DCP Summer Alumni Check-In Day

Welcome to Casting!
Welcome to Casting!

What a long day!

My check in time was at 7am this morning.  So, in Colorado time, I had to get up at 3am to get ready.  I would’ve slept well except for the crazy birds singing me “the songs of their people” at LITERALLY 12:30AM!  What!  What kind of birds are awake and singing at midnight?? [Mockingbirds!]

I stayed with my Disney friend, Amy Jo, last night and she drove me to Vista Way to check in.  I was having flashbacks to how my last check-in was in August 2013. Yikes.

Hello Vista Way!
Hello Vista Way!

We got there at exactly at 7am and security immediately let us into the complex.  She dropped me off at the front of the line and went to find a parking spot.

Unlike the last time that we checked in, when the CP check-in line was out the door and all the way around the building, there was almost no line today.  It was so interesting running into all the people I’ve been talking to on Facebook, especially the Summer Alumni Accepted group.

The first line was just to get a sticker with our first name on it.  That took forever since they were handwriting everyone’s name on the tag.

Then, we went inside and waited in a line where they gave us a second sticker with our location on it.  When I got mine, the guy was like “OK, strollers in….Magic!” and I was like “????!?!!!?!?!?!!” and he looked at me and was like “Oh, oops! I meant Animal!” Thank god! I was having a heart attack when he said Magic!

Next, I got in another line where they filled in the back of my Program Guide – the roommate section.  I was MOST nervous for this part!  I was praying/hoping for a 1 bedroom in The Commons with a sweet washer/dryer in the apartment.

Please, please, please….


Apartment assignment
Apartment assignment

I got a 4 bedroom in Chatham.  When I got back to the car, I looked at my DORMS preferences.  It was 16th out of 18th…almost my last housing choice.

Orange is the new black.
Orange is the new black.

Next up was getting my photo done for my new Housing ID.  Idk what the heck happened to my photo!  It looks like a ghost is in front of me!  Stupid humidity!  I showed it to a girl on the bus and all she could say was, “Wow that looks nothing like you!”

I got my apartment key, taped it to my Program Guide and went to stand in ANOTHER line where they went over Casting info – where it is, what to bring, etc.

My Casting time was at 9am, and after I went through all the lines, we were herded like cattle onto the casting bus.  Luckily, it was the first bus running – 8:30am.  At the last minute, I remembered that I really needed to inform my waiting friend what the heck I was up to and that I was leaving.

Casting was so much faster compared to last time!  I sat in the front of the bus so I was first in line for everything.  First they sit you down with two coordinators who pull up your information and make sure you understand what your first schedule is like and also where to go and what you’re supposed to wear each day of training.

Then I got fingerprinted, or at least tried to get printed.

Of course, I had a horrible time getting fingerprinted because of my sweaty hands.  Stupid Florida humidity!!  I wasn’t even nervous!  I was cool as a cucumber and the guy was freaking out about how sweaty my fingertips were.  He must have given me 5+ tissues.  Finally, I told him that my hands were as good as they’re going to get dry-wise so he gave up and gave me some extra paperwork to fill out.   It basically asked me to list all of my addresses for the past 7 years.

I got back on the bus and was done!

I’m working for Disney again!

There was a trivia contest on the bus back, but I wasn’t ever fast enough with the answers.  But, because I was sitting at the very front, I always passed back the prizes to everyone.  So at the end, I asked if I could get a prize for being so helpful.  She gave me some sweet DCP chapstick for my help!

First floor apartment this time, at the back of the complex by the pool.
First floor apartment this time, at the back of the complex by the pool.

My friend Amy Jo came back and picked me up.  We drove over to Chatham.  By then, I was in full meltdown with nerves and really tired….and really hot.  Oh, and did I mention the humidity in Florida…

I was surprised how close my new apartment is to the housing events area.  And my bedroom looks out at the pool!  I’m on the first floor this time, way at the back to the apartment complex.

When I got there, one bedroom was full and one bedroom had one bed open.  No one was in the apartment.  Amy was so nice and stuck around and helped me get my suitcases unpacked before my roommates came back.  Nothing’s worse than trying to move in while someone else is moving in too!

I had forgotten that the larger Chatham apartments have Jack & Jill bathrooms, so I’ll be sharing the bathroom with the other bedroom (4 girls, 1 bathroom with two sinks and a shower).

Some more photos of my new apartment: Apartment Photos

After a little bit, everyone eventually showed up.  I’m with two girls from New Jersey, one girl from Chicago, one from Michigan, and two from New York.  I think I came the farthest. Looking around, I think I’m on the low end of bringing stuff.  At the airport, I felt like a psycho with three stuffed suitcases, but then when I unpacked, it feels like I don’t have anything! (That’s what my family calls a ‘shop-portunity’!)

Once I was finally unpacked all the way, I called my friend Katie to see if she was interested in eating lunch with me.  By then, it was like 2pm and I was STARVING!!!

The Earl of Sandwich at DTD.
The Earl of Sandwich at DTD.

She picked me up and we went out to Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney!  Yay – my favorite place at DTD!  And – can you believe it, it was her first time ever eating there!  I got my favorite sandwich: the Hawaiian BBQ.  Yum!

My super delicious sandwich!  I have missed eating at EOS!!!
My super delicious sandwich! I have missed eating at EOS!!!

We walked around a little and I looked around, but didn’t buy anything since I don’t have a cast member discount yet.  Katie was super nice and took me grocery shopping after lunch.  Not having a car at the program is going to be really tough, but hopefully got the majority of my heavy grocery stuff.

Now I am just at home, relaxing.  Everyone has friends or family in town with them so no one is here.  I’m going to just sit here and enjoy the quiet.  And also watch some TV since one of the roommates brought one – a huge TV – with them! Yay!!  I love me some downtime!

Such a whirlwind of a day!  I just keep thinking about how much this feels like coming home.

I love it here and can’t wait until Traditions.  🙂

Out at Trader Sam's at the Polynesian for the first time with my friend, Amy Jo.
Out at Trader Sam’s at the Polynesian for the first time with my friend, Amy Jo.  I’m drinking The Pearl.


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