Mickey’s Retreat!

Mickey’s Retreat
Mickey’s Retreat is right across from The Commons apartments.


Mickey’s Retreat will be closing this weekend because of Hurricane Irma.



One of the major items on My Summer DCP Bucket List  was to finally go to Mickey’s Retreat!

I knew that it was really nice, but never made the time for it.  Since I haven’t been to Traditions yet (so can’t get into the parks), I decided today was the day to finally go!


Mickey’s Retreat is located directly across from the Chatham Square complex.  It has several large sports fields, a couple volley ball areas, two swimming pools, areas for grilling, and you can rent boats to go out onto the water!

Admission is FREE for CMs, CPs, and their families.

And it was beautiful!!!

Two big AND empty pools! My favorite!  The lifeguards were so happy to see us! haha
100_6760I went with one of my new roommates, Sam, and a girl I met on one of the DCP summer arrival Facebook groups, Nicole.


Here is the view of the volleyball areas.

The new CPs were actually there too to take a written lifeguarding and swimming test!
100_6765 100_6766

The main reason people come to Mickey’s Retreat is to go suntanning on the beach!  There were SO many chairs and no one was here!100_6767

You can rent the boats Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm.  All boats have to be back in by 5pm and you have to pay in cash.  Still $2 is super cheap for a 3 hour boat rental!

All the sports equipment (volleyballs, etc.) is free to rent.


It got really humid – so sorry for the blurry photos!  Here is a view of the different boats you can rent.  Long canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats!
100_6768The lake is SO beautiful! We even saw some cranes and shore birds walking around.100_6771There is also a huge green, park-like area filled with benches and grilles for parties!

And this tetherball which reminded me of elementary school! haha!100_6775

And this building which I think you can rent out.  It reminded me of girl scout camp!100_6776Overall – I DEFINITELY recommend putting this on your bucket list and coming if you haven’t already.

The pool was super clean and empty and the lifeguards were very nice.  Next time, I want to bring my lunch and have a picnic! 🙂

Located between Chatham Square and The Commons, Mickey’s Retreat is a free 19-acre recreation facility on Little Lake Bryan open exclusively to Disney Cast Members and their families.
Come out and play, but don’t forget your Disney ID!

Address: 8151 Lake Forest Dr. Orlando, Florida 32821
Phone: (407) 828-3620
Summer Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm (Mon – Sun)
Cost: Free admission for Disney cast members with ID
Facebook page: Mickeys Retreat Facebook Page

Image_Mickey_Chair (2)

Caroline costume
Working merchandise at DAK.

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12 replies to “Mickey’s Retreat!

  1. This looks like so much fun I just got hired and about to complete my 2nd day of training! I have a question though if its ok I ask. First, would I need to just bring my I.D or do I need something else, and 2nd is there an onsite laundry area to wash our bathing suits? Oh oh speaking of pools, are the heated xP. Lol Sorry for all the questions, I live so far away from the Mickeys Retreat and I just want to go straight there and enjoy it with no hassles =).
    Thanks in advance!!


    1. Congrats on your new role as a Disney Cast Member!!
      1. Bring your ID to get in. It’s free.
      2. I didn’t see a place to wash swimsuits, but ask the guy at the front when you check in.
      3. Yes, the pools are heated. I went in July and the pool was very warm! (full sun)
      4. Bring a few dollars to rent a paddle boat. So fun! 🙂
      5. If you’re a CP, grab some lunch from The Grid grab&go over at The Commons before you go to Mickey’s Retreat. Really good food there for a nice picnic!


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