The Bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

20 bungalows built out over the lagoon in South Seas style.

The 20 Polynesian bungalows are built out over the lagoon in “South Seas style”.

Disney’s first over-the-water bungalows at the Polynesian Resort were under construction during my entire first program.  They just opened up a month before I arrived in May.

My friend and her aunt were staying at one of the bungalows and invited me over for an afternoon visit.

What can I say?  Wow!!

The bungalow’s theme is “modern Polynesian style in the spirit of aloha”.

The newly renovated lobby.

The newly renovated lobby of the Polynesian Resort.

My first stop after arriving at the Polynesian Resort was to see the newly redesigned lobby of the Great Ceremonial House.  This has been controversial because they’ve removed the old fountain in the center of the lobby, which was surrounded by lush, flowering plants, and replaced with a stone Tiki figure.

New light fixtures

New light fixtures

While it certainly opened up the lobby and Disney did put in a few more chairs for seating, along with a huge glass lighting fixture, I don’t know that it made it better.  Now it just looks like a lot of other upscale hotel lobbies.

Enjoying my Starbucks.

Enjoying my iced coffee Starbucks drink.  Ahhh!

I walked through the lobby and around the renovated pool area.  This too was closed and under renovation during my entire first program.  They’ve put in a large kiddie pool area and it does look nice.

Walking over the the bungalow.

Walking over to the bungalow.  Only 117 “feels like” temperature!  ❤ Florida in the summer!!  😉

The bungalows – 20 in all – are just a short walk away.

All the bungalows are 2 bedroom, 2 bath (room for 8 guests) and feature a private back deck with plunge pool.

Private pools on deck.

Private pools on deck.

Comfortable lounge furniture in arranged on a back deck that runs the length of the bungalow. A separate private seating area features hanging chairs.  I so wanted to cool off with a dip in the private plunge pool!  I can’t believe I forgot my swimsuit!

Relaxation time!

Relaxation time!

I could get used to this private deck!

I could get used to this private deck!

Each bungalow was supposedly positioned just right for an idyllic view of Magic Kingdom fireworks from the back deck at night and have speakers that can pipe in the music along with the Wishes fireworks show.

Watching Wishes from the deck.

Watching Wishes from the deck.


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