Going on the Haunted Mansion Ride with my ICP Friends

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In line at the Haunted Mansion.

I got a chance to go on the Haunted Mansion ride one last time with my ICP friends before they left for home this week.

Notice that I'm wearing my Foolish Mortals parkbounding button!

Notice that I’m wearing my Foolish Mortals parkbounding button!

Amazingly, my ICP friend from China had never been on the ride!  In his culture, they believe a ghost is the spirit form of a person who has died and that ghosts are typically malevolent and will cause harm to the living if provoked. (See more below.)

At the Haunted Mansion

At the Haunted Mansion

I convinced him that he had to ride on it just one time before leaving the DCP program.

Me with TianTain.

Me with TianTian.

We got on the ride and he really was terrified!  He covered his eyes the whole ride!

I don’t think that he enjoyed it very much!

walt's ghost (2)I got to go on a Backstage Tour of the Haunted Mansion last year.  It was great!

Beware the hitchhiking ghost!

Beware the hitchhiking ghost!  They’ll follow you home!

Disney Fact:

When Disney was building Disneyland Hong Kong, they knew that if they built a Haunted Mansion in the park, absolutely no one would ride it.

So instead, they built the Mystic Manor.

Mystic Manor at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Mystic Manor at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Mystic Manor has a lighthearted, fantasy-based theme with no references to departed spirits, ghosts, or the afterlife, due to traditional Chinese culture and beliefs.

Mystic Manor tells the story of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey Albert. Having recently acquired an enchanted music box, Albert opens the box and brings everything inside the house to life. [The monkey looks like Abu from ‘Aladdin’.]

Video of the inside the Mystic Manor ride:  Riding on the Mystic Manor

The manor itself is based on one of the most famous mansions in northern California, the Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA.

Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA.

Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA.

More on Chinese Beliefs in Ghosts from Wikipedia:

In Chinese thought, the world is populated by a vast number of spirits, both good and evil. Such spirits include nature demons (kuei-shen), evil spirits or devils (oni), and ghosts (kui).

Evil spirits are believed to avoid light, so many rituals involving fire and light have developed, such as the use of bonfires, firecrackers, and torches. Evil spirits are also traditionally believed to travel in straight lines, which explains many curvy roads throughout China.

But not all spirits are evil — some are just unhappy. As evidenced by the practice of ancestor worship, most Chinese people believe the souls of the deceased endure after death and must be kept happy by offerings and honor.

If a spirit is not kept happy, perhaps because it had a bad death, an improper burial or has no descendents to perform the proper rituals, it becomes a ghost (sometimes called a “hungry ghost,” a term with Buddhist origins). Ghosts may attack human beings to prompt them to meet the ghosts’ needs or at least to draw attention to their plight.

Ghosts receive the most attentions during Ghost Month, the seventh month in the Chinese lunar year, and especially during the Ghost Festival on the fiftteenth day.



working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

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