The Best Souvenirs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.
Disney’s Animal Kingdom, my home.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom (DAK) is a beautiful, lushly landscaped theme park.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 7.48.02 PM
Spending my day off having fun at the Animal Kingdom.

Disney has planted millions of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants all over the 500-acre park. It has a lot of fun jungle- and animal-themed shops and restaurants centered around Discovery Island, all the better to pick up a few souvenirs on your way out of the park so that you’re not carrying bags around with you all day.

Here’s a list of my Best DAK Souvenirs that everyone should come home with after spending a few hours – or a whole day – at Disney’s Animal Kingdom:


My family and me at DAK.

1. A photo in front of the Tree of Life.
The enormous 145-foot tall tree with all its beautiful animal carvings dominates the park and has green leaves (all fake!) all year round. It’s a classic DAK photo!

Animal print Mickey Ears
Animal print Mickey Ears

2. Mickey Ears in Jungle Prints

Mickey ears are available at DAK in lots of fun animal prints.

Very exclusive conservation pins
Very exclusive conservation pins

3. Disney Trading Pins – DAK themed ones Stop in at Island Mercantile and check out the extensive pin collection. You’ll find pins here that aren’t available anywhere else on the WDW property, including at World of Disney in Disney Springs!  I always find something new!

Dug and Russell at the Greeting Trail
Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 7.48.47 PM
He is a hunk of burnin’ love for sure! ❤

4. Photos with Disney characters in their Safari Outfits

Russell and Dug are out all day on the Animal Kingdom’s Greeting Trails, while Rafiki can be found holding down the fort at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

Pocahontas has taken over the old Pooh meet and greet area and Tarzan can now be found on most days on the trail by the Tree of life.

BRAND NEW: The You Are Here mug, front view with Tree of Life.
Brand new!:  The new Starbucks  You Are Here DAK mug, front view with Tree of Life.
You can only buy this mug at DAK!
You can only buy this mug at DAK! (Yes, I own one!)

5. DAK Coffee Mugs

A large selection of Disney merchandise and mugs can be found at Island Mercantile.

DAK map of all the pressed penny locations.
DAK map of all the pressed penny locations.
One of the DAK pressed pennies.
One of the DAK pressed pennies.

6. Pressed Pennies featuring DAK locations

There are currently 22 locations for picking up some pressed pennies at DAK, all with exclusive DAK designs.

Two of the colors. Caroline collected them all!
Two of the colors. I collected them all!

7. Disney Worldwide Conservation Button

Make a donation at any merchandise location and get a free Conservation Hero button. There currently are 10 different ones in different colors.

Safari photo.
Safari photo that I took in August.  So adorable!

8. Vacation Photos!

All of the animals – all 1,700 of them! – and all of the rides..Dinosaur!  Expedition Everest!   Kali River Rapids!   Dinoland!… are all extremely photogenic.

9. DAK Toothpick Holder

When guests ask me if we sell shotglasses, or worse double shotglasses, I tell them no.  But, we do sell a large selection of beautiful toothpick holders, including some that even come in sets of four!

10. Your DAK Park Map

It’s fun to circle all the things that you did, the shows you saw, and all the great places that you got to eat at while visiting DAK!

Good night DAK!
Good night DAK!  Be careful – it’s a jungle out there! 🙂

We are so looking forward to seeing the new Rivers of Light show and  to Avatarland opening in 2017!

They’ve replaced all 100,000+ leaves on the Tree of Life with ones that have hidden LED lights so that the tree glows and “dances” to a music video at night!  Can’t wait!!!

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Mickey Mouse at DAK
Mickey Mouse at DAK


working together at DAK
Working together at DAK.

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