New “Frozen Ever After” is Open!

Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After ride: Queen Elsa singing ‘Let It Go’.  Magical!!   Ride’s Opening Day:  June 21, 2016

Watch Frozen Ever After POV (full ride):  Frozen Ever After ride


Elsa and Anna are the most advanced animatronics in all of WDW!!

In September 2014, WDW announced it was shutting down the popular Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot and replacing it with a ride inspired by the movie ‘Frozen’.

The last day for the Maelstrom ride was October 6, 2014.

Knock, knock...anyone home???

October 2014:  Knock, knock…anyone home???  The ride is closed. 😦

The new Frozen Ever After attraction takes guests to Arendelle and immerses them in many of their favorite moments and music from the film.

Many people were upset about this refurbishment as the Maelstrom ride was based on the lore of a real country – Norway – and, of course, featured rough seas and an oil rig (!) in the North Seas.

Frozen Ever After, of course, takes place in the fictional Scandanavian country of Arendelle.


It opened today to long lines and a 300 minute wait time (5 HOURS!!).


5 Hour wait under the hot Florida sun!  😦


The new ride’s details:  Opened June 21, 2016, first day of summer!!!

Maelstrom, which visitors rode in a floating log while touring through Norwegian mythology, has been “gutted,” Ms. Mangum said, and got a “a whole new overlay with ‘Frozen.’” While the logs and the path remain the same, everything you see along the way was replaced.

And it’s so much better!!!


We were seriously hoping for larger, faster loading/unloading boats more like what are used on ‘Pirates’ or ‘It’s a Small World’.  But, noooo…in April 2016 Maelstorm’s longboats returned!


April 12, 2016:  The “new” longboats for Frozen Ever After have arrived back at Epcot, repainted but still the same boats!            (Photo credit:

The setting for “Frozen Ever After” is the winter festival that takes place in summer, when residents of Arendelle celebrate their favorite season of the year in the midst of its polar opposite.

frozen (2)

Boat ride through Frozen Ever After

While waiting on line, which is sure to take much, much longer than the four-minute ride, visitors will walk by Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post.



The trader with the thick accent will occasionaly clear steam on the windows to utter a hearty “Yoo-hoo!” to people walking by. “We consider this scene one,” Ms. Mangum said.

Olaf has a song to sing too.

Olaf has a song to sing to the guests in the boats too.

Once they board their logs, “Frozen Ever After” riders see the goofy snowman Olaf and equally goofy reindeer Sven setting up the Winter Festival premise.

Next is a stop at Troll Valley, where Grandpappy Troll tells a gathering of children the story of how Anna and Kristoff met, before the log goes up a ramp to find Olaf again, singing a song while ice skating, right next to Anna and Kristoff, who are singing with their friend, Sven.

Behind a set of doors is the moment any visitor is sure to be waiting for: Elsa, on a balcony, singing “Let It Go” in her ice castle. It’s the centerpiece of the ride, “the big, big scene,” Ms. Mangum said, and it features elaborate effects to create simulated snow crystals soaring around the room.


Marshmallow and Snowgie pals will show up at the end of the boat ride.

Visitors next ride by Marshmallow, the giant, formerly evil snowman from “Frozen” and his miniature Snowgie pals, who show up in the short “Frozen Fever,” which ran in front of the “Cinderella” movie earlier this year.

Marshmallow himself yells “Let It Go” in time with Elsa’s song before the log travels through a mist cloud and reaches the final scene, which includes fireworks and a wave from Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristof.

Of course, some may question whether the the fictional world of Arendelle even belongs in Epcot’s World Pavilion, which has always been about touring countries that actually exist, like Japan, Mexico, and France.

But Mr. Staggs argues that “Frozen Ever After” is sure to draw more visitors to the Norway Pavilion, and Epcot as a whole, and that the movie is in fact based significantly on Scandinavian culture, art and mythology.

“If the goal is to give people a taste of something like Scandinavia with the Norway pavilion, then ‘Frozen’ would only increase the extent to which people would be drawn to it,” he said. “To me it doesn’t seem out-of-character at all.”

And, don’t forget to check out Anna and Elsa in their new meet & greet place next door to Frozen Ever After:


New meet and greet for Anna & Elsa.


Maelstrom's long boats being hauled away.

October 2014:  Maelstrom’s long boats being hauled away two days after the ride’s closing.

Cool video of the Maelstrom boats leaving WDW for awhile:  Goodbye longboats!!!


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