Seeing Disneyland’s Dream Suite: Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

February 2018 Update!
You can now reserve the Dream Suite for a private dinner party certain days of the month!

Table set for your private party of 12.


9am: Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour
9am: Ready for the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

As part of the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour, we got to tour the Disneyland Dream Suite!

Everything in the apartment lives up to its name: “The Dream Suite.”

The Disneyland Dream Suite.
The Disneyland Dream Suite takes up the entire 2nd floor.

We went on the hour-long suite tour after lunch.  The 2,200-foot suite was intended as a private apartment for Walt Disney and his family. It’s located above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and has its own private elevator to get into the suite.

Private elevator (on left) and walkway (above) into suite.
Private elevator (on left) and walkway (above) into suite on right.

The small elevator only holds about 10 people, so we had to split of tour group into two groups to get upstairs.

On the tour, you enter the suite from the left.  Master Bedroom

Once upstairs, you cross over a walkway and enter the suite’s living area via a short and narrow hallway lined with original concept artwork from the 1960s when the suite was being designed by Walt.

walt apartment
The Parlor.

Each room in the suite has a special “Good Night Kiss” feature – a special show that, when activated, makes the room come to life.

Master Bedroom (photo credit: Oh My Disney)
Master Bedroom, note Tiffany ceiling light and magic painting from Peter Pan over the bed  

First room on the tour is the Master Bedroom with its lush décor done in Jungle/Adventureland colors (teal) featuring real Tiffany stained glass pieces.  There’s a “magical” painting above the king bed with a secret mermaid scene from Peter Pan that is part of the room’s Good Night Kiss magic.

The tiled bath area with Tiffany glass of bathing maiden.
The tiled bath area with Tiffany glass of the Bathing Maiden.
Hidden Mickey in the stars.
Hidden Mickey in the stars.

The huge bathing suite features a magical tiled alcove with a sunken bathtub.  The bath suite is illuminated by a LED starscape featuring Mickey Mouse appearing in the stars when the room’s lights are turned down.  Finally, the Master Bedroom features a good sized walk-in closet.  There are butterfly nick-knack’s here and there as Mrs. Disney loved to collect butterfly things.

Train over the 1950s original Disneyland artwork of planned park. Walt used this painting in his pitch to investors and on air.
Train is over the 1950s original artwork of planned Disneyland park. Walt used this painting in his pitch to investors and also on air (The Wonderful World of Disney).

The next room on the tour was the Children’s Bedroom, planned for Walt’s grandchildren to stay in when they visited him. The Children’s Bedroom features two twin beds and is decorated in the spirit of early 20th century American frontier with an earthy color scheme and leather covered furniture.

Watch the train running:  Train Running in Disneyland Dream Suite Bedroom

(Note:  We could sit on any of the furniture in the suite, except the beds.  That was fun to do in each room…we sat in at least one chair or sofa!!)

This room is totally “Frontierland”. Up above and all around the room is a wraparound shelf that has many vintage mechanical toys and trinkets, including a miniature steam train in a display case above more original 1950s Disneyland artwork. The “Good Night Kiss” magic makes the train come to life and it leaves its display case for a “Grand Circle Tour” chugging around the room!

While the train passes by all the toys and trinkets, they come to life (the miniature horse was especially cute with his bobbing head!) and the “Grand Canyon Suite” music starts playing while the train roars along on its miniature iron rails. The downside to all of this is that the “Good Night Kiss” switch can only be pressed three (3) times a night, which is probably disappointing to any children staying in the bedroom overnight!

Patio area (photo credit: Oh My Disney)
The suite’s bayou-themed patio area is filled with tropical vegetation and open the the sky. Note the Chinese lanterns.

The Children’s Bedroom is the only room with access to the balcony that you can see from the park below. The balcony is furnished with comfortable chaise lounges. (At night, the patio is illuminate by Chinese lanterns and visited by sparkling “fireflies”.)

walt's apartment1
The Balcony

The balcony has spectacular views of the Rivers of America, making this place the place for overnight guests to watch Fantasmic!  We spent a good ten minutes out on the balcony soaking in the magic and the views of Disneyland.  It was fun to watch the Mark Twain riverboat making it’s way along the Rivers of America.

The Dream Suite's balcony which we really enjoyed standing on!
The Dream Suite’s balcony, which we really enjoyed standing on for 10 minutes and waving to the crowd below!

Next up on the tour was the Parlor Room.

The Parlor Room is designed in a French Provincial-style reflecting the suite’s New Orleans Square setting. The blue accents and delicate leaf motif come from a pretty vase that was sent to Turkey to make the room’s royal blue glass lighting features.  Lovely.

Mom sitting in the Parlor Room, note the
Mom sitting in the Parlor Room, note the “fire” burning and the small gilded birdcage. The mirror is magical, part of the room’s Good Night Kiss show. (You can see the reflection of the castle paintings in it.)
walk29 (2)
The mechanical bird in the cage is on the mantle.

Unusual decorative items include a faux fire burning in the fireplace (complete with firewood burning sounds and “fireworks” sparks), a mechanical songbird in a gilded cage sitting on the fireplace mantel, and original wall paintings of European castles.  All conjure up memories of Walt Disney and the inspirations that went into creating the magical world of Disneyland.

Cinderella grandfather clock
Cinderella grandfather clock playing tunes.

In the Parlor Room, during the Good Night Kiss, the Cinderella grandfather clock comes “alive” and plays special tunes, known as the Cinderella Clock Show, but only between 7am and 10pm.  You don’t want to keep the guests up with the clock chiming and playing tunes all night long!

I found a Hidden Mickey in the carpet!
I found a Hidden Mickey in the carpet!

There are Hidden Mickey’s in the suite (I spotted one in the Parlor Room’s carpeting), but what people really want to find are the 27 stylized “D”’s throughout the apartment.  Some are obvious, like the “D”’s etched into the windowpane glass or the doorbell plate, but others are hard to find and you really have to look for them.

The first of several
The first of several “D’s that I found.

Our tour guides lead the suite tours during the day, and are the concierge staff and stay in the suite (in an office room off the hallway) when there are overnight guests.  They accompany guests on after hours park tours and see to their every need.  Food can be ordered and delivered to the suite from any restaurant at Disneyland Resort.

More photos from the tour:


The Dream Suite entrance.
The Dream Suite main entrance into Parlor Room.
It’s done in the style and colors of the French Quarter of New Orleans.


They've just started to decorate for Christmas this week.
They’ve just started to decorate for Christmas this week.

Watch Chris Parente and Kathie J. from the Colorado Everyday show touring the Dream Suite, May 2015:  Disneyland’s Dream Suite Tour.

Throwback Thursday, 1950s: Walt with the Disneyland painting that's in the Children's Bedroom.
Throwback Thursday, 1950s: Walt with a copy of the Disneyland painting that’s in the Children’s Bedroom.


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