Disney Myths That Won’t Go Away!



Some urban myths about Disney just won’t go away.  Cast members hear them every day from guests and they’re not true!

Walt Disney's star on Hollywood's Blvd. Walk of Stars.

Walt Disney’s star on Hollywood’s Blvd. Walk of Stars.

Walt Disney was Frozen

Nope, he wasn’t – his cremated remains are buried with family in a plot located at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

It's Thurl Ravenscroft!

It’s Thurl Ravenscroft!

Walt Disney Sings in the Haunted Mansion

During the Haunted Mansion ride as your doom buggy moves through the graveyard scene you see several singing busts projected with the heads of singing men and…wait…could that be….is it…Walt Disney?

No actually, it isn’t…but you aren’t the first one to think it is.  Many park goers are convinced it’s Walt himself serenading them. But this rumor is a “bust” and the look-alike is actually Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice of Tony the Tiger!

False! Not happening at Disneyland, nor Disney World...

False! Not happening at Disneyland, nor Disney World…

“Andy’s Coming!” Causes Toy Story Characters to Drop

We’ve all seen the Pinterest image of a photo displaying a costumed Woody and Jessie lying on the ground with a caption that reads, “When you see Toy Story characters at Disneyland yell, ‘Andy’s coming!’ and they’ll stop what they’re doing and drop.”

Crazy fun, right?! Not when guests are shouting it at the characters every five seconds! Can you imagine what their costumes would look like after a day of going limp and falling to the ground at every mention of Andy’s name? So no, they will not fall like a sack of potatoes if you shout this at them.

(Side note:  Shout ‘attention’ at the green army men at DHS and they just might freeze and salute you!)

Built to withstand a Category 3 Hurricane with minimal damage.

Built to withstand a Category 3 Hurricane with minimal damage.

Cinderella’s Castle Can Be Broken Down in Case of a Major Hurricane

The legend states that in the event of an approaching hurricane, Cinderella’s Castle can be broken down, piece by piece, to protect it from disastrous winds and safely stored away.

The Castle was built in 1970 with the notion that Florida does see a good share of serious and damaging weather and is meant to withstand it. Every steel-braced frame is encircled by 10-inch thick reinforced concrete which is then decorated with fiber-reinforced gypsum plaster and fiberglass. Hurricanes have come and gone for forty years now and the Castle still stands…and no, it wasn’t taken apart like a giant Lego toy.



‘Wishes’ Fireworks Ballad is Sung By Dying Girl

Myth is that the part of the song that is sung by a little girl (“Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight…”) is performed by a girl whose dying wish was to be part of Disney forever and they granted it by allowing her voice to be used in this nightly show.

This rumor was not at all true.   The voice you hear in the Wishes fireworks show is that of Charity Farris, a child voice-over talent who is alive and well today.

No One Officially Dies at Disney World…or Do They?

This myth was perpetuated by the idea that though people may die on property, they won’t receive an official declaration of death until they’ve reached the hospital. This just isn’t the case. Though Disney is a massive company with major influence, even they don’t get to make these sorts of decisions.

Records reveal that Cast Members and guests have, unfortunately, been declared deceased on property in the past.

Walt never said this.

Walt never said this.

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” Quote by Walt

This famous quote was, in fact, written by Disney Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald as a line for the Horizons attraction many years after Walt’s passing.  Walt did not say it.

“Activate the Weatherdome!”

A surprising number of guests, especially international ones, think that there is a gigantic weatherdome over the Magic Kingdom that can be activated at the first raindrop.

Not true.

(Adapted from: http://www.disneyfanatic.com/8-terrible-disney-myths-wont-go-away/)

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