Lunch at the Coral Reef in Epcot

The Coral Reef in right next to the Living Seas in Epcot.

The Coral Reef restaurant is right next to the Living Seas attraction in Epcot.

We’ve wanted to go dine at the Coral Reef in Epcot for years! It was delicious!!

The interior is decorated in soothing shades of blue and green with subdued lighting, which enhances the underwater effect.

The dining room is lined with massive picture windows looking into the giant, indoor Living Seas aquarium.

Fact: The Living Seas aquarium is so huge (203 feet in diameter) that the nearby Spaceship Earth (165′ in diameter) could fit completely inside it!

Surrounded by views of the Coral Reef.

Surrounded by views of fish swimming in the Living Seas aquarium.


Dessert: The Chocolate Wave – served with Raspberry gelato. A House specialty!!

Hidden Mickey at the Coral Reef.

Elly finding a Hidden Mickey in the Coral Reef tiles.

One of the most unique Disney Dining experiences, the Coral Reef restaurant allows you to dine with the fishes. Among those you might see include: Brown Shark, Stingray, Grouper, Tarpon, and the Green Sea Turtle.

The Seas is the largest inland saltwater environment ever built, and holds enough water to fill 54 Olympic-sized swimming pools! The meticulously crafted habitat has been designed by marine scientists to enrich the lives of the 4,000-plus sea creatures—85 species of tropical fish!—that call The Living Seas home.

While dining, guests can see and identify various species of sharks, sea turtles and rays—swimming in a truly “alive” coral reef—with the help of our souvenir Fish Guides. They may even see a scuba-diving Mickey enjoying the underwater fun!

The aquarium at Living Seas measures 203′ in diameter, 27′ deep, and contains 5.7 million gallons of salt water. It is large enough that
Spaceship Earth (160′ in diameter) would fit inside with room to spare.

Nearly two tons of food is produced each week for the inhabitants of the Living Seas. The dolphins dine on herring and capelin; the West Indian manatees eat lettuce, carrots, sprouts, and fruit.

Animal nutritionists at The Living Seas manufacture the coral out of dental plaster, mixing in ground fish and other food in the process. Divers place about a dozen of these out each day, and the parrotfish and other coral crunchers eat them up.

The windows in the Coral Reef restaurant are 18′ high, 8” thick, and are
made of acrylic.

And did you know? Coral reefs are crucial to the biodiversity of the world’s oceans. They cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, but provide food and shelter to over 25% of all ocean creatures—up to 2 million species! Disney scientists and conservationists are working hard in Florida and around the world to preserve endangered species like sharks, sea turtles and coral.

The Coral Reef Lunch Menu (September 2014)

Creamy Crab Dip for Two – with fresh Spinach and Croutons $13.99
Coral Reef Sriracha Shrimp $12.99
Charboiled Octopus – with Mediterranean Potato Salad and Grilled Lemon $10.99
Watermelon Salad – with Goat Cheese, Shaved Fennel, and Arugula $9.99
Creamy Lobster Soup – tarragon and brandy $8.49 **Recommended!
Seasonal Soup – Chef Inspired creation $7.49
Tuna Tataki – Pickled seaweed salad, Yuzu soy syrup, wasabi cream, and tobiko caviar $12.99
Grilled New York Strip Steak – served with cheddar mashed potatoes, and seasonal vegetable, and peppercorn sauce $32.99
Roasted Pork Belly – with Barbeque Baked Beans, Jicama slaw and Jalapeno cream $26.99
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast – sweet corn pancake and tomatillo-lime sauce $22.99
Marinated Grilled Vegetables and Vegetarian Chick’n Breast – with black rice, pine nuts, and roasted tomato vinaigrette $19.49
Caesar Salad – with grilled chicken breast $15.99; add shrimp $17.99 $12.49
Seared Rainbow Trout – with warm salad of white beans, arugula, tomatoes, crispy bacon, aged balsamic vinegar and brown butter $21.99 **Recommended
Seared Salmon Filet – with Quinoa, salsa verde and crisp vegetable slaw $24.99
Seared Mahi Mahi – with Laughing Bird Shrimp, Hearts of Palm, Jasmine Rice, Cilantro, and a Coconut-Lime Sauce $26.99
Lobster and Shrimp Orecchiette Pasta – with White Cheddar Cheese and asparagus $29.99
The Chocolate Wave – served with Raspberry Gelato (contains alcohol) $8.99 *Recommended!!!
Vanilla Panna Cotta Tart – with Florida key Lime $7.99
Classic Vanilla Caramel Flan $6.99
Coconut Mango Chiffon Cake – with raspberry sauce $7.99
Baileys and Jack Daniel’s Mousse – topped with caramel crisp (contains alcohol) $7.99

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