Guest Passes for Disney Cast Members

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Walt Disney World at sunset

On January 1, 2016, the distribution of guests passes for seasonal or temporary cast members (like CPs) changed.

The new complimentary guest passes are called ‘Chip & Dale’ passes…you can see why! They are park hopper tickets, valued at over $100.

CPs used to get 6 park hopper passes loaded with 3 passes each (18 total) about two weeks after Traditions.

Two weeks after working 150 hours, three One Day Park Hopper Passes will be mailed to you.

Now, CPs must work a certain number of hours in a calendar year to earn guest passes:

150 hours worked = 3 x 1 day park hopper passes      (3 total)

300 hours worked = 3 more 1 day park hopper passes  (6 total)

600 hours worked = 3 more 1 day park hopper passes   (9 total)

Basically, the number of guest passes dropped in half from 18 park hopper passes down to 9 park hopper passes.

If CPs don’t maintain at least a 30 hour workweek, they will never earn the final 3 guests passes.

All CPs were mailed this letter explaining the new pass system.

Always check if there are any blockouts in effective for self-admission/guests passes before trying to use them, especially at the Magic Kingdom!

Blockout Dates for Guest Passes

January 1, 2016:  The new Self Admission Pass which replaced the old blue Main Gate Pass.

You can not just give the Guest Passes to family/friends and have them use them. When visiting a WDW theme park with a guest(s), you must touch your new Self Admission Pass to the Mickey touch point first, then immediately your guest(s) must touch their Guest Pass to the touch point.

After that first use, you don’t have to stay with them (i.e., you can go to work) and they can use their Guest Pass to park hop without you being there. But, you are responsible for their behavior – and any misbehavior – so use your Guest Passes wisely!

There have definitely been stories of family members freaking out and expecting special treatment in the parks and this bad behavior can even be enough to fire the cast member.

Remember, for CPs your Blue Main Gate Pass is now only good at US Disney Theme Park locations:

Disney World:  All 4 theme Parks
Disneyland:  Both theme parks

pass2 (2)
NEW! As of January 1, 2016, CPs can no longer use their passes for free Disney Park admission abroad.
The subsidiaries of the Walt Disney Company.  They all get different park pass benefits!
pass1 (2)
Regular cast members can still use their company IDs for free entrance into Disney Theme Parks worldwide.

CPs also have opportunities to receive additional free Park guest passes through volunteering with Disney VoluntEARS and at other company events.  The Family Holiday Celebration Booklet passes given out in the fall (usually third Monday October) are for 1 day/1 guest entrance.

And, don’t forget, you get free parking at WDW by showing your company ID (currently at $20 at WDW).

passes (2)
More info from the Disney Programs Blog.


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86 replies to “Guest Passes for Disney Cast Members

    1. Hello. Our daughter is doing the Fall Advantage at Orlando and one article said you get some extra coupons and guest passes. It said they are called Family Holiday Celebration coupons. Do you have any idea or information about this?


  1. Let me just make sure I don’t have corn in my eyes… as a cast member (or is it just as a CP), I would get admission to Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris AND Hong Kong Disneyland?


    1. I have updated this blog. As of January 1, 2016, CPs and other temporary cast members no longer get free entrance into Disney Parks worldwide. Their ID is only good at US-based Disney parks.

      Regular cast members can still get into international Disney theme parks (except Disneyland Tokyo) for free, along with their guests.


  2. So, if you receive your first three guest passes, and there are three family members visiting, does that mean they only get one day and all three are used up in that one day entrance? Or, do you get so many people in per pass? And, am I reading it correctly, that there will not be many block out dates with these passes? Thanks!


    1. Yes, they are easily replaced.

      Replacing Lost Self Admission or Guest Passes

      You’ll need to go over to the corporate offices in Celebration to get them replaced. It can’t be done by Housing or at any of the parks.
      There is no charge (free) for replacement passes.
      Disney Corporate Offices
      1120 Celebration Blvd.
      Celebration, FL 34747


  3. I´m going to be in de CRP program starting july. I a bit confused about how the guest passes would work. Would I only get the 3 park hopper every 150 hours I work or I´ll be getting the 16 day 3 person passes?
    Thanks 🙂


      1. But can we do that ahead? Reason I’m asking is that we have our MDE all set with a room and ticket package for my husband and I. We purchased tickets for two days that she can’t get us in. She is linked on our account and I see that she has something on there assigned to her that are park hoppers. I am assuming that’s her guest passes. So, can I link those now, or do I have to wait until we actually enter the park?


  4. Great info! Would you guys happen to know how does the CM get the comp pass? Because my friend said she’ll be eligible for them on the 13th and I’m going to Disney on the 15th. Is the comp pass something she pick up at the corporate location at Disney ? Or is it shipped out to her home address? Thanks!


  5. I need to be sure about guest passes.
    I’m part timer got my main entrance and my wife got hers +3 guests passes
    So she can only visit the park 16times? If we invite 3 guests that counts as a just 1 visit?
    thank you for your time


    1. As a part-timer, you can visit the parks with your Self Admission entrance pass whenever you want. Very few days are blocked out for cast members, mainly at MK during holidays.

      Your wife will be restricted on blockout days when Guest Passes aren’t accepted.

      You got 3 guest passes, the ‘Chip and Dale’ passes for guests. They are park hopper passes, good for 1 guest for 1 day each.
      As you work more hours, you will get more guest passes throughout the year.

      Have a magical day!


  6. My sister got the hopper passes for me. So is that when I enter the park, she must be present and swipe her self admit pass to let me in? And can I use that pass to get FP through my MDE account and connect to a magic band? OR else how can I get FP? Thanks


    1. Yes, she must be with you the very first time that you use the hopper pass and she must go in immediately before you. But, after that first swipe, she doesn’t need to be with you when you park hop for the rest of the day.
      Yes, you can get Fast Passes with it.
      Yes, it can be connected to your Magic Band via MyDisneyExperience link.

      Have a magical time!!! 🙂


      1. Is there’s any way possible to find out how many passes are left? I took 3 others to epcot one day and it appears as mine and one guest pass was used. I am trying to find how many I have left.


  7. My CM Main Entrance Pass has a Cast member photo pass ID #. Is this useful for anything? I.e. do I get complementary photo pass pictures if they scan that ID card?


  8. I received my main entrance pass plus three guest passes about two weeks after traditions. Now I have worked 189 hours already will I get my additional passes threw the mail or on hub cause when looked on Hub says my recent complimentary tickets I have none . How do I know if I earned them because based off what I said 150 hours I should of got them


  9. Do you know how many fast passes that each guest card should be able to get per day? We were able to begin making ours today as we are 60 days out but it would only let us make 1 fastpass per day with the guest cards??


  10. I did the DICP 2 years ago and I remember getting the 16 days 3 people passes which used up all 3 in one day even if I only had 1 guest with me… are these the same? or do they work individually?


  11. My husband’s brother will be giving us his guest passes in March. Can we link those to our MyDisneyExperience link now directly, or does his brother have to do it for us? Thanks!


  12. My neighbor is a retired cast member, he states he can get my family into Magic Kingdom. How many people can get in? There are 5 of us plus my neighbor. This would be on Jan. 3rd. Thank you!


  13. I am finishing my professional internship in May. My last day to work is Friday because my office is not opened on weekends, but my internship program paper work states that my last day/move out day is Saturday. Do you think I will be able to enter the park and bring guests with my chip n dale passes or will they take my badge on Friday when I am done with my work day?


    1. Yes, your last official day will be Saturday and your last work day will be either Wednesday or Thursday.

      No one will be taking your work badge at end of program! You can turn it in or keep it. (Note that if you keep it, don’t lose it! If you work for the company again even years down the road, you’ll need your badge or they will charge you for a new one!)

      Good news: Yes, your badge will work that weekend and the Chip and Dale passes too!
      It takes anywhere from a week to a month or two to remove CPs from the active system.
      Just depends on how fast your manager submits the paperwork.

      So have fun – you’ve earned it!
      Don’t forget to request your end-of-program evaluation! It’s a great way to document your time at Disney.
      AND, don’t forget to print off your last pay stub while you still have access to the Hub. Again, it’s great documentation!
      A lot of schools accept both for general ed credit, especially if you took a class at Disney University!


      1. Thank you for this info about the badges working for a time period after your last day. Is this info only for college interns or is it also valid for professional interns?
        The reason I am asking is because my supervisor just told me that he has already turned my paper work for Friday to be my last day I will not be able to enter the park after Friday. Since I have 10 chip and dale tickets my family has booked a trip to Orlando next week so we could all go to the park after my last day. YIKES!!!!!
        Do you think there is still a chance he might be mistaken on how quickly I will be removed from the system and I will be able to use my badge to get in for a few days? Can another cast member get us in with my chip and dale tickets or are they linked to my badge?
        Sorry for the long post. I don’t know what to do!


  14. Hi Caroline and Elly, would my child count for the main gate pass ? Or would I need to give her a guest pass every time we go to the parks ? She’s my only dependent.


      1. Thank you so much for replying! Your answer has been helpful ! Can’t wait to start working in June ! 🤗😊


  15. Hi! I just received a self-admission pass for interning with Disney Music Publishing. Can I bring family/friends with me for free now that I have this pass or do they need to purchase their own tickets?


    1. No, your self admission pass just let’s you in for free.

      You should be getting some friends and family passes in the mail soon if you’re a full-time employee, or within 2 months if you’re part-time.

      You can also buy discounted tickets (10%) for them to use.


    1. That is correct.
      As you are no longer a cast member, you no longer get free admission – or any other Disney employee benefit – into the Parks.

      We’re sorry to hear that you were laid off, but maybe some day you’ll work for Disney again.


  16. Hi I just started working part-time for Walt Disney World in Orlando and I was just wondering when can I start using my 3 guest passes I just received them on the mail and I only been working for a week and I don’t know when can I start using them or how


  17. So if a CP has earned passes not used before their program ends, are they still good after they turn in their ID? Must the CP be currently employed by Disney to use the pass for a guest? Can a former CP personally use them to enter a park after their program ends?


    1. 1. Yes, your passes are still active, probably until Dec 31, 2018.

      2. Yes, the CP must be currently employed to use the passes. If you return to Disney before Dec 2018, you’ll see them on your HUB page waiting for you.

      3. A former CP can’t personally use them after they are inactive in the system. Depending on your manager, this can happen anytime from your final scheduled work day up to 2 months+ after separating from the company.

      4. We think that you can give them to other cast members to use. If you’re friends with a currently employed CM, you just need to go to the park with them and your complimentary Chip & Dale pass; they go in first. [This info is subject to change at anytime.]


  18. Hey ladies! I have a few quick questions. My sister is a CP and has the max number of guest passes available to use. She’s never used them before, so we’re kind of in the dark. She said she has not received any physical cards containing guest passes, but that she thinks she can print them from the hub? Is that correct? SHOULD she have received physical Chip ‘n Dale cards?

    Secondly, how do you/can you schedule fast passes in advance using the guest passes? She is planning to use her guest passes for a family member on our trip in September, and we want to make sure we can get fast passes for them if possible. Thanks!


    1. One more question– as I’m reading through the info in the link, I just want to clarify… are the guest passes that CMs earn based on the number of hours they work referred to as “Complementary tickets”? Just want to make sure we link them correctly! Thanks 🙂


  19. Good afternoon 🙂 My daughter is in the CP and we want to visit her Oct 30-Nov 3. Do you happen to know the blackout dates for those days as a Cast Member and us as her Guest Passes? And on those Guest Passes, are we ablet to get Fast Passes? Thank you


    1. Yes, she can check on the blockout dates for her and using her guest passes here:

      The November blockout dates haven’t been posted yet.

      Yes, she can link the passes to get FastPasses via My Disney Experience.

      Have a magical day and a wonderful trip!


  20. Hi, I just started working at Disney in Orlando. I’m a full time employee, so my questions are. Do I still need to work the 150 hours to receive my set of complementary tickets? Or is it different for full time employees?


  21. Another question. Is it just the 9 complementary tickets that full time employees receive or is it the 16? I read your answers regarding these questions but they were about the seasonal/temporary employees and the college program, however I am still a bit confused if the same rules apply to the full time/part time employees. Thank you for your help


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