it got down to 35 degrees some days. I went to under armor and got thermal gear to wear under my costume which helped me so much! I usually would not even feel cold under the end of the day when the sun went down thanks to the thermals. Also management was awesome about handing out hand warmer heat packs to stick inside your gloves. Those really helped too.

    Liked by 1 person

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