The DCP Housing Internet

Bring a good router and an ethernet cord.

Previous advice:  Bring a good router and an Ethernet cable with you to Florida.

September 24, 2016 Update! Read this!!!


Disney Housing is installing internet at all the housing complexes….SLOWLY!

This means that in the very near future, you will no longer need to bring a router with you to the program!  But, you still need to bring an ethernet cable and TV!

Every change has a positive and a negative side.

Positives:  Don’t need a router, faster internet service, faster streaming, able to take online classes from your university in your apartment and not have to go to Vista Way office.

Negatives:  Housing can control – and block – access to websites that it doesn’t like – sort of like high schools do.  We’re hearing that not all TVs work with the cable now and you need a smart TV.

We think that the faster internet service far outweighs any negatives for the vast majorities of CPs!  (Who exactly had all that time to be watching porn in their apartment???)

**The Tech Blog**

By now, probably everyone has heard that the internet connectivity and speed at DCP Housing is terrible.  There is no good internet connectivity in any of the apartments.

The nearest Starbucks has OK wifi, as does Panera.  If you need a quiet place with wifi, some CPs recommend trying the Vista Way Clubhouse, especially during the morning.

This is important if you like to stream movies, plan on taking an online class during your program, like to Skype with family and friends, maybe do a job interview or two….

We recommend that you bring a good router and an ethernet cord to the program.  Housing provides the apartment modem.

Let’s start with what internet speed you’re used to.

If you have Comcast, you can test it at:

For other providers, just search “Checking Internet Speed for —“ for the link.

This is my speed for my home computer:

High Speed internet.

High Speed internet.  Perfect for downloading movies, gaming, etc.

Now, this is the speed at my apartment:

Literally 1/100th of the internet speed at home.  Terrible for uploading/downloading.

Literally 1/100th of the internet speed at home. Terrible for uploading/downloading.

You can buy a 3 month upgrade to 3mbps speed for $75.  So, for the five months of the Fall 2015 program, that’s $150.  Split between 4-8 people it’s not that bad…only about $1.00/day.

The flyer is outdated, the current upgrade speed is 3mbps.

The flyer is outdated, the current upgrade speed is 3mbps.

Call (407) 828-6400 for more info.

Router brand tip: WD My Net N900 HD DualBand Router for $59.99 from Staples.


TV Listing Guide for the DCP apartments.


working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

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