DCP Housing at Disneyland: Carnegie Plaza

Carnegie Plaza - Home to 260 Disneyland CPs.

Carnegie Plaza – Home to 260 Disneyland CPs.

If you’re interested in moving to California and participating in the Disney College Program at Disneyland, be aware that the CP housing situation there is very different from it is at Disney World.

There is only one small CP housing unit – Carnegie Plaza – as opposed to the four huge complexes at WDW.  You sign a lease making you responsible for the weekly rent for your entire program even if you have to leave early, i.e. self-term.  Housing even encourages CPs to pay for their entire program housing (for Spring 2015 it was over $4,300) via credit card on the day you arrive.

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Located about two miles from the Disneyland Resort, Carnegie Plaza is where our California-based housing participants live during their Program. The complex has 63 apartments, with 61 of them being used for Disney College Program participants (the other two are used for the on site Programs Office). Carnegie Plaza is surrounded by shops and restaurants that offer our participants a taste of the local cuisine and culture while on their program.

Living room

Living room dining area

Throughout Carnegie Plaza, we have 2-5 participants in each apartment, for a total of over 260 housing participants per season. Each apartment has a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and a dryer. We also provide the furniture for every apartment, which includes couches, dining tables/chairs, coffee table, end tables, beds/bunk beds, nightstands and dressers.



Our kitchens are stocked with basic houseware items, such as plates, silverware, bowls, glasses, coffee cups, water pitcher, measuring cups/spoons, pots and pans. Plus, each kitchen also has something that we’re really proud of and participants love…granite countertops! Each apartment also comes with Wi-Fi Internet, digital cable and free domestic phone lines, all included in the weekly rate of $140, per person.

Onsite gym

Onsite gym

Our complex is immersed in the middle of Anaheim, and if you’ve ever been to a large city, you know that finding a parking spot can often be a challenge. However, we do have gated parking garages for our participants, and while it’s not required, we do suggest that everyone bring their own vehicle. With so much to see and do in Southern California, our participants find it very beneficial to have their own transportation. It also allows them to travel to some of our offsite events and tours.

Courtyard, no pool.

Courtyard, no pool.

We have security at the complex on Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and 24-hours on the weekends. They will also provide security escorts to and from the bus stops and the parking garages for all of our housing residents.

Thinking about joining a gym during your Program? Carnegie Plaza has a 24-hour fitness room that is available just a few steps away from each apartment. The complex also features a scenic courtyard on the second floor where participants can hang out with other residents, play ping pong or foose ball, or relax after a long day at work. We also use the courtyard to host some of our weekly special events, such as movie night, welcome parties and other social or seasonal gatherings for our participants.

During the recruiting season, we receive a lot of questions about the pre-registration process and roommate matching. Approximately 10 days prior to arrival, our participants will be asked to pre-register for housing through our system called DORMS. During this pre-registration process, the participants will be asked to establish their preferred form of housing payment, complete a series of forms, and they’ll also be able to indicate their roommate preferences. We can’t guarantee everyone’s preferences or top choices, but we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone.

Hopefully, you feel like you now have a little more knowledge about our Living component here at the Disneyland Resort. Maybe one day, some of you will have the opportunity to call Carnegie Plaza your home away from home!

Read more here from Disney Programs Blog: https://disneyprogramsblog.com/carnegie-plaza-disneyland-resort-housing/


The Carnegie plaza pin will be available in December 2016 at the Team Center.


working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

   by Elly Collins & Caroline Collins

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Disney???

We worked at WDW for a year in the Disney College Program and have written a book about what it’s like to be a cast member working for Disney.

We’ve included advice on how to successfully get into the DCP program, including some of the actual phone interview questions, how to have a successful internship, and how not self-term before your program ends. Our book is filled with lots of behind-the-scene stories of the magic of Disney. Available now at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats. Published by Theme Park Press.

Book link on Amazon.com:  Two Girls and a Mouse Tale


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  1. […] Interested in learning about the DCP Housing available at Disneyland? It’s called Carnegie Plaza:  Carnegie Plaza at Disneyland. […]


  2. […] Interested in learning about the DCP Housing available at Disneyland? It’s called Carnegie Plaza:  Carnegie Plaza at Disneyland. […]


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