Visiting The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian

The Villas

The Villas

We always try and do, or see, something new every time we visit WDW.

Disney held the grand opening for The Villas in October 2013 while we were doing our Fall DCP program.  Unfortunately, we were both working a lot and missed it.

I did get a Grand Opening pin (limited edition 1000 pins), October 2013, for The Villas.

I did get the Grand Opening pin for The Villas (limited edition of 1000 pins), October 2013.

We’ve stayed at the Grand Floridian several times and wanted to see this new addition to the resort.

So, one day after lunch at Captain Cook’s, we took the monorail over to the Grand Floridian to check it out.

Mary Poppins fountain

Mary Poppins fountain in the lobby

The best part of the lobby is most certainly the penguin fountain located right in the center. It’s beautiful.  The penguins depicted in the fountain are the penguin characters from the movie Mary Poppins.


The lobby.  Not as grand as the Grand Floridian lobby that’s for sure, but nice.


Tossing pennies into the fountain.



45-foot brass and green crystal chandeliers in the grand lobby.

45-foot brass and green crystal chandeliers in the grand lobby.

View inside one of The Villas

View inside one of The Villas.

Room overlooking the lake.

Room overlooking the lake.

villas (2)

The Villas are south of the Grand Floridian

Opening in October 2013, The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa became the twelfth Disney Vacation Club property. Combining the charm and allure of Victorian elegance and premium service that only Disney can provide, the Villas immerse guests in a true “Jolly Holiday” vacation.

Sitting center stage in the lobby is a bronze fountain featuring the ever classic maître d penguins best known from the film. Over half a dozen of these friends make up the fountain as they greet guests in the early hours of the morning or after a long day of travel. Spare change is often tossed into the surrounding water which, like other “penny wishes” cast elsewhere at Walt Disney World, are collected regularly for local charities.

Beautiful flower arrangements throughout the lobby.

Beautiful flower arrangements throughout the lobby.

Throughout the atrium lobby, guests will feel welcomed and at peace. Overstuffed chairs and couches offer a great spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the parks. It’s also a fantastic area to enjoy a few pages of your favorite book under the light of 45-foot brass and green crystal chandeliers. Be sure to take in the decor surrounding you while doing so especially the carousel horses.

One is a replica of Jingles, the most ornately decorated horse on King Arthur’s Carrousel in Disneyland, which was used as the attraction’s lead horse before the ride was automated; cast members would count the number of times Jingles made it full circle and stop the carousel appropriately. Seeing its sister horse at the Villas lobby is a nice touch.

villas5 (2)
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One thought on “Visiting The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian

  1. when i head down to florida for the DCP this is a major bucketlist item for me! SO excited, it looks amazing


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