Renting a Surrey Bike on the Boardwalk

The Boardwalk Surrey Bikes.

I have been trying to convince my CP friends to rent one of those surrey bikes at the Boardwalk. It looks like SO much fun!

Since it was our last week of our summer College Program, I planned an epic night of bike riding followed by dessert at Beaches and Cream over at the Yacht Club!

We all got off work by 6pm and met up at the Boardwalk.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 1.19.09 PM
If only the Boardwalk had been this empty when we were biking around!!  It was filled with summer crowds on the night we were there.

The surrey bike rental is right in front of the Boardwalk.  They were actually setting up for a movie on the lawn while we were “gearing” up for this!  (Get it? GEARING!??)
100_7432They make you fill out a contract before you ride.  We were laughing because the rule is before 8pm, anyone over 18 can be the driver.  After 8pm, you have to be 21 and older.

We were super confused because you know that you can get alcohol at the Boardwalk, you’d think you’d want a more competent DD than just someone over 21 driving. 😉

Here is the contract, which I had to fill out as the Driver and then everyone else in the party also had to sign it.

It was just $22 to rent the bike.  We had him split the bill 5 ways to make it easy for all of us to pay since none of us carry cash.  At less than $5 per person, it was cheaper than a movie ticket!

Ready to roll.

After some group photos, we were off!!

I LITERALLY have NEVER laughed so hard in my life!!!!!

It kind of looks easy, watching other families go around the lake loop.  You start at the boardwalk, normally heading towards Epcot, cross over the International Gateway bridge, past the Yacht and Beach club, and then make a complete circle back at the Boardwalk.

I was the driver and my ICP friend, Eve, (from Thailand) was in charge of the bell. Well, guests gave no bothers at all about a giant mult-person bike hurdling towards them! haha  I kept telling my friends, “Don’t worry, my hand is ON the brake!” as we are literally going on two wheels around the corners.  I didn’t mean I was using the brake, but my hand was on it!

We were coming up to the “hill” right before the Friendship bridgeway and I was trying to get everyone to kick it up a notch because I knew it would be harder than it looks. Instead, we literally came to a complete stop on this hill!!!  (There’s a reason they call it “Heartbreak Hill”!)

We were laughing so hard as all the pedestrians strolled past us!

We made it almost all the way around and didn’t realize that there was a second hill on the other side of the Boardwalk!  We couldn’t make it up it and came to a complete stop, all of us just dying with laughter!  Luckily, a cast member was walking in the opposite direction and stopped to give us a boost up the hill.

The complete loop is only supposed to take less than 30 minutes….it took us over an hour!  When we got back to the rental place, I hopped off and asked the CM if we could go around again.

The guy working there was very nice and said it was OK!  He made it a Magical Moment for us!  So off we went!  We pedaled about one shop down the Boardwalk and realized…we didn’t want to conquer those hills again.  It was my bright idea to just do a U-turn and head back to the rental place.

Except, we had stopped our surrey between a shop and a street performer!  We got completely stuck at a dead stop length-wise on the Boardwalk!  We were all laughing so hard!  We tried to simultaneously pedal backwards and that did nothing!

Luckily, a random guest saw how much we were struggling (the surrey’s are very heavy) and grabbed onto the front of the bike and, as I steered, he backed us up enough so that we could turn completely around.  Too funny!

By the time we completed our outing, I was completely soaked in sweat from all the pedaling, from the Florida humidity, and from the embarrassment!

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 1.18.36 PM
Ready to conquer some hills!
Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 1.19.30 PM
The Boardwalk at night. So pretty with the lights reflecting off the lake.  The Frozen fireworks at DHS were just starting.

It was literally the best night of my DCP program! ❤

Dock sign says: “Wishing You a Magical Day”.

We decided to walk to Beaches and Cream to cool down and were so happy to catch the 9pm Frozen fireworks going off at Hollywood Studios, perfectly framed over the Boardwalk!
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