Our 5 Legged Goat Pin

Out 5 legged goat pin (released 2008).

Our 5 legged goat pin (released 2008).

We were walking around Epcot one afternoon, stopping and checking out all the cast member’s trading pins, looking for something good.

Finally, we were excited to see the 5 Legged Goat pin on a CMs lanyard. (It’s worth $6.)  It’s been at least six years since it was released!

Mary Blair's murals at the Contemporary Resort.

Mary Blair’s murals, “Mosaic”, at the Contemporary Resort.

Where Can I Find The Goat?

If you would like to see the 5-legged goat in person, go to the Contemporary Resort. In the Grand Canyon Concourse, which is the expansive area that the monorail travels through, you will notice that there are massive murals on each side of the center structure.

The murals are breathtakingly impressive, so take the time to check them out.

The 5 legged goat with his friend.

The 5 legged goat with his friend.

To find the “special” goat, you must look on the side of the mural that faces the TTC monorail station. There near the top of the mountain will be the goat standing with one of its normal four-legged companions.

Disney Legend Mary Blair

Disney Legend Mary Blair

Disney Artist Mary Blair

Mary is one of the Disney Legends. She was recognized by Disney with that honor posthumously in 1991.

Mary’s stylized artwork and influence can be seen in many of the classic Disney animated movies, and also at both Disney World and Disneyland attractions.

Movies that she provided art for include: “The Three Caballeros”, “Song of the South,” “Make Mine Music,” “Melody Time,” “So Dear to My Heart,” “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad,” “Cinderella,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Peter Pan.”

She is also known for her contributions to the look of the “It’s A Small World” attraction at both DLR and WDW.

She is the artist that created the murals for the Contemporary Resort. The mosaic itself was created in 1971 using 1,800 one-square-foot tiles.  It took 18 months to construct.

But, why did she feel the need to give one of the goats 5 legs?

The story goes that Mary believed that no piece of artwork should be perfect because only God was perfect, so she purposely created the mistake, aka the 5-legged goat, in the mural.

BUT, we think the real reason she painted it that way was to reflect that the Contemporary Resort was one of a kind and so was her mural!

How we feel about our Disney pins...

How we feel about our Disney pins…

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