Walt Disney World Summer Alumni Program Packing List


May 26, 2015!!!!

I have barely had a minute to stop and think about everything I need to do before leaving for WDW. I was super gung-ho about everything when I was first accepted. I immediately got out all my Disney summer shirts and I bought a bunch of black socks….and then didn’t touch my suitcases again. For two months!  Haha.

Unfortunately, I gave away my twin sheets last year when I left Disney.  My current plan is to steal my brother’s sheets before I go. Dark grey isn’t really my style, but I think I can live with them for 2 months. Also, I still don’t have a comforter. Frankly, don’t have room in my two suitcases for that, so I might just bring a small blanket to use instead.

The one thing I KNOW I’m bringing is my Snuggie! I can’t nap without it! 😉

Mom thinks I’ll be too hot to use it (Florida summer – I know!), but I can’t go without it!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.06.54 PM

Feeling some Snuggie Love

I keep remembering and packing random things in my suitcases. I don’t want to forget an extension cord or a small nonstick pan for eggs!  Packed those items away last night.

The most important thing I MUST remember for this program is that I will only be there for two months!

It’s not like last time where I could justify packing up half my bedroom and closet to bring for 6 months. Frankly, I didn’t need 3/4ths of the crap I brought down last program. (Mostly because I bought a lot of new stuff and clothes last time using my 20-40% Disney merchandise discount! Haha

2 suitcases (50 lbs. each) + 1 carry-on.  :(

2 suitcases (50 lbs. each) + 1 carry-on. 😦

Here is a mostly likely my (incomplete) packing list for my two months living at Disney.

I’ll update it if I think of more vitals! 🙂

1 nice dress
6 Shirts (all tanktops!)
5-6 shorts
1-2 capris pants
3 Sports bras
8 Black socks
2 Swimsuits
1 Beach towel
2 Tennis shoes
1 Black shoes
2 Flipflops
1 Dress shoes
1 Slippers
Small frying pan
Swiffer wet jet?
2 Kitchen towels
2 Dish towels
Small Kurieg
Brita water jug and filter
Small mat
face wash
2 Towels
2 Hand towels
2 Face towels
Tooth brush/paste
hair brush, ties, clips, headband
Twin sheets and comforter
two pillows
small lamp?
Plug splitter
Extension cord
Laundry detergent/dryer sheets
Dish washer soap
Hand soap
Hair detangler

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