Disney Policy on Tattoos, Nails, Rings, and Jewelry for QSFB Roles: The Disney Look

The Disney Look: Nails & nailpolish

The Disney Look for Nails & Nail Polish:  You must always be “Good Show” at work.  Cast members in QSFB may NOT wear nail polish at work.

The Disney Policy for QSFB Roles:
In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment and comply with State-mandated regulatory food standards, all Cast Members working in Food & Beverage and Merchandise positions that prepares and/or serves food and beverages are required to abide by the Food & Beverage Nail and Jewelry Policy:


Nails must be kept trim! Nails may only extend 1/4″ beyond fingertip (less than what is pictured here).

* Keep fingernails trimmed and filed (not extended beyond the tip of the finger, see Figure #1 above.)

* Not wear fingernail polish and/or artificial nails


Approved nailpolish colors for non-QSFB roles. No nail art, stickers, or rhinestones are allowed on nails even if the color is OK.

No Jewelry Rule:  QSFB roles may not wear jewelry on arms or hands, including wristwatches and medical information jewelry.  Acceptable options for medical jewelry include necklaces and ankle bracelets.

  • Rings:  The jewelry exception is a plain (commitment) ring, without stones, raised designs or jagged edges.  Wedding bands without stones are acceptable.  Only 1 ring allowed.
Nope, not allowed for QSFB roles.

Nope, tattoos below the elbow are NOT allowed for QSFB roles as they can not be covered with make-up.  You must tell your recruiter if you have such tattoos, no matter how small.

Tattoos: If you have a tattoo below the elbow, make-up may not be worn to cover the tattoo since it can potentially contaminate food, equipment, utensils or unwrapped single-service articles. Furthermore, the Food Code requires that food employees shall wash their hands and exposed portions of their arms immediately before engaging in food preparation including working with exposed food, clean equipment and utensils, and unwrapped single-service articles and other times.

Additionally, from an on-stage appearance perspective, if the tattoo is above the elbow, a Company authorized costume/shirt or opaque makeup (for small tattoos) may be worn to conceal the tattoo. Tattoos on other exposed portions of the body can be covered with the costume or, for small tattoos, opaque makeup, provided on-stage appearance guidelines are followed.

Female cast members in non-QSFB roles may wear neutral colored nail polish at work:

nails (2)

Acceptable neutral colors for nail polish at work.  No decals or charms are allowed on the nail.

Male cast members may not wear nail polish at work, including clear nail polish.


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