DCP 2016 Homecoming Event Update

DCP alumni
Greetings #CPAlumni!

We are excited to share some updates regarding our #CPAlumni Homecoming Weekendregistration.

You said…. You wanted all events to be open to family and friends.

We listened…Starting Thursday September 10th, 2015 a limited number of spots will be opened for you to bring one family member or friend over the age of 18 to attend the main events, for a $200 non-refundable registration fee. This includes a red carpet event at Disney’s Contemporary Resort along with a special Wishes viewing dessert party, an in-park experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with access to attractions, and exclusive bundled event-specific merchandise including a Disney Alumni Association MagicBand.


What you need to know:

If you already have registered and paid for the event, you will need to access the registration site through the “Activity Add-on Form” in your confirmation email. This will allow you to add your family member or friend over the age of 18 and pay any additional fees incurred.

If you have not yet registered, please click here to formally register for an unforgettable weekend with family, friends and Alumni! You will have an option to add your family/friend prior to the final payment page starting September 10th.

Family and friends will now be able to attend all events with alumni, pending registration and payment.

Only a few weeks left so save your Disney dollars! Registration is filling fast but there is still availability for you to participate in the next Homecoming Weekend set to take place at the Walt Disney World Resort on January 15-17, 2016.

Should you experience any technical challenges, you can contact our team directly for assistance at wdw.disney.college.program.alumni@disney.com.

We are looking forward to celebrating 35 years and welcoming home our alumni to Walt Disney World Resort in January 2016!

Best Regards,

Disney Campus Recruiting

Disney Alumni Association Homecoming Weekend FAQs

When is #CPAlumni Homecoming Weekend?

We are excited to share that the next #CPAlumni Homecoming Weekend will take place January 15-17, 2016 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

What is #CPAlumni Homecoming Weekend?

#CPAlumni Homecoming Weekend began with the launch of the Disney Alumni Association in 2014 as a way to kick off this new, exciting community. The weekend festivities allow alumni to come together, reconnect with the Disney brand and reminisce about their Program while sharing memories with their family and friends. This year we celebrate 35 years of the Disney College Program!

How much does Homecoming Weekend cost? What are the events included with registration?

This year’s Homecoming Weekend will include a red carpet event at Disney’s Contemporary Resort along with a special Wishes viewing dessert party, an in-park experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with access to attractions, and exclusive bundled event-specific merchandise. The event will have a non-refundable fee of $200 per person. During registration you will have the option to add other uniquely designed events which allow you to customize your weekend for you, your family and friends.

Why is there a $200 charge this year?

We are thrilled to open this event up to 2,000 people and encourage alumni to register and bring a guest to the weekend festivities. In order to do that it was necessary to offset the cost of the food and beverage, entertainment, theming, and labor with a registration fee. Neither the Walt Disney Company nor the Disney Alumni Association is making a profit on this event. 100% of the registration fee goes back into the event…. Making an unforgettable Disney event you don’t want to miss!

How do I register for the event?

Registration is open! You can visit http://www.disneyurl.com/CPAlumniWeekend to get started! All you need is your Last Name and Email Address that you used when you initially joined the association at http://www.dcpalumni.com.

What if I receive an error message when I try to register?

Unfortunately, this may happen if too many people are trying to access the site at the same time. Please be patient, refresh your page and clear cache and delete cookies in your web browser.

What if I had challenges logging-in to register?

A few reminders to help troubleshoot. You must be part of the Disney Alumni Association community in order to register for the event. Please do not forward registration information to friends who are not currently part of the group. The information that you provided at the time of registration (www.dcpalumni.com) will be your log-in credentials. If you experience any challenges registering, please simply click the “email assistance link” on the bottom of the screen. This will be a timestamp of your registration attempt. We will handle all challenges in the order they are received, we appreciate your patience in advance. Please wait for us to respond individually to your request.

How and when will I know if I have been approved to attend this year’s event?

We are thrilled that this year’s event has grown to include 2,000 participants. Once you pay the registration fee, you are confirmed! Payment is taken on the final page of the registration site. You will immediately receive an email, after submitting payment, confirming your event registration. There will be a small waitlist in case of any cancellations. Please view our cancellation policy prior to registering. Reminder: Please do not book any airfare or transportation until you are registered.

Do I have to attend all of the events?

We encourage you to attend all the events included with your registration however, nothing is mandatory. The Friday and Saturday evening events are part of your fee to attend. If you choose not to attend these main events, the cost will remain the same. The intention is to celebrate YOU and allow you to connect and engage with other alumni and the Disney brand. You can create your own weekend itinerary based on your personal schedule and availability. All add-on events are first come, first serve as they do have limited availability.

Can I bring guests?

We are excited to announce that this year’s Homecoming Weekend will allow you the option to register and bring (1) additional guest (over the age of 18) to the main Homecoming festivities (red carpet event and special Wishes viewing dessert party, in-park event and event merchandise), for the non-refundable $200/person registration fee. All “Add-on” events are open to family and friends of all ages, pending registration confirmation. Please refer to the registration site for detailed information including the cost for each event.

Is Disney Theme Park tickets included with registration? How do I get park tickets?

Any event that takes place in-park as part of the #CPAlumni Homecoming Weekend will allow admission with your event credentials (provided as part of your event registration packet). These are noted in the registration process. Admission is for the event only and pending your registration confirmation; specific details will be outlined and included with your event registration packet upon check-in. Park tickets are not included in the price of this event. Should you require park tickets, you will have the ability to purchase them at a discounted rate once you complete your registration. Discount may range but majority are a 10% discount on multi-day tickets.

How do I book my hotel? Do I have to stay in the room block? We have a limited number of discounted rooms at both Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Should you elect to stay at one of the #CPAlumni Homecoming Weekend host resorts, special Guest room rates are offered based on availability. Accommodations can be requested by visiting http://www.disneyurl.com/DisneyAlumniAssociationEvent2016.

* Note: Please confirm your event registration prior to booking travel arrangements.

*If you are arriving early or extending your stay, you are welcome to add days to your resort reservation, per availability through Resort Sales. You can get information on our group rate by calling 407-939-4686. This is an option for those of you who may need accommodations during your trip however, you are welcome to stay anywhere you choose.

Will meals be provided?

This is noted in the registration process. All events will offer a full meal and/or snack option that is included with registration.

Is transportation provided?

Please keep in mind, Disney buses will be available for your transportation needs to and from the majority of our events. You are welcome to utilize your personal vehicle and/or carpool with a friend to any of our events. Those events with limited parking or if transportation will be included, are noted during registration. Additional details will be shared in your event registration packet upon arrival. You will need your own transportation to and from the airport (we recommend you contact your resort for additional options).

How do I pick up my event registration packet?

Registration packets, bundled merchandise items and event credentials will be distributed throughout the weekend beginning on Thursday, January 14th at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Convention Center. You will select an approximate time to pick up your information during the registration process.

How do you determine who gets to attend the event? Why is it limited to 2,000 people?

This is solely determined by registration time. In order for us to make a great experience for those attending, and due to the capacity needs of our venues, as well as availability we had to make this event exclusive. We will continue to provide opportunities in the future so more people can be involved– continue to remain connected!

What does it mean to be on a “waitlist”?

We have created a small waitlist to allow additional Alumni to attend in case of cancellations. Those individuals will be notified if anything becomes available.

What if I already bought a plane ticket or booked my room?

We ask that you do not book any travel or hotel accommodations until you are confirmed for the event. You will NOT be reimbursed for any expenses incurred. If you have further questions, please contact us at wdw.disney.college.program.alumni@disney.com.

What if I need to make changes to my “add-on” events or my packet pick-up time?

You are welcome to modify your add-on selections through November 1, 2015. At that time, all selections will be final. In order to make changes, simply click the “add-on activity form” link from the email confirmation. Please view the cancellations policy in case of any questions.

Is there a charge for children under the age of 3 for any of the “add-on” events?

All “Add-on” events are open to your family and friends of all ages, pending registration confirmation. These events will follow the same policy as Disney Theme Parks. Children under the age of 3 will be admitted for free to any weekend add-on activity that is open to family/friends of all ages. *Children will not be admitted to the main Homecoming festivities (red carpet event and special Wishes viewing dessert party, in-park event and event merchandise), as this is open to our alumni plus (1) guest over the age of 18 only.

What events are open to family and friends? How do I update or add a family member?

The main Homecoming festivities (red carpet event and special Wishes viewing dessert party, in-park event and event merchandise), for the non-refundable $200/person registration fee are open to alumni plus (1) family member and/or friend over the age of 18.

All weekend add-on events are open to family and friends of all ages include: Bowling, Billiards and a Buffet at Splitsville (Friday Jan. 15th), Special Character Meet and Greet (Saturday Jan. 16th) and Family Fun Day at Mickey’s Retreat (Sunday Jan. 17th). If you choose to bring a family member or friend, there is a small fee incurred and you must register this individual via the “Activity Add-on Form” in your confirmation email or, if you haven’t completed your registration, please visit http://www.disneyurl.com/CPAlumniWeekend.

*If you’d like to update, add or delete a family member after you complete registration, please use the “add-on activity form” link from your confirmation email.

Will there be events at Disneyland in the future?

This event is one of many for the Disney Alumni Association! It is possible that they can take place at any of our locations so stay tuned for future details. We always welcome your thoughts and feedback on where you’d like to see the next event take place!




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