Filling Out DCP DORMS Form for Housing


I finally got my email to fill out Dorms!

As you know, I have been using Facebook to find a good roommate match.  You can read about that here.


This is a new updated process.  You usually receive this email 10 days before your arrival and it is where you link with your roommates and select your housing references.

When I did my first program, they were just rolling this out.  Before Fall 2013, you had to be in line with who you wanted to live with and it was first come, first serve for housing preferences.  So you literally had people lining up in the middle of the night!  I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been trying to meet up with everyone you wanted to live with!  With my first program, you were able to link with 1-7 other people since the maximum is 8 in one unit.

Once I got my DORMS email, you have to read and confirm two different articles about housing rules.  Then it brings you to a page where you link with your roommates.  Your special ID number is in your email.  And – if you didn’t know, this will actually be your Cast Member ID number!

One person in your group needs all of your groups ID numbers to link everyone.  Once that happens, you’re good to go!  It was VERY surprising when I logged onto Dorms and saw they were only allowing people to link with two other people!  Everyone on the Facebook groups were freaking out – especially if they were hoping to get a larger apartment!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.39.53 AM

You have two options: choosing to be “adventurous” and be randomly put in with people.  Or if you have a person you want to live with, you link with them here.

I, unfortunately, spent a lot of time connecting with people who I wanted to live with and had similar interests as me.  However, I tried to link with them and it wouldn’t let me because we were doing different programs!  I had no idea that summer program and Fall Advantage program people couldn’t live together!! 😦

I felt SO horrible for the girl I was going to live with – we both had to be “adventurous” with our roommates since we didn’t find anyone in the right programs to link to.  I know we will meet up and be friends, but I really wish it had worked out better!

Here is the updated DCP Rent Prices:


The page below is also new to me!  In Fall 2013, we were able to select just 3 options for complexes and 3 options for occupancy. Just because you put “1 bedroom, Commons” doesn’t mean you’d necessarily get both of those.  Elly and I put: 1, 2, 3 bedroom and Commons, Chatham, and Patterson in our preference order and ended up getting a 3 bedroom in Chatham.

This new DORMS has every available living situation and you had to pick and drag it in the order you most preferred!  I really liked how specific it was!  You also have the option of being “adventurous” in this choice too!Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.36.47 AMI really, REALLY want to live in The Commons in a 1 bedroom again!  I loved the laundry availability and I really want to check out the new store there (The Grid).

These are my final preferences:
Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.37.39 AMWish me luck!

05/26/2015 UPDATE:

I literally got my #16 – last!!! – choice.  😦

Choice #16:  4 bedroom, 8 girl apartment at Chatham Square, $100/week.
Choice #16: 4 bedroom, 8 girl apartment at Chatham Square, $100/week.


dak costume (2)
Wearing my DAK straw hat (with my best friend/coworker, Ricky).

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