2020 Disney Cast Member Guest Passes


Reopening disney world1

Reopening July 2020


castle reopening

The Magic Kingdom is reopening July 11th!!!



Disney Cast Member Self Admission Pass


Earning Guest Passes has changed for DCP cast members!  

For more info: The HUB>>Quick Links>>Complimentary Admission.

You must complete a certain number of service hours to earn guest passes:

150 Hours Worked = 3 One Day Park Hopper Passes  (3)

300 Hours Worked = 3 More One Day Park Hopper Passes (3+3=6)

600 Hours Worked = 3 More One Day Park Hopper Passes (3+3+3=9)

CPs can now only earn up to 9 One Day Park Hopper Passes in a calendar year.


The new One Day Park Hopper guest passes are referred to as the ‘Chip & Dale’ passes…you can see why!

Note that most CPs will work about 30 hours per week in a normal, non-holiday week.

This means that for most CPs, they will have to work 5 weeks to receive the first 3 guest passes.  Unless you extend your program, you probably will not work 600 hours during your program, especially the Spring Program CPs.  The passes are mailed to you about 10 days after completing each 150 hour work period.

But, CPs will still have opportunities to receive additional free Park guest passes through volunteering with Disney VoluntEARS and at other company-sponsored events. The Family Holiday Celebration passes that are issued during the Fall DCP Program are for 1 day/1 guest entrance.

You can not just give the Guest Passes to family/friends and have them use them. When visiting a WDW theme park with a guest(s), you must touch your Blue Main Gate Pass to the Mickey touch point first, then immediately your guest(s) must touch their Guest Pass to the touch point.

After that first use, you don’t have to stay with your guests (i.e., you can go to work) and they can use their Guest Pass to park hop without you being there. But, you are responsible for their behavior – and any misbehavior – so use your Guest Passes wisely!

There have definitely been stories of family members freaking out and expecting special treatment in the parks and this bad behavior can even be enough to ‘term’ i.e., fire the cast member!

Trouble with your passes:  Talk to your manager or call Global Human Resources Operations at  (321) 939-7000 if you need to update your address.


The new complimentary ‘Chip & Dale’ passes.  These are park hopper tickets, valued at over $100 each.

Remember, your Self Entrance Pass is good for you and your guests at US-Based Disney Parks:
Disney World  (FL)
Disneyland  (CA)

But not:

Disneyland Paris
Hong Kong Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland

self admission

Cast members in the DCP program are considered Temporary Employees.

And, don’t forget, you get free parking at WDW and DLR by showing your company ID (currently at $25/day).

For more info and current black-out dates: The HUB>>Quick Links>>Complimentary Admission

2020 Disney World Blockout Dates

2020 Disneyland Blockout Dates

This is not good news for cast members.

mk blockout

Total blockout this summer IF the Disney World parks reopen as planned.

Reopening disney world1

Disney World is currently reopening mid-July 2020

June 19, 2020:  Disney World announces new health and safety rules.

The new Disney World COVID-19 health and safety protocols for guests include:

  • Reduced guest capacity in the parks
  • Required face coverings for guests 3 years old and older
  • Temperature checks for all guests prior to entering the parks
  • Physical distancing throughout the parks
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Additional handwashing and hand sanitizer locations
  • Contactless payments at shops and restaurants


Health and safety guidelines for Disney cast members will include:

  • Required face coverings and temperature checks
  • Adjusting work practices to promote physical distancing
  • Increased cleaning in work areas
  • Encouraged to stay home when ill

Temperature checks and masks for everyone. (This was at Hong Kong Disneyland on June 18, 2020 the first day it reopened.)

Everyone will be temperature screened before entering the parks.  No one allowed in with a temperature above 100.4 degrees.


Limited ride loads:  This ride at Hong Kong is now limited to about 12 guests instead of the usual 36.

Everyone over the age of 3 will be required to wear a mask at all times, except when eating.

hand washing

Free standing hand washing stations.

There will be new hand washing and Purell stations deployed throughout the park.

Social distancing signs will be everywhere.

No firework shows, parades, or character meet and greets.

Crowd capacity will be limited to 30%.

park capacity

Expected daily capacity upon reopening.

No park hopping between parks anymore.

Cinderella Castle

January 2020 vs. July 2020: A whole new look for the Cinderella Castle.


We are on the fence about this new look. We like the blue turrets and golden accents, but the pink is a little too pink.


cinderella castle

New official link for cast members to check on blockout dates at all Disney Parks: https://blockoutdates.disney.com/

mk blockout

Total blockout for CMs this summer at all 4 parks IF the parks reopen as planned.

castle reopening

July 11th!!!


cinderella castle1

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194 thoughts on “2020 Disney Cast Member Guest Passes

  1. freelancer1225 says:

    Question. Say I have the first 3 tickets & me and my friend want to use the first one for her. Now I have 2 left. Will the other two still have the 1 day pass or are they all linked to each other like the old guest passes were? Like I heard that you had 3 cards and 18 passes total but they were all connected so even if you only used 2 and had 4 left on those two you had 4 left on the other one as well. Is it the same for these new passes?


  2. Nancy Jonas says:

    Hi! My daughter is currently doing the DCP program and we are visiting in May. She has earned her first three passes, plus the one after Traditions. My understanding is that she has to physically be a the gate to obtain our entry into the park, but then can go off to work. My question is, since the passes are park hoppers, can we then leave later and get entry into the second park without her being present? Thanks so much.


    • Yes, that’s exactly right.

      She just has to be with you at the first entrance (she goes through first, then you follow), then your guest passes are active for the day and you can park hop without her being with you.

      For some reason – probably because it’s brand new – guests of CMs trying to use those Chip & Dale passes are having problems with them at them turnstiles. Plan on an extra 5-10 minutes in case you’re sent over to Guest Services.
      But, once they’re active, you’re good to go!

      Have a magical day!


  3. Maria says:

    Hello ladies,
    Quick question: Does a full time CM receive the passes depending on the hours worked as well?
    Thanks in advance!


  4. Lauren Noll says:

    I’m curious, do these passes remain active for the entirety of our program or do they end in a calendar year? I participated in the Spring 2015 program, but I am now doing Fall Advantage 2016, and I wasn’t sure if I saved my guest passes until January if they would still be active (my program doesn’t end until January 7th). Thanks!


  5. Angel says:

    Hello! I’m not sure if you guys know but after a CM works 150 hours, where do they get their 3 CP? Is it shipped out to their home address? Or do they go somewhere in the corporate office to pick it up? I’m heading over to visit my friend soon and she will be meeting her required hours the day I arrived. Thanks in advance!


    • No, not mailed to her house, mailed to her DCP apartment address.
      BUT, they won’t come until 2 WEEKS after she completes each 150 hour cycle. (Payroll has to send the info to the benefits people.)
      Your best bet is to have your CM friend buy discounted tickets at Company D (10% off).


  6. Kayle Figueiredo says:

    So to get into the parks do I just need my blue main gate pass or do I need the self admission pass as well?


    • You use your self admission pass at the turnstile to get in for free. If you forgot your self admission pass, you can take your Blue ID to Guest Services to get a daily pass.
      To buy stuff at the parks or Disney Springs with your CM discount (10% – 20%), you’ll need to show your Blue ID.
      So, bring BOTH!

      Have a magical day! 🙂


  7. cool website , bookmarked


  8. Marisa says:

    Hi! I just started working at the Disney Store as a Cast Member. I just received my Main Entrance Pass, and I am a little confused. Do I need to work 150 hours to earn my first 3 guest passes or do I have a max of 16 uses per calendar year of my guest passes? Thanks for your time. 🙂


    • You don’t need to work 150 hours before using your company pass…that’s for seasonal or temporary CMs like the interns doing the DCP program.

      Working at the Disney Store, you don’t get unlimited park entrance like the CMs that work at Disney Parks and Resorts do…you can get in for free – with guests – 16x/year.


  9. […] The new guest pass system (as well as the old one) states that you tickets are received based on calendar year. This is super important. Since the new system states that you can earn up to 9 complimentary […]


  10. Lucas says:

    Hi! My program ends at 11/8. And I have 4 guest passes in total, when would they expire? In addition, I went to the guest relation to ask for collecting my guest pass, but they say it is not reusable and I cannot collect them back. Is there a change?:(


    • You can not use your guest passes after 11/08 when you separate from the company. Remember, for your guests to use them, you must go through the turnstile first, then they follow you.

      But, the Chip & Dale passes don’t expire until December 2018. Other CMs can use them and get you and your guests in complimentary admission.

      Yes, this all changed January 1, 2016. The passes are no longer reloadable. They are single use only now.

      I hope you are enjoying your program!

      Have a magical day!


      • JoAnn Longwell says:

        How can a friend or family use the holiday guest passes?


      • They have to be with a cast member.
        The cast member goes through the park turnstile first, then the guest using the pass immediately follows.
        After the initial entrance, the guest can park hop without the cast member to any of the parks.
        The cast member can find the Holiday Guest Pass on the Hub under ‘Complimentary Admisssion’.

        Have a magical day! 🙂


  11. Caty Plehn says:

    Do you know what the policy is for Disney Professional Interns? On the Disney Website it says
    “Main Entrance Admission Pass for full-time and part-time positions after two weeks of employment+
    A Main Entrance Pass provides complimentary Theme Park admission to Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park for your family members or friends a limited number of times. Block out dates may apply.”
    Are the Main Entrance Passes the same as the Chip & Dale passes? Or are the interns treated like full time employees compared to CPs?


    • PIs are treated the same as CPs….like temporary workers.
      You will get your Self Admission Pass right after Traditions, allowing you unlimited entrance into all the WDW parks.
      There are very few days blocked out for cast members, most occur at MK and only during major holiday periods like Christmas Week.
      After 150 hours, you’ll get your first set of ‘Chip and Dale’ park hopper passes for guest use, i.e., to get in family and friends for free.


  12. Carmen says:

    If I have 3 hopper passes and I’m no longer an employee can they still be used?


    • Check to see if they have an expiration date printed on the back.
      The 2016 CM passes should be valid until December 31, 2017.
      The issue is that a current Disney employee must go through the turnstile first, then the pass users.
      Since you are no longer a cast member, you would need a CM friend to go with you to the park.
      So, yes they can still be used but it’s going to take a little extra effort.


      • agstevens95 says:

        Just so I understand, I have 3 Chip and Dale passes that expire at the end of 2017. I’m no longer a cast member but I have many friends who still are. If they scan their self-admission pass first I can use my chip and dale tickets even though they don’t “belong” to that cast member? I’m going down in a couple of months and this would make my life easier!


      • Yes, any CM can use them, so as long as your friend goes in first, you should be A-OK!

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Christina says:

    How much is the cast member price off annual pass


  14. Erica Rae says:

    Hi! I just finished my Spring SA 2016 college program and am returning for a second program Spring 2017 (Attractions)! I’m very excited but I wanted to know if it is possible to be switched from Advantage to just a regular Spring program. I also wanted to know if I will use the same main gate pass from my previous program or will I be issued a new one? Lastly, as far as the Chip n Dale comp passes, I know they are supposed to last for up to two years after they are issued. I have two from my previous program that I did not use. Do you know if they will still be usable when I get back to Orlando and am active in Disney’s system again? Sorry I know this is a lot.


    • 1. As far as we know, you can’t switch from one program (Advantage to Standard) to another. If you have to self term for school, family or medical reasons, you’ll be on Restricted Rehire status for 6 months. We know several CPs who had to leave early and then were later rehired for another program or regular position with the company. Always leave on good terms with your manager! Only the bad cast members get a Do Not Rehire label in their personnel file.

      2. Yes! If you kept your Main Gate, you’ll need it for your next position with Disney, so bring it with you! If you lose it, it’s $35 to replace it!

      3. Good news! Your Chip & Dale passes from this year (2016) don’t expire until Dec 31, 2017! They are still active and yours to use during your next program! 🙂

      Have a magical day!


  15. Heather says:

    I have two family disneypark passes, can my family members use them more than once or are they good for just one trip? Also, for my Disney main entrance pass, do I need to show my drivers license or any ID?


    • I think the passes that you are referring to can only be used once.
      If they are linked to family members (as an employee benefit) like the Silver Pass, they can be used repeatedly.
      You usually don’t have to show ID when using your Main Pass Entrance, but we tell cast members to bring their ID with them as you generally need to show it when making purchases in the parks.
      The cast member discount on merchandise goes up to 40% today (Oct. 17th)!!!

      Have a magical day! 🙂


  16. Richelle says:

    Hey, I’m a little confused. I’m a CM at a local Disney store in NJ. So I have to work 150 hours to get 3 one day park hoppers? I don’t get them automatically anymore? Or is this a way to earn MORE passes besides the first three guest passes that are logged on MDE when I was first hired.

    Does my question make sense?

    When I got my Main Gate.. it came with instructions of guest passes, but I didn’t get anything about the 150 working hours for park hoppers.


    • Yes, we get this question ALL THE TIME!

      Cast members who work for Disney Parks and Resorts get DIFFERENT benefits than cast members working for the Disney Stores.

      You have to work 150 hours more to get your next set of 3 guest passes (up to 9 annually) AND you only get 16 self admission entrances annually, not the unlimited entrances that Disney Parks cast members get.


      Have a magical day!


      • Richelle says:

        Thank you for the quick reply! I do have three other questions :p relating to the passes. They’re very confusing..

        1) My guest passes did not come in with my Main Gate. Do I request them??

        2) I can get my guests in a total of 6 times? Correct? I already know that if I use one pass but not the other two.. the other unused passes get thrown away. But how many times can I bring them in?

        3) Are these guests passes one day park hoppers? Or I can only bring them in at one park a day.

        Thank you!


      • 1. Look on the Hub under Complimentary Passes for your guest passes.

        2. 9 annual complimentary passes now + 1 Holiday Guest pass. Again, look on the Hub.

        3. All guest passes are park hopper passes. You must be with them for the first park swipe, but then your guests can park hop without you.


  17. Sheila says:

    Question, first time going in with my spouse and both of us have the cast member cards. Can we get in 3 more people? Or is my spouse who is also a card holder considered one of the 3 people?


    • If you and your spouse are BOTH cast members, then you each get 3 guest passes.

      If it’s just you, she gets in as a benefit, and then you can get 3 guests in (so 5 total: You, Spouse, 3 guests). Check on the Hub under Complimentary Passes.

      You must go through the turnstile immediately before your guests. They can NOT use the passes without you! 🙂

      Have a magical day!


      • Kat says:

        First Thank You for all the information! Second I have a silly question…I just started at Disney World Animal Kingdom part time employee. I still have not received my login for the HUB and am wondering how passes work for dependents. I am married with four children. As I understand it my husband will receive a spouse main pass and my children will each receive a guest pass. Is this correct? Will these guest passes I receive for my children be considered my (friend/other family) guest passes as well? Meaning if we wanted to take my nephew we would have to purchase another pass or use one of the kid’s passes and them stay home?


      • Welcome to the Disney family!

        You should have your log on to the HUB by now.
        Your husband’s Silver Pass for spouses and your dependent passes for
        your kids will be mailed to you, usually within 3 weeks.
        These do not count as part of your guest passes.

        Once you have HUB access, you can look under >>Complimentary Passes
        and this is where your guests passes will be.
        Plus you’ll get extra guest passes during the annual Family Holiday Celebration in the Fall
        and you can earn even more by volunteering (VoluntEars).
        Have a magical day!


  18. Brenda Johnson says:

    If the passes that CP’s receive are 1 day park hoppers, can they be upgraded for more days by paying the difference?


  19. michelle says:

    My brother works for ILM {Industrial Light & Magic} and has the family celebration tickets. We want to use for Disneyland/California but he will be unable to go with us. Can we use the pass’ without him? Or does he need to be there when we use them?


  20. jmserra says:

    Hello. So if I am CP will I need to use one of the 3 tickets for me to enter the parks? Or do I get in for free unlimitedly? I mean, are the tickets that I am given for my family and friends or they are also needed for me to access the parks in my free time?


  21. Dennis says:

    I have a question. I just got hired about 2 weeks ago as a regular cast member at Disneyland. I’m trying to access my complimentary guest passes through the hub but it tells me that none are available. I went to the FAQ page regarding this, and it said there’s a cut off date for distribution. The winter cut off date was November 1st. Does that mean I don’t have access to complimentary guest tickets anymore?


  22. Hi! Really helpful posts you have here 😁
    I’ll be doing my CP SA 2017 and I have a question, do the park hoppers for my family can they be used more than once or can they only be used one time?


  23. kskanzer says:

    Stumbled across this post a little late to the party but do you know if the Chip and Dale guest passes are good for Disneyland too? Or only for the park the cm works at? They were issued to WDW cm


    • The WDW Chip and Dale passes are only valid at the 4 Disney parks at Disney World in Florida.
      They are good at any of the parks, not just the park the CM works at.
      They are Park Hopper passes and can be used at all 4 parks in a single day.

      Have a magical day!



  24. Colette says:

    I was just hired at a Disney Retail Store as a temporary friends & family cast member. We were originally told we would not get any admission benefits for this program, but all of us received a self admission pass in the mail shortly after being hired. It is my understanding that the self admission card will not work unless we also have a blue ID card which none of us have received. Does anyone know the specifics for a temporary friends and family cast member? Do we also get self admission benefits?


    • You can use your self admission pass to get in. It’s not unlimited entrance, you can get in for free 16x/year.
      You don’t need your Blue ID.

      (Note: If you had your Blue ID, you could get free parking by showing it at the Parking Toll Booth! You could also get the 40% merch discount by showing it at the register!)


  25. MICHELLE LOPEZ says:

    i’m considering a part time position at the Disney Store. So just to clarify the several benefits from what I’ve read here:

    1. Self Admission – I would get in free with my ID up to 16x per year
    2. Benefit/Dependent Admission – My DH and 2 kids would get in with me as well each time I go
    3. Additional Guest Passes earned after 150 hours worked.

    Is this right? If dependents get in with me is their admission plus mine limited to a total of 16 per year (i.e. we each would get in 4 times total) or would we EACH get in 16X per year?

    Thanks for your help!


    • No, that’s not right.
      The Disney Parks and Resorts have different pass structure than the Disney Stores.

      As a PT Disney Store employee, You + 3 Guests can get into the US based Disney Parks for free 16X A YEAR. You (the cast member), must be with them; they can not go without you, but you can go without them!

      You will not earn additional Guest Passes at 150 hours of employment. You get 16 passes per calendar year (each loaded with 4 passes), period. If you use 1 of your 16 passes for just you and 1 Guest, the other 2 guests passes on that guest pass disappear. If you go 16x by yourself, the additional 3 passes that were on each ticket disappear.

      You can buy additional discounted tickets (10% off) from the company.

      NOTE: Many Disney Store managers are still quoting the old pass system (pre-January 1, 2016) to cast members! Always check on the Hub for the current and correct information!

      Have a magical day!


  26. Caryn Shick says:

    We donated to a charity and received (2) “PH CAST Distribution Comp – Winter” tickets and planned to go next week. Today, when I was checking to see if I needed to call anyone to confirm, I noticed that they expire 12/14/16…tomorrow! Is there any way I can get a few days extension on these? Can I exchange them for a different pass (as they will not have been cashed in)? Are they worth anything after tomorrow? Is there anyone else I should reach out to? Thanks for your help!!


    • They should have been good for a year…until 12/14/2017. You can call Walt Disney World Ticketing at 407-934-6077 (8:30am-7:30pm, EST) to discuss. REMEMBER, the nicer you are the MORE likely that some Disney Magic will happen!
      Have a magical day and good luck! 🙂


      • Caryn says:

        Thanks so much! We will call tomorrow or maybe drive down and talk to someone. Guess the tickets were printed in March 2015, but the charity event was just a few months ago so I didn’t think to look. My bad. Thanks for all your help!


  27. Frank Watson says:

    What about the cast members silver certificate? Need a replacement, wore out on bar code, won’t read it.


    • Yes, you can call 407-934-6077 and talk to them about getting a replacement card.

      I don’t know if you have to go over to Celebration and surrender your card, or if it can be done over the phone and they’ll just send you a new replacement card.

      There should be no charge.


  28. Amanda says:

    You can use the self admission pass everywhere except Tokyo.


  29. Sven says:

    Hello Ladies,

    we are a german couple and are currently planning our trip to florida which should also include WDW 🙂
    a friend of us gave us the advice to search the web for cast member guest passes to get them nearly for free.
    we know, it´s a bit cheeky, but maybe you have some information for us to get to WDW low priced?
    the whole trip with flights, car rental, hotels, etc is pretty expensive, so we take every hint to save some money 🙂

    thank you in advance,



    • No, whoever told you that you could somehow get cast member passes “nearly for free” was wrong.
      The guest passes that cast members get as Disney employees are on a card (like a credit card) AND the cast member has to go through the turnstile first, then their guests follow immediately behind them.
      Beware of internet scams!
      The best deal is to buy the multiple day park passes. The most expensive way to visit Disney World is to buy single park one day tickets!
      If you are using a travel agent, they can help with hotel/ticket packages that can save you up to 25% depending on the resort and time of year.
      A lot of people like the Disney Dining Plan, but we don’t think it’s a good deal. Just depends on how much you like Disney food.
      We always stay off site (unless it’s a family trip), love the Holiday Inn Express which has an excellent free breakfast, package our car with our flight (saves about 30% off rental), and have recently been trying Uber to get around, which we LOVE. Super cheap.
      1. Always eat breakfast at your hotel (preferably free).
      2. Shop for Disney merchandise at the Character Warehouse off-site. Save big $$$.
      3. Bring a small refillable water bottle! Stay hydrated at all times in Florida! Water bottles onsite are $4 but ALL quick service locations give FREE iced water, unlimited.
      4. Do some free stuff. Walk around Disney Springs, it’s free and it’s beautiful. Do some resort hopping and see what the famous resorts look like (like the Grand Floridian’s Grand Lobby). Get a coffee and sit in the lobbies for a while and people watch. Amazing.
      5. Do your big meal or a character meal at Lunch, never Dinner. Much cheaper!

      Have a magical day!


      • Sven says:

        thank you so much for your answer! we will try not gettig fooled 😉

        Just one more question relating to the “2 day park ticket with hopper option”
        – are we allowed to hop between all 4 parks or do we still have to choose only two of them?

        Currently we are not using a travel agent, Do you know a good website for the hotel/ticket packages?
        We definitly would take a lot to them 🙂

        kind regards,

        btw: no german knows about the christmas cucumbers 😀


      • The Park Hopper option let’s you go between any of the 4 parks all day long. There is a challenge where in one day, you start out at MK (which opens the earliest), then Hollywood Studios, then Animal Kingdom, then Epcot, then back to MK for closing fireworks.
        [We only did that once – exhausting!]

        We follow Disney Dining on facebook and like them a lot for tips. They work with travel agents and always know of the latest WDW discounts and promotions. If you have a facebook account, you should check them out.

        FYI: A 2 day pass is probably not enough time to do alot, especially if you’re coming at a busy time and the lines are long.

        Have a magical day!


  30. Anese says:

    I live in Orlando Florida and last year July I got a job at a restaurant in Disney springs and we were given the self admission pass. I worked there for only 3 months though and I never used my pass to go to the parks. Is the pass still valid? Or do they cancel it when you’re no longer an employee?? It says on the card “Hire date: 07/06/2016”, is the card supposed to be valid for a year or only the period you were employed because it says nothing about an expiration date


    • The restaurants at Disney Springs are partners with Disney Parks and Resorts not owned by Disney.

      My best guess answer is that the pass is still valid. You won’t know until you try.

      It’s possible the restaurant you worked for issues new annual passes to employees every January and deactivates the old passes from previous years.

      I still think that it probably works.

      Have a magical day!


  31. Aaron says:

    I worked June and July at Holiday Services at WDW, and I have been invited back for this summer. I know that I get free admission with my gate pass, but what about my spouse and children? Do my dependents get free admission too, or ONLY by using the Chip and Dale passes? Thanks!


    • As a temporary cast member, you’ll ONLY get Chip and Dale passes after 150 hours. No dependent passes. But, you will get a self admission pass for unlimited entrances into the parks, including the water parks! Have fun!!!


  32. myka says:

    Working as a CP I understand that these are the new guidelines for free guest passes. Would MORE THAN ONE PERSON be able to enter USING JUST THAT ONE guest pass (one day park hopper pass)? OR would ONLY ONE PERSON be allowed to enter using just that one, one day park hopper pass?


  33. Gennie Fortier says:

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  34. Maximo Bertie says:

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  36. Topanga says:

    If we return to the company, do we receive a new self admission pass or does our oid one work?


  37. Linn says:

    Hi I just got hired on at the reservations call center as a permanent full-time cast member will i be able to get passes for my spouse and 5 kids if so when will i get them


    • Yes, you will get a self admission pass, while they will get Silver Passes.
      If you don’t get them in the mail within 2-3 weeks, talk to your manager.

      We hope that you love working for Disney!
      Have a magical day!!


  38. Mary says:

    Is a discount on the Disney dining plan offered to CPs in Spring 2017 for family and friends?


  39. Luci Ashford says:

    I was a worker at the Disney Store for Christmas. I thought I was permanent but i was let go after Christmas and told I was a seasonal worker and would be scheduled when it is busy again. I was fitted for a uniform and I got my card for admission into the park. Is it still good? How can I check? I’m going for Spring Break and I tried to use my card for Fast Passes and it says I need valid admission? Does this mean my card doesn’t work or do I have to be within 30 days?


  40. I’m doing the Cultural Exchange program until the 31st of August, but my boyfriend is coming to WDW at the start of September. Can I save the one day park hopper passes until afterwards? Do I still need to be employed by the company at the time I use them, or are these just regular park tickets?


    • To use the complimentary one day park hopper tickets, a CM has to go in through the turnstile immediately before the guest using the pass.
      They are not regular park hopper tickets.
      Your main gate pass may or may not work, depending on when your manager deactivates it.
      Legally, your benefits including free entrance end at midnight on 08/31.

      But, the CM doesn’t have to be you! If you still have any friends/coworkers working for Disney in early Sept., they can go in first, then you and your boyfriend can enter using the passes (if you have 2 passes).

      And, don’t forget, discounted tickets are available at the Company D stores.


  41. Eva says:

    I am going at the end of March to visit my friend who is a CM now, I wonder how and when could I set up for fastpass online before I go with his guest pass?


    • Yes, if he has received his complimentary ‘Chip and Dale’ passes in the mail, they have a code number on the back
      of the passes that you can use to set up Fast Passes a week out.
      But, you’ll find that because it’s Spring Break week, a lot of the resort guests have already taken all the Fast Passes for popular rides already! 😦
      You probably won’t be able to get Fast Passes for A List attractions like Soarin’, Frozen Ever After, etc.

      Have a magical day!


  42. Michelle Collier says:

    Hi! Great info! My spouse was just hired as a FT Cast Member. As a spouse will I be able to rent strollers , and get into Cast Connection without him and just my spouse blue card? Do those cards arrive in the mail or does he pick them up somewhere? It’s been 2 weeks since his Traditions class.


    • Hello, you will get a Silver Pass as a spouse to use to get into the parks, rent strollers, etc.
      It should be coming in the mail this week if it’s already been 2 weeks.
      If you don’t get it by Friday, he can check with his manager about it.
      Yes, you can use it to get into Cast Connection, and they will give you a 10% discount at checkout too!

      Have a magical day!


  43. Linda says:

    How far in advance do casual permanent CMs know their work schedule?


  44. Michelle Collier says:

    Good morning! We received our main gate passes for the family but we have 4 kids and they shipped us 5 passes , plus my spouse pass, do we ship it back? He asks his lead but they said they don’t know. Also, the main gate passes have hubby’s name and mine , none of the kids is that right?
    Thanks again! You guys know so much and are so helpful!


    • Hello,

      This is just a simple entry error.
      I’m surprised his manager couldn’t help.
      Assuming your hubby is a Florida based cast member,
      just call Ticketing over in Celebration at 407-934-6077
      and they will deactivate one of the kid’s cards (there’s a code on the back).
      Have a magical day! 🙂


  45. Alison says:

    My daughter will be in the fall ’17 CP. Are they expected to work all holidays?


    • Yes.

      Not only work all the holidays, but no special holiday pay. Parks are open 365 days a year, with the Magic Kingdom open 8am – 2am during peak weeks.
      She’ll be scheduled for between 50-70 hours Thanksgiving week, and the last 2 weeks of December.
      (She’ll get OT pay for hours worked over 8 hrs/day.)

      Busy, busy, busy!
      If you plan on visiting her during her program, the 1st and 2nd weeks in December are the best times to come to WDW with the best chances for her getting ADO (Approved Days Off).

      Have a magical day!


  46. Diane says:

    If my friend who is an employee at Disney gives me and my family passes to use for admission, does she have to be with us to gain entry? She has told us that she does not have to be with us for us to gain entry into the park with the passes. From everything I am reading on this string, it looks like she does have to activate them for us. Are there certain types of passes where this is not the case? Thanks


    • We think that she has to be with you to use any passes and she must go in first.
      After first use of the day, you can park hop anywhere and she doesn’t have to be present.

      If they are not passes, but actual tickets, then no, she doesn’t have to be there.
      There’s a difference between passes and tickets.


  47. Nicole says:

    I am a cast member and my last day of my program will be May 9th. If I still have tickets earned from my hours, will I still be able to use them after the end date of my program even though I don’t have my self admission pass anymore?


    • No, but if you print them off, other CMs can use them to let you in.
      And for the Chip & Dale passes, you can just give them to your CP friends to use.
      They are not linked to your perner.


      • Michelle Collier says:

        I think it stinks that you’ve earned the tickets but can’t use them… my spouse had worked over 150 hours and they let him go , “due to my illness”, I have breast cancer and they were afraid it would effect his performance, it wouldn’t and didn’t … but he never received the passes he should have received weeks before this happened. 😞


  48. Bob says:

    The new passes sorry to say suck! One day hoppers for if your lucky 9 days may work for a few people but for us they suck. Old passes if I remember were 3 “5 or 6” day hoppers and you got them 2 or 3 weeks into your program and if your family came to visit for say 10 days you simply add on extra days to the tickets, super cheap to add more days. The new ticket policy is a joke. Cant add on days, must work for months to get 9 if you can even get to 9. Money grab pure and simple, we are coming down May 10-20 to visit our son “2nd time in the program and screw it we just bought 2 10 day passes, new ones are worthless for us may as well toss on the trash.


    • Michelle Collier says:

      I agree and my husband worked for his 3 and never received them! Then when he questioned it , and some other things they let him go ,” due to your wife’s illness , we feel it’s best to let you go” … so
      sorry I was diagnosed with breast cancer . He hadn’t missed any time due to my illness… He earned them a month before they let him go…. good thing we didn’t listen to HR and kept our annual passes! They act like the 12 visits a year are awesome… we go 2-3 times a week …. and they tried to tell him his employee privileges were better than annual passes — Global HR is clueless!


  49. Jen Karahalis says:

    My son is entering the college program in a couple weeks. Does anyone know if we have to physically be present with him in order for him to purchase annual passes or park tickets for us?? I know he cannot get anything until he has his credentials. We won’t be able to visit him until September anyway. It would be super inconvenient to be down there and have to wait for him to have time to off to with us to get our tickets. Thanks for any help!


  50. Blake says:

    Nice blog.
    Appreciate it!


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