2019 Disney Cast Member Guest Passes


Disney Cast Member Self Admission Pass


Earning Guest Passes has changed for DCP cast members!  

For more info: The HUB>>Quick Links>>Complimentary Admission.

You must complete a certain number of service hours to earn guest passes:

150 Hours Worked = 3 One Day Park Hopper Passes  (3)

300 Hours Worked = 3 More One Day Park Hopper Passes (3+3=6)

600 Hours Worked = 3 More One Day Park Hopper Passes (3+3+3=9)

CPs can now only earn up to 9 One Day Park Hopper Passes in a calendar year.


The new One Day Park Hopper guest passes are referred to as the ‘Chip & Dale’ passes…you can see why!

Note that most CPs will work about 30 hours per week in a normal, non-holiday week.

This means that for most CPs, they will have to work 5 weeks to receive the first 3 guest passes.  Unless you extend your program, you probably will not work 600 hours during your program, especially the Spring Program CPs.  The passes are mailed to you about 10 days after completing each 150 hour work period.

But, CPs will still have opportunities to receive additional free Park guest passes through volunteering with Disney VoluntEARS and at other company-sponsored events. The Family Holiday Celebration passes that are issued during the Fall DCP Program are for 1 day/1 guest entrance.

You can not just give the Guest Passes to family/friends and have them use them. When visiting a WDW theme park with a guest(s), you must touch your Blue Main Gate Pass to the Mickey touch point first, then immediately your guest(s) must touch their Guest Pass to the touch point.

After that first use, you don’t have to stay with your guests (i.e., you can go to work) and they can use their Guest Pass to park hop without you being there. But, you are responsible for their behavior – and any misbehavior – so use your Guest Passes wisely!

There have definitely been stories of family members freaking out and expecting special treatment in the parks and this bad behavior can even be enough to ‘term’ i.e., fire the cast member!

Trouble with your passes:  Talk to your manager or call Global Human Resources Operations at  (321) 939-7000 if you need to update your address.


The new complimentary ‘Chip & Dale’ passes.  These are park hopper tickets, valued at over $100 each.

Remember, your Self Entrance Pass is good for you and your guests at US-Based Disney Parks:
Disney World  (FL)
Disneyland  (CA)

But not:

Disneyland Paris
Hong Kong Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland

self admission

Cast members in the DCP program are considered Temporary Employees.

And, don’t forget, you get free parking at WDW and DLR by showing your company ID (currently at $25/day).

For more info and current black-out dates: The HUB>>Quick Links>>Complimentary Admission

2019 Disney World Blockout Dates

2019 Disneyland Blockout Dates



Happy Halloween!

We thought we would post the upcoming blockout dates for using your Disney guest passes for all four WDW theme parks for the next few months in case family and friends are planning a visit to Orlando to see you!

New official link for cast members to check on blockout dates at all Disney Parks: https://blockoutdates.disney.com/

We thought we would post the upcoming blockout dates for using your Disney guest passes for all four WDW theme parks for the next few months in case family and friends are planning a visit to Orlando to see you!

New official link for cast members to check on blockout dates at all Disney Parks: https://blockoutdates.disney.com/

October 2019 – December 2019:  The blockout dates for the 4 WDW parks are below.

Magic Kingdom:


Just Christmas Week is blocked out for using your self admission pass.


Several upcoming block-out days are scheduled for using your guest passes at MK.



Only New Years Eve is blocked out for self admission at Epcot.


There are currently 9 scheduled block-out days for using your guest passes at Epcot.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:


There are currently 2 scheduled blockout days scheduled for using your self admission pass at DAK.


There are currently 7 blockout days scheduled for using your guest passes at DAK.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:  Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge opened August 29th!


All of November and all of December is blocked out for using both self admission and guest passes at DHS.

star wars4

Phase 1 opened August 29, 2019.  Phase 2 will open in early 2020.

star wars6

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge  14 acres of fun!

The 2019-2020 Disney Family Holiday Celebration starts on October 13th!
40% off merchandise discount returns! Whoo-hoo!

Interested in using your complimentary Celebration guests passes?
There are blockout days for those too!
Blockout days for using your Disney Holiday Celebration Passes for Guests:


Magic Kingdom blockout days for Celebration guest passes.








Halloween Mickey Ears

It looks like Halloween on Main Street USA.


Welcome to Halloween at the Magic Kingdom!  Yes, it’s busy and yes it’s still hot!!!



We love Blizzard Beach! ❤

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon:  Free Admission for Cast Members!

*****Blizzard Beach is Closed for the season September 8th!*****

Update:  Blizzard Beach Will Have a Longer Than Usual Refurbishment Closure

Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment beginning on September 8, 2019 and not reopen until January 2020.

Each of Disney’s water parks is refurbished annually, typically between October to March. The refurbishment schedule is staggered so guests can enjoy at least one water park experience year-round.

This year, additional refurbishment work and enhancements to Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park will result in a longer annual downtime.

When it reopens in January 2020, Typhoon Lagoon will close the next day for its refurbishment, January – March 2020.

Comments about the Disney Water Parks: Cast members can get into the Disney water parks for free ($69 value).  You can also buy 1/2 price tickets ($34.50) for family and friends at the gate. Cast members must be present with their guests.

Please note that the water parks close when the temperature falls below 65 degrees (the water is not heated) or if thunderstorms/lightning are nearby.

water parks 2

Pay attention to the upcoming scheduled blackout days!  Christmas Week December 22 – 31, 2019 is blocked out.


company d1

Company D

Discounted (10% off) ticket rates: Discounted Tickets for Cast Members

Remember, CMs can buy discounted park tickets for their guests at the Company D store to use on blocked out days.

Ticket Prices 2019

Discounted CM ticket prices.



Car parking is now $25 a day.

Parking at all the theme parks is currently $25/day. 

Remember, cast members get free parking. Just show your ID badge at the gate.

They are now more consistently checking Annual Pass Holders IDs for free parking at the entrance gate.  And the guards at the resorts are questioning all guests if they have a resort or dining reservation at the resort before allowing guests to park.

Read more here:  Disney Increase Parking Fees to $25 a Day


You can see how the blockout dates line up with this 2019 crowd forecast:


We actually think the 2nd week in December is good!  Typically light crowds.


castle balloon

The Magic Kingdom is open extended for “Extra Extra Magic Hours” this fall. Extra time to play if you like to get up early…6am!


Disney Bounding two disney sisters


We’ve written two books about our time working as cast members at Disney World.

Both are available on Amazon.com: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover

Adventures in the Animal Kingdom

book Two Girls

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link: https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/

Have a magical day!



Two Disney Sisters


Two Disney Sisters

179 thoughts on “2019 Disney Cast Member Guest Passes

  1. Winnie Boulton says:

    Wonderful stuff, just excellent writing!


  2. Dahae says:

    Hi! So one of my co-workers told me that each of the guest hopper passes can hold up to 3 guests. Meaning that 3 people can use one hopper pass for one day. Is that true? Or for example, if I have 2 family members coming, do they each have to use one hopper pass instead of using just one for both of them. Thank you!


  3. Nick says:

    Is this for CP only? My friend is a CM and he’s never heard of this? Or do they not tell you so you won’t ever claim them?


    • Guest Passes are a Disney cast member benefit available to all employees.

      It’s possible that your friend isn’t an actual Disney employee but rather is a contractor and actually works for another company at Disney.
      Then he wouldn’t get Guest Passes for family and friends.


      • Nick says:

        I believe he’s a CM since he has the card and he’s able to sign me in with MEP. He’s an engineer that works for the Disney resorts in Anaheim. I’ll have to ask him about it then.


  4. Jenny says:

    Hi! So my friend got hired about a month ago at the disneyland CA, and he received his guest card in the mail. We were planning on going this week. Will he be able to get us in (only one more person besides myself) with a hopper ticket?


  5. Ash Morris says:

    Hi, I have a question! I have the blue 16 admit MEP. Does the 16x passes start over in January or on my seniority hire date? Thanks!


  6. Jennifer says:

    I love you blog! It’s very informative.
    I was wondering if you could answer a question about tickets for me. My son is in the college program and we are going to visit him in December. We are staying on Disney property and he is going to give us tickets for a few days. With his tickets, will we be able to go to extra magic hours for the days we’re in the parks? He doesn’t think his free tickets can be used for EMH, but I thought that perk came with staying on property. Thanks for your help!


    • You are merging 2 separate ticket benefits into 1.

      As a guest staying on property, if you buy tickets, yes you can get into certain parks early for EMH.
      And, you can also set up your fast passes early before you arrive, and link them to your hotel Magic Bands.
      And if you are staying in deluxe Disney resorts, you’ll get extra Fast Passes every day.

      BUT, you’ll be using your CP complimentary passes.
      They have restrictions and blockout days.
      You can’t use them for EMH.
      You can get Fast Passes at the park, but not as many.
      MOST OF ALL, he must go in immediately before you at the turnstile to get your tickets activated for the day.
      As he won’t know his schedule until the Sunday before you arrive, this could be a problem, especially if he can’t get ADO (approved Days Off).
      Once he gets you into any park, the tickets become Park Hopper tickets and you can go to any of the 4 parks (as long as it’s not a Main Gate Block Out Day), and he doesn’t need to be with you after the first entrance.

      Hope this helps.

      Have a magical day!

      P.S. Make sure he uses his Disney Holiday Celebration Coupon to book your room!


  7. Quinn N Le says:

    As a Disney store seasonal cast member, how many people can you take with the self admission pass?


  8. Danny says:

    My mother is a retired CM and gets the annual Disney Cast Member Guest Passes packet (1 self admission/3 guest passes). She also gets 2 of the white complementary “Do Not Sell” passes. She recently received her CM guest passes, but doesn’t remember when the complementary are sent out. I believe it’s after the 1st of the year. Do you know when those are typically mailed?


  9. kassidyk18 says:

    Hello! So i have a question…. I am no longer a cast member as of late 2017 but i am going back on vacation in April to visit a current cast member. I was on the my disney experience app making reservations etc when i noticed under my tickets these 3 were listed; New Hire Glue Ticket (no admit), DISNEY FAMILY HOLIDAY, and 1-Day Park Hopper® Hybrid One. I am wondering because I don’t remember, if you could tell me what these are and also does this mean I am able to get into the parks still using one of these? It doesn’t allow me to click on them, it just says non transferable next to it but it also doesn’t say anywhere an expiration… Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!


    • Yes, those are the complimentary tickets you earned as a cast member in 2017.
      Unfortunately, as you’re no longer a cast member, they are inactive.
      (Remember, you had to go through the turnstile first, then your guest.)
      They are non-transferable.
      They won’t expire until 12/31/2018.
      If you were to return to Disney this year (say doing the Summer DCP Alumni Program),
      the tickets would be active and available to you to use.
      Hope this helps.


  10. wammyguide says:

    So just to clarify, if you work part time at the Disney Store, you can enter the parks for free 16 times per year along with 3 guests for those 16 times as long as you are present. Am I correct?


    • NO!
      You – the cast member – can enter the park for free 16x/year. That’s linked to you self admission pass.
      You will earn complimentary guest passes based on the number of hours worked per year and also at special times you’ll be given additional guest passes (holiday celebration, etc.)


  11. Trevor says:

    Excluding the 6 family and friend passes earned as they work the hours, do individuals in the CP get a “silver pass” (I think that is what they are called) given to them for their spouse (dependent) to enter the park with them whenever they go? Or is this just for full-time/part-time employees of Disney?


  12. Kelsee says:

    How many times can you use your guest pass admissions with you main gate during the year? is it unlimited?


  13. Rachel Gonzales says:

    Great post, thank you! If I’m a cast member at WDW, but want to visit DL with my family. I know my eligible to use my main gate for myself, but am I eligible to use my guest passes (3) too? Thanks!


    • I don’t think so. The computer systems aren’t linked and they have no way of knowing how many complimentary guest passes you have available.
      Just show your ID at DLR Guest Services and they’ll print you a day pass.


  14. Mako West says:

    The cast members sold their passes to their friends, friends of friends $160/3 people.
    $80/complementary pass.
    They are working at Nacoossee location


    • No, the guest passes wouldn’t work.
      The cast member has to go in first, then their guests using the complimentary pass.
      Without the cast member (the passes are linked to the CM), the printed guest passes wouldn’t work.


  15. Alice K. says:

    Question, can I obtain a spouse card at the park if I’m going to Disneyland? I only have mine but I don’t know where to get my spouse pass and we are going in a few more days! I’m just worried because if I have to charge everything on my card I might max out but my husband is with me.. but disney policies are scary because I don’t want to lose my job just because I am asking my husband to pay for me. I work in Canada and he works in the US and my limit for international purchases is low.. but if we’re married, all our expenses are together.. right? Thanks in advance for the help!


  16. Pauline Bertrand says:

    Hi !
    I have a question. I am a CM from Disneyland Paris. Do you know if parking is free or not ?


  17. hello ladies , i just got hired on with disney as security officer full time cast member how long is traditions training…? have a magical day


  18. Kiara says:

    Just one question. Is there a limit to how many times a cast member can take guests to Disneyland?
    I have a main gate pass with 5 guests. I’m not working for Disney but my husband does.


    • Yes, there is a limit.

      It all depends on what your status is with the company (full time, part time, seasonal), that will determine the number of guest passes you’re given annually.
      You can not take your 5 guests to Disneyland an unlimited number of times, if that was your question.
      It sounds like you have 5 park hopper guest passes to admit 5 guests with you in 2018.


  19. Ger says:


    My husband just was hired at the Coronado spring resort as a part time. What are the benefits it suppose he is going to receive? Self admission 16x/year (Just for him)? additional tickets (3) after 150 hours? (those tickets are single pass, or has multiple pass). I know we should wait till he has the firs meeting where they are going to explain everything. He just sign yesterday, but We are so exited!

    Best Regards


    • Congratulations to your husband on his new position with Disney!

      He will get 16 passes annually to bring 3 guests with him each time.
      As a regular part time cast member, he doesn’t have to work 150 hours first as seasonal cast members do, to get his passes.

      He will also get the 2018 Holiday Celebration book in October filled with additional complimentary passes and discount coupons.
      Have a magical day!


      • Ger says:

        Me again! Today I had my phone Interview and I’m In! I’m so excited!!! Tomorrow they will call me to set up the traditions and fingerprints appointment.. but I’m wondering what’s going to happen with the tickets.. I mean, if my husband is already in, and we already have our entrances card (main entrance for him and me and 3 guests), Am I going to receive my 3 guests tickets? What about my main entrance? will I be able to go to the parks without affect my husband tickets?



  20. Beth says:

    I am nearly through the final assessment to work with Disney Cruise Lines. I am curious as we are given a main entrance pass but never really any opportunity to use it. There is a mandatory six weeks break between contracts. Are Crew allowed to use their entry during this six week period????


    • Yes, you’ll be able to use your Main Gate anytime during employment!
      And you never know where your travels will take you in the future….maybe near one of the Disney Parks worldwide.
      Disney offers cast members such great discounts on hotels; a lot of cast members take advantage of that during their break.

      Congratulations on joining the Disney family and welcome aboard!


  21. Kelsey Palmer says:

    Hi, I’m a regular part time lifeguard CM at Blizzard Beach and I have a question about my guest passes. I’ve read through all of your posts here and you have mentioned several times that once I let my guest into one of the main parks by entering with my main gate pass first, if they decide to Park Hop to another park later on the same day, they are able to enter without me entering first. Is this still correct?

    I called CM ticketing at 407-934-6077 and the CM I spoke with told me that I DO need to be there if my guest Park hops to another park on the same day. I know that the information can change depending on which CM you speak with. Would you be able to offer any insight into this policy?

    Thank you so much!


    • They told you wrong!
      You only need to be with them the 1st park and you go in first.
      Then they follow. Their pass is now activated for all 4 parks for the day.
      To park hop without you, if you don’t have a hard ticket like a Chip & Dale, just go over to Guest Services.
      (They need a hard ticket for their FastPasses anyway.)
      I don’t know why CMs give out misinformation, especially ones who should know better!
      Poor training!
      Have a magical day!


  22. Tori Rosales says:

    hi, my brother is in the DCP and will be receiving his 3 free passes for us after he works his required 150 hours, after that, we will come visit him and stay at the animal kingdom lodge and use those passes for part of the stay, and purchase the rest. how do those work with the extra magic hour you get when staying on property? thanks


    • I’m assuming that your brother is in the 2018 Fall Advantage DCP Program and just arrived?
      You might not be aware of the 2018 Family Holiday Celebration that starts in October.

      You can save significantly on your hotel (50%) and the merchandise discount for CPs goes up from 20% to 40%! There are also extra dining discount coupons in the booklet. He will get the booklet filled with coupons in mid-October.

      Your park hopper passes and Extra Magic Hour admission will be linked to your free Magic Band that you’ll get when you check in at your hotel.

      Have a magical day.


  23. Thad McGonagle says:

    Really decent website. Good writing!


  24. Karen Leopold says:

    How do you link fast passes to chip and dale tickets. Do they function like 1 day park hopper and be assigned.


  25. Ger says:

    Me again! Today I had my phone Interview and I’m In! I’m so excited!!! Tomorrow they will call me to set up the traditions and fingerprints appointment.. but I’m wondering what’s going to happen with the tickets.. I mean, if my husband is already in, and we already have our entrances card (main entrance for him and me and 3 guests), Am I going to receive my 3 guests tickets? What about my main entrance? will I be able to go to the parks without affect my husband tickets?



    • Congratulations on your new job!

      Your Main Gate Pass and Company ID are not linked to your husband’s.
      As you’re a cast member too, you have unlimited park entrance like him.
      You will get guest passes after you work a certain number of hours.
      They will show up on the Hub under Complimentary Passes about a week after you reach the hours.

      Have a magical day!


  26. […] betreffende Park Hoppers te krijgen en te verlenen aan familie. De informatie komt van de blog van Caroline & Elly. De Pas is nu ook niet meer bruikbaar in Disneyland Parijs maar wel in Walt Disney World in Orlando […]


  27. Abby says:

    Hi, my sister is cast member at Disney World and she has her main entrance pass so when she enters the park alone with her main gate pass (without bringing a guest along), does it take out a day of the 16 guest passes that she has?


  28. Adam says:

    Do cast member guest passes for family expire?


  29. Deidre C. Scott says:

    have not received my new Maingate passed and guest passed and spouse pass.


  30. Patricia Sheahan says:

    Could you tell me the blockout dates for the 40% off for CMs at some restaurants (lunch)? There is no info on the retired CMs’ hub. Thanks!


  31. Rena Coldham says:

    I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blog is really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on.


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