2020 Disney World Cast Member Blackout Dates


CMs can use their self admission and guests pass to make reservations at all the parks on some upcoming days except at DHS.
Park Hours July 2020
All the parks are open 10 hours a day now, except for the water parks which are still closed. Park hours are being reduced 2 hours at each park on Sept. 8th.

Official link for cast members to check on blockout dates at all Disney Parks and make reservations: https://blockoutdates.disney.com/

park hours Nov 2020
Park hours for November 2020.

Park Hours starting September 8th:

Magic Kingdom: 9am – 6pm

EPCOT: 11am – 7pm

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: 9am – 5pm

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:  10am – 7pm


health and safety
Disney Health and Safety notice

Disney World’s new health and safety rules.

The new Disney World COVID-19 health and safety protocols for guests include:

  • Reduced guest capacity in the parks through Fall 2020
  • Required face coverings for guests 2 years old and older
  • Temperature checks for all guests prior to entering the parks
  • Physical distancing throughout the parks
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Additional handwashing and hand sanitizer locations
  • Contactless payments at shops and restaurants


Health and safety guidelines for Disney cast members include:

  • Required face coverings and temperature checks
  • Adjusting work practices to promote physical distancing
  • Increased cleaning in work areas
  • Encouraged to stay home when ill

Everyone will be temperature screened before entering the parks.  No one allowed in with a temperature above 100.4 degrees.

Limited ride loads – now limited to about 12 guests instead of the usual 36.
Constant ride disinfecting.  It’s a Small World
splash mountain
Splash Mountain log being sanitized between guests.

Everyone over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask at all times, except when eating.

face masks1
No eating or drinking while walking around. You must be seated.
New cast member role: Enforcing mask policy and social distancing.
hand washing
Free standing hand washing stations.

There are new hand washing and Purell stations deployed throughout the park.

Social distancing signs will be everywhere.

No firework shows, parades, or character meet and greets.

Mary Poppims
Mary Poppins practicing social distancing at her meet and greet place with a cheery hello and wave at guests.
temperature screening
Temperature Screening stations at park entrances and in front of restaurants.

Crowd capacity will be limited to 30% through the summer, increasing to 50% in the fall.

park capacity
July 2020: 25% Daily park capacity limits. Was increased to 30% capacity in August.

No park hopping between parks anymore!

Cinderella Castle
January 2020 vs. July 2020: A whole new look for the Cinderella Castle.
Cinderella Castle
August 1, 2020
We are on the fence about this new look. We like the blue turrets and golden accents, but the pink is a little too pink.

golden Cinderella Castle


Cinderella castle
Main Street USA at sunset.

We’ve written two books about our time working – and playing – as Disney Cast Members at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Both are available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle:  Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
book Two Girls
Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link: https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/

Have a magical day!


wishables Two girls
Our Kingdom of Cuties Wishables.


We collected these Theme Park Wishables at both Disney World and Disneyland earlier this year. $9.99 each.  The castles are open stock.

castle two girls MK
Magic Kingdom Wishable (this one is open stock).
epcot wishable
Epcot Wishable
Tree of Life Wishable
Tot wishable
Tower of Terror Wishable



46 replies to “2020 Disney World Cast Member Blackout Dates

  1. Is there anyway to see what the blackout dates were at Disneyland in March 2015? I am trying to compare and plan ahead for this year but cannot find them anywhere!


  2. Wonder if anyway You could let me know the blackout days for June 2016!? Or how sure I could find on post!? Because I need to reserve vacations time from work as well as ordering airline tickets! My family friend worked for 22 years and retiring right now and inviting us to Disney in Orlando! Looking forward to your reply!


  3. Hello! Historically, have CMs and their guest been blocked-out of the final days of Food and Wine? Trying to plan a November trip and I can’t remember from previous years. Thanks!


  4. When can I expect May block out dates? I feel like they are typically already posted! We are coming up on our “60 Day” mark. Any idea how the new blockout categories will affect May dates?


    1. It should have been posted 2 weeks ago when the May info was posted for Disneyland and CAP. They are way behind. It’s because there are now 8 different types of blockouts in use. Too many. I expect the guest passes will be blocked out similar to last year around Memorial Day weekend.
      I’ll let you know when they are posted for WDW.


      1. They did update the March blockout days for MK this week just two days ago releasing Mon-Thurs (3/21-3/24).
        They are way behind and the local temperature reading for the site has stopped working too.


      1. I wonder if the Rivers of Light show will impact May dates too. I see it has for April, as expected. Anxiously awaiting info on May! Keep us posted. Thanks for all the wonderful information! It’s so hard to find out some of this info!


      2. Thanks for the wonderful information!! As a parent trying to get all this info anywhere is impossible, but you have answered all my questions! Anxiously awaiting May dates too! I am expecting maybe AK will have some blackout dates due to ROL as it seems to be affecting April dates, as expected.


  5. My family and I will be there for the first week of May and we are so anxious to finalize our plans when the dates come out! What is taking so long?!


  6. They are up! May and June were released this morning and they are MUCH better than last year. The only blackout dates are for Magic Kingdom over Memorial Day Weekend. Does that look right to you?


  7. So excited as we are going in mid May and no blackout dates (yet)! Thanks for the info! Now just trying to see what day(s) my daughter can be off with us lol!


  8. Hi can I ask what the cards before the chip and dales look like? Just the park Hoper guess pass? Is it white with the words Disney Parks in bluish or purplish on front and the CMs name on back? And and they still good if they’re using the chip in dale ones lol the expire December 15th. Just making sure!!


    1. Disney is only posting 2 months now of blockout dates – this month and the next months – as opposed to the three that they were posting on the Blockout Calendar.
      The December dates will be posted after November 1st.


  9. I’m anxious to see the November disneyworld block out dates. It’s September so I thought they’d be up now. Any guesses for nov 5-13?


    1. They are only doing 2 months now, not 3 months so that there’s less adjusting, especially for MK.

      Based on last year, there won’t be any blockout days for any of the passes, including the 2016 Holiday Celebration Passes coming out next month.

      Have fun!


  10. I’m a cast member out in California and I wanted to plan a visit to WDW next July (2017). While I realize that block outs aren’t updated this soon, do you still have a copy of July 2016’s block out calendar? I’d like to attempt to gauge the best time to book my timeshare AND use my MEP.


    1. We think there must be a new VP in charge of blockout days, because Summer 2016 was drastically different than every other summer!

      There were hardly any blockout days at any of the parks!!!

      Have fun planning your trip! Weather is the same every day from June through August, same summer crowds (except 4th of July weekend, peak of awfullness), same hot and humid weather with downpours every day! Bring a poncho and sandals!



      1. Thanks!
        We actually went back for the first time in 10 years this past June for a two week visit and only encountered one day of rain, and late in the day at that. And what a relief! Otherwise, it was scorching hot. Previously we had gone in August on two separate occasions, (the first year we arrived the same day Katrina hit)and actually preferred the weather much better then. But I didn’t get employed with Disney until last month. And that’s a game changer. The first two years, the kids were younger and free, so it wasn’t so expensive. Not so much this last time. But with not having to purchase a 10 day pass for 5, in addition to having free accommodations, makes a return trip so soon a little more feasible. Of course, being a new employee may prevent my taking a vacation that time of year, especially before my first anniversary. Been thinking about some of the International parks as well….Paris is high on the list. My son really want’s to go to Tokyo, but of course, it does not accept the Main Entrance Pass. So it all remains to be seen, but, I have to say, membership most certainly does have it’s privileges!


  11. Question….. me as a spouse of a cast member, what benefits do i have with my main gate pass?
    Does it includes parking at the parks?


  12. Hi,
    Have you got any historical date for August-September time? Just become a cast member and already have a trip booked for that time so can’t move it. hub is taking a while to come through for the start of employment though- hence any advice on whether I’m likely to be able to take advantage of the discounted hotels and passes around this time would be great- otherwise I need to get booking somewhere else!!


  13. Thank you so much for posting this every year. It makes it so easy for us to see the blackout dates and plan ahead with our family!

    Best wishes!


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