Disney Employment Verification

Working as a Coordinator at DTD

Working as a Relief Coordinator at DTD (now Disney Springs!).

The number to verify Disney employment is:

(800) 800-4857, ext. 9000,   Monday-Friday,  8am-8pm EST

(www.vjsus.com, 9000)

It costs $20US to verify your employment at the Walt Disney Company. They will only verify that you were employed by Disney as a cast member and the dates that you were employed.

They will not give out salary info, specific job info other than Cast Member, points/reprimands, or rehire status. The company that Disney hired to do their employment verification for them (Vjsus) has no access to that personnel information.

For online job applications, use this info:

Walt Disney World Company
Human Resources
PO Box 10255
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(321) 939-7000
email: twdc.global.hr.operations@disney.com


NEW Disney Casting Number: 844-559-2278!

If you need information on your rehire status, call  844-559-2278, then press 2, then 1, then 7, then 0,and then ask for Casting Records. This is the ONLY way to talk to a live cast member and get out of the phone tree!  (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm, Eastern Time)

To Check on Your W-2:  Call Casting Number above, then press 2-1-8-0 to check on your W-2 form. Or, you can email HR with the request at: TWDC.Global.HR.Operations@disney.com

Email address for Disney Casting for CPs is:  wdw.college.recruiting@disney.com

Having Disney on your resume is gold!

Having Disney on your resume is gold!

Many CPs wonder how to put their time at the Disney College Program internship on their resume.


Useful suggestions for all CP roles!!!

Below is how we listed it.  If you took a learning class at Disney University (DU), be sure to add that in.  (But, it’s not necessary to put down what grade you got.)

Page 1 with contact info, education, etc.

Example: Page 1 with contact info, education, DCP Experience, DU course, etc.

Leaders and Coordinators can’t give out formal recommendation letters to CPs.  But, you can always use your CP friends and coworkers as references!

You should have also received a written end-of-program DCP evaluation form from your coordinator before your last day. You can use this to document your program participation dates to your university or to any future employers.

For more tips on putting Disney on your resume: Tips for Writing Your Disney Resume

If you would like to connect with me through LinkedIn, my link is: www.linkedin.com/in/arielcollins.


I think we can all relate to this meme!!



Two Disney sisters.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

   by Elly Collins & Caroline Collins

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Disney???

We worked at WDW for a year in the Disney College Program and have written a book about what it’s like to be a cast member working for Disney.

We’ve included advice on how to successfully get into the DCP program, including some of the actual phone interview questions, how to have a successful internship, and how not self-term before your program ends. Our book is filled with lots of behind-the-scene stories of the magic of Disney. Available now at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats. Published by Theme Park Press.

Book link on Amazon.com:  Two Girls and a Mouse Tale


26 thoughts on “Disney Employment Verification

  1. Anglade Nicolas says:

    I would like to have a letter for verification of employment for Anglade
    Nicolas Hire date: October 10/2010.


  2. Kady says:

    Since we can’t put our leaders down as references what do we do if an application asks for it?


  3. Electronic job applications will require the references section be filled out before moving onto the next application webpage.

    You can do what we did, use:
    Mickey Mouse
    (800) 800-4857, ext. 9000

    Employers will know then to ask you about it and you can explain that coordinators can’t give references.

    You can always use one of your CP friends/roommates/coworkers as a reference to verify internship dates so that employers don’t have to pay the $20. We found that using CP friends for references has worked out just fine.


  4. doyledeb says:

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for this information!!!!! It is so incredibly helpful and everyone from Disney has been so vague about this and no one seems to know anything! I am currently in the process of getting references checked out for a job i have with British Airways and need to get all the security clearences for airport and things like that. Do you happen to know how long it takes for the company to get the references back? A company on behalf of british airways is obtaining the references and its been weeks since they paid the $20 and am still waiting for the reference to be put through. Thank you so much! I was a CP too (orlando magic kingdom!) ❤️ Miss Disney so much (but not all the long hours esp extra magic hours! ) thanks again!


  5. Christian says:

    Hi C&E,

    Thank you for our information in regards employment verification.

    I noticed you mentioned that Disney does only verify information stating “Cast Member, points/reprimands, or rehire status”, and they do not verify salary info ect. Could you please confirm if using vjsus, will state if you worked Full time/part time? And if there is any different rules if you worked for Disney Cruise Line?

    Again thank you for your much appreciated info.


    • Hello,

      Yes, Vjsus can confirm employment for all of Disney Company, not just Disney Parks and Resorts and not just at Disney World.
      So, if you worked for Disney Cruise Line, this is the correct verification link.

      Vjsus will confirm:

      Dates of Employment
      Job Title
      Gross Salary – but ONLY if cast member sets up a PIN beforehand and approves the release of this information

      No other personnel information is provided to Vjsus, so they can’t confirm part-time/full-time status, rehire status, other private employee issues (reprimands, etc.).


  6. Fern Dolfi says:

    WOW,another great post, thank you so much!


  7. Wilbur Gelfo says:

    thanks for this post


  8. charlotte says:

    How do I request Information for my own records? Small business owners are not interested in being forced to subscribe with outsourced verification services. Disney has not provided accommodation for these situations. This results in loss of hire ability. Also, the frequent change of contact numbers and verifier companies is inconvenient.


    • There is no other way to get employment verification for Disney.
      We agree that it should be free. $20 is a lot!
      You could contact HR for a copy of your own employment records, but I doubt that you’ll be successful.
      That’s why we always tell cast members to get an End of Program review for their files.


  9. Sarah says:

    Is there an email alternative to the phone number? I was an international participant and so a phone call to casting is going to end up being super expensive


    • Yes, you can use the online verification link: https://www.verifyjob.com/VJSVoe.htm

      Disney’s company’s number is 9000.

      You will need a credit or debit card to verify your employment ($20 US).

      Again, we recommend that CPs have an end-of-program evaluation, which would confirm their program dates and is FREE, before they leave the program. Copies of this can be provided to future employers as verification.


  10. Thank you for telling to us about this!


  11. Derek Johnson says:

    How can I get my previous pay stubs?


    • Assuming that you are no longer a cast member and your perner is inactive and you no longer have access to the Hub…the answer is that you can’t.
      You needed to save them while you were a Disney employee.


  12. scw says:

    Maintain the exceptional job !! Lovin’ it!


  13. Tisg says:

    You’ve one of the better webpages!


  14. refaa says:

    Since we can’t put our leaders down as references what do we do if an application asks for it?


    • “Leaders and Coordinators can’t give out formal recommendation letters to Cast Members. But, you can always use your DCP friends and coworkers as references!”

      For online applications, we use Mickey Mouse as he was our ultimate boss, and the other verification info provided in the blog.


  15. Anika Aguirre says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog, it has been very informative, especially this section but I was wondering if you knew how to find out about a rehire status?
    Last year I applied for the DCP Fall 2016 and I got accepted, I paid the fee but I had to cancel about a week before check in day due to school issues. I was wondering if you knew if this would be a problem for future DCP applications? I plan to apply again this fall for spring 2018 and I am worried. I emailed Disney College Recruiting but they didn’t give me information about my status.


    • Hello,

      We actually went through what you did about 2 years ago. We were accepted for a Disneyland DCP position, paid the fees, then had to cancel a week before due to school conflicts.
      Good News: This has no impact on your future hiring status!
      We hope that you apply again and are accepted.
      It’s a wonderful experience!

      fyi: DCP Recruiting couldn’t help you with this question as they have no access to employment records.
      You have to go through HR.
      For cast members that suspect they might be on Restricted Rehire status, we wrote a blog about that:
      Checking Restricted Rehire Status

      Remember, the NEW Disney Casting Number is: 844-559-2278!
      Have a magical day!


  16. Valerie McNaughton says:

    I want to write for Disney please!!!!!


  17. Valerie McNaughton says:

    I’d love to write for you and be on your pay roll!


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