Big Top Souvenirs in Fantasyland

Big Top Souvenirs

Big Top Souvenirs…come on in!

Big Top Souvenirs is near Storybook Circus in the Fantasyland.

The on-stage kitchen

Big Top Treats: The on-stage kitchen

Inside Big Top.

Inside Big Top.

It offers a great selection of gifts. You can find everything in Big Top Souvenirs, including t-shirts, plush Dumbos, the fab five, iPhone cases, holiday ornaments, hats with embroidery service, toys, books, and much more.

Its amazing on-stage kitchen Big Top Treats produces all kinds of baked goods and treats. Look for exclusive cupcakes, including the cotton candy cupcake, the caramel corn cupcake, and the special Dumbo cupcake.

The Dumbo cupcakes

The Dumbo cupcakes, $5

Mickey rice krispies treats

Mickey rice krispies treats, $4

On-stage kitchen making Olaf apples.

On-stage kitchen making Olaf apples.

So cute!  $6

So cute! $6

Dipping caramel apples

Dipping caramel apples

DSCN1248Throughout the Big Top building are lots of great details, with everything having a high quality look and feel. It’s really well laid out, with the circular building having the on-stage kitchen in the center, with the merchandise surrounding it, and registers at the edges. It is spacious to walk around and is a pleasant place to be to escape the crowds outside for a while.

We visited it during an afternoon cloudburst while waiting for the Dumbo ride to reopen, and had a nice time shopping and a nice cookie treat too!

The fountains of Storybook Circus.

2015:  At the fountains of Storybook Circus.

Big Top Souvenirs is the place to get your Storybook Circus merchandise.  There are two embroidery stations where you can personalize your ear hats.  Designed to look like a Big Top circus tent, this location is full of details.

Take the time to look around – even the display units look like circus cars with decorative wheels.  The top of the tent is decorated with circus lights and trapeze poles; on the ground you’ll see a circus ring just waiting for its performers to step right in!

 A unique feature of this location is Big Top Treats, a show kitchen making cotton candy, caramel apples, “Goofy’s Glaciers” drinks and more!

Throwback Thursday:  First Visit to Disney World, May 1993

Favorite ride!

My favorite ride!

Shopping - wants them all!!!

Shopping –  I wanted them all!!!


working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

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