Welcome to Orlando International Airport

6:30am: At the airport this morning with my three bags of luggage, my backpack, and my carry-on.

6:30am: At the airport this morning with my three bags of luggage, my backpack, and my carry-on.

My day started with me getting up at 5am since my flight was so early! (8:15am).

It feels like I've been packing for a month now!

It feels like I’ve been packing for a month now!

I literally spent the entire day before packing – and it was the worst.  I tried packing several times this month, but it wasn’t until mom and dad came down to the basement where my suitcases were laying on the bed and helped me that I was able to get it all together.

Thank god mom helped me because I forgot to pack some important things, like sunscreen!

The only thing I had left to pack this morning was toiletries and my makeup.  I ended up needing three large suitcases, one carry-on bag, and my backpack for all the stuff I’ll need for the next three months.

The Disney apartment is furnished, meaning that it has furniture and basic kitchen supplies like pots and pans.  But, Disney doesn’t provide bedding (sheets, comforters), pillows, towels, bathmats, kitchen towels, etc., etc.  All the things take up a huge amount of suitcase space!

I’m bringing my mini-Keurig, a month of coffee k-cups, some basic kitchen stuff like salt/pepper/sugar, etc., and bathroom/laundry supplies.

You never know what exactly will be in the apartments when you get there.  Since I don’t even know how many roommates I’ll have, I have to plan on providing everything myself.

I’m bringing a router and modem, but no a TV.  If my roommate doesn’t have one, I’ll buy one off the DCP Trading Post.

I’m a little nervous about the living situation.  I literally have no idea what kind of situation I’m showing up to.  I could be moving with seven Spring Advantage people or I could be living with one Summer CP.  I really hope that it’s summer DCP people since they’ll be alumni too, and hopefully be a little older.  [I only selected a non-wellness, alcohol allowed apartment choice.]

I was trying to think when the last time I travel all by myself.  I seriously can’t remember.  It’ll be interesting being on my own and all independent for the summer, but at the same time, I really miss my partner in crime (Elly!)

I think it makes a big difference knowing that I have such a good system of friends at Disney, ones who I know that I can rely on.  I’m just so excited to see all of them!!

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