New Metal Detectors at All Disney Parks

metal2 (2)

Enhanced screening

New metal detectors were added to the front gate entrance at WDW parks this morning and the internet went crazy…like they had never seen them in use before at airports, sports arenas, high schools, etc., etc.

In addition to the bag screening process already in place as guests enter the parks, guests could be randomly selected for a secondary screening using a metal detector.

The AMC movie theater at Disney Springs, where tonight’s high profile premiere of the new “Star Wars” movie is taking place, will also have at least one metal detector in use.

metal3 (2)

Only one metal detector is currently set up.

Just in time for the busiest week of the year at Disney World – Christmas Week – guests can expect that these detectors will dramatically slow down the entrance process and create huge bottlenecks of arriving guests, especially in the morning.

“We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures, as appropriate,” Disney said in a statement Thursday (12/17/15).

metal1 (2)

Try to imagine the bottleneck at this checkpoint next week!  (Photo credits:  WDWMagic)

The changes come as a man was arrested for carrying a gun at Disney World last weekend, after trying to enter the Magic Kingdom with a gun.  More deputies and security guards have been visible at the resort lately, and specially trained dogs have been patrolling key areas. On Wednesday night, police dogs checked the outside of the monorail trains before the doors closed and left the Transportation and Ticket Center.  (We saw this last month when we were there the week before Thanksgiving.)

bubbles (2)

Too bad if this was your dream job….

Among the security measures being implemented, Disney has also stopped the sale of toy guns, including squirt guns and bubble guns at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. These items are also no longer allowed in the theme parks in order to prevent confusion for park staff and security.

Disney’s costume policy is also being modified: guests 14 and older will no longer be allowed to wear them at the theme parks, including during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties in the fall.

Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando have also said that guests can expect wand metal detector checks as they enter the park.


New sign at Disneyland this morning.

Walt Disney World would not say how long its walk-through metal detectors would be in place.


hehehe!!!  Gaston nailing it!


bookstore (2)

At our book launch in Boulder, Colorado.

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Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Disney???

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We’ve included advice on how to successfully get into the DCP program, including some of the actual phone interview questions, how to have a successful internship, and how not self-term before your program ends. Our book is filled with lots of behind-the-scene stories of the magic of Disney. Available now at in paperback and Kindle formats. Published by Theme Park Press.

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