2017 Disney World Cast Member Blackout Dates


Welcome to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World!

We thought we would post the upcoming blockout dates for using your Disney guest passes for all four WDW theme parks for the next few months in case family and friends are planning a visit to Orlando to see you!

New official link to check on blockout dates at all Disney Parks: https://blockoutdates.disney.com/

July 2017 – September 2017:  The blockout dates for the 4 WDW parks are below.

Magic Kingdom:


No blocked out days at all this summer for using guest passes at the Magic Kingdom!!!

Magic Kingdom has always been the hardest park to use guest passes at…but not for the next few months!!!  Enjoy!!!



No blocked out days at all this summer for using guest passes at Epcot!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!!!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:


No blocked out days at all this summer for using guest passes at DHS, but it’s still a 1/2 day with all the construction going on.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:


Every weekend is blocked out through Labor Day for using guest passes at DAK because of the new Pandora land.


Check for current updates at: Updated Blockout Dates. Sometimes Disney will add or release blockout days depending on revised park crowd forecasts (based on pre-ticket sales and resort/dining reservation loads).

These are the Main Gate Pass blockout dates for guests of CMs using the Disney Guest Passes, not the blockout dates for CMs.  The CM self admission pass is only blocked out a few days a year, mostly at MK, except this summer at DAK because of Avatar opening.

During guest blockout days, you can’t use your guest passes to swipe friends and family into the park for free, but CMs can still get in.


The new Self Admission Pass, which replaced the  old blue Main Gate Pass.

Remember, CMs can buy discounted park tickets for their guests at the Company D store to use on blocked out days.

Discounted (10% off) cast member 2017 ticket rates: Discounted Tickets for Cast Members


The new One Day Park Hopper Pass for guests of CMs.  They are being referred to as the ‘Chip & Dale’ passes.

New CMs can expect to get their first of three guest passes after completing 150 hours of work: How To Earn Guest Passes.  The passes will be mailed to you about 10 days after completing each 150 hour work period.

You can see how the blockout dates line up with this 2017 crowd forecast.


July 2017 WDW Crowd forecast.  Avoid the Magic Kingdom on red dot days!  Expect it to be hot, humid and rainy in the afternoon every day.



The castle at Shanghai Disneyland is Disney’s biggest one yet!  It’s HUGE!!!


dole whip

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  1. Barbara Moore says:

    I hope you get sued for writing this book. You do remember all the contracts you signed right? Cps are always the silliest


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