Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour: Where Are The Trams Now?

All aboard the Backlot Tour trams..

All aboard the Backlot Tour trams.

One of our favorite rides at Hollywood Studios was the Studio Backlot Tour, although after it closed we realized that we didn’t go on it nearly enough! (It was a long ride with a walking part that could get too long and too hot most days of the year in Florida…)

Our favorite part of the tram ride was Catastrophe Canyon.


Earthquake…floods…great balls of fire!!!

The tram would drive into an area known as Catastrophe Canyon, a rocky area with a fuel truck and water tanks inside of it. While the tram was stopped, filming of a movie suddenly started. You were in a movie!

Studio Backlot Tour at DisneyÕs Hollywood StudiosAn earthquake would shake the tram while causing the nearby fuel truck to explode, sending a huge fireball into the air. Then, a flood of water would come rushing down from the canyon and from above and over the tram. All very dramatic and exciting!

tour1 (2)When the earthquake subsided and the water stopped flowing, the movie set would begin to reset for the next tram.  The ride’s host on the tram would tell guests how it was done as the tram went around to behind the scene to show the back of the set.

The last day of the attraction was Sept. 27, 2014.

And, here are the trams today:

September 29, 2014: The trams rolling down the highway, being moved offsite.

Trams sitting in a nearby scrap yard.

February 10, 2015:  Trams sitting in a nearby scrap yard.

I wonder if these are going to end up on ebay?

I wonder if these are going to end up on ebay?

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