Disney and the Airlines

Delta's WDW logo

Delta’s WDW logo

Delta is the official airlines of Walt Disney World, but only one of their planes is especially painted and it’s boring.



In 2013, WestJet unveiled their newest custom-painted aircraft called the “Magic Plane” featuring Mickey Mouse in his famous role, Sorcerer Mickey. You can follow its travels using the #MagicPlane hashtag.

Magic jet

Magic Plane flying over Canada

Painting the Magic Plane in just 2 minutes:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZGzaDexRYE

Even the seats are sprinkled with pixie dust!

Even the seats are sprinkled with pixie dust!

Cool video of the Magic Plane flying over Canada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLmd8TjO5YJs7_TgB9W4UpmAt4RNk3J5Kg&v=DQpJEIwLAVE

Some other planes painted with the Disney theme:

Spirit of Disneyland I

Alaska Airlines:  Spirit of Disneyland I

Alaska Airlines:  Spirit of Disneyland II

Alaska Airlines: Spirit of Disneyland II

Genie's Make a Wish plane

Alaska Airlines:  Genie’s Make a Wish plane

Magic of Disney

Alaska Airlines:  Magic of Disney

Alaska Airlines:  Cars plane

Alaska Airlines:  Disney’s Cars

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

Quantas:  Disney's Planes

Quantas: Disney’s Planes

Walt’s personal plane used to be part of the Backlot Tours at DHS:

Walt's company plane

Walt’s company plane parked at DHS

“On the right, we have an authentic piece of Disney history. That Gulfstream 1 was known in airports across the country as November Two Three Four Mickey Mouse. But we just call it The Mouse.

In 1964, Walt Disney and his hand-picked team used this plane to scout locations for what he called the ‘Florida Project’. Soon, they secretly began purchasing thousands of acres of land, which became the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971. During the creation of the resort, and later Epcot, The Mouse shuttled studio executives and Imagineers between Burbank and Orlando making it the most-used executive aircraft in the country. Appropriately, The Mouse retired here in 1992.

As Walt used to say, “It was all started by a mouse”—in this case, the Two Three Four Mickey Mouse.”

American Airlines spot for Disney World:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VFaT8J79sg

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