Disney’s Soarin’ Around the World Ride

Scene from the new Soarin’ Around the World

Imagine a wind-through-your-hair flight above The Great Wall of China, a bird’s-eye view of the Sydney Harbor in Australia, gliding around the Matterhorn in Switzerland…

Watch the ride’s opening scene:  Soarin’ Around the World

These are among more than a dozen breathtaking scenes you can experience with the new Soarin’ Around the World.

Scenes and Scents on the new ride:

Matterhorn – First up is the Matterhorn/Swiss Alps. It’s a beautiful opening scene that gets you in the mood to soar over the rest of the world. You fly up and over the top of the mountain before entering a cloud to transition to the next scene.

Glaciers – We next find ourselves amongst polar bears and orcas as we fly over a glacier scene. The polar bears dive off of icebergs as we fly a bit too close to them. An orca then jumps in front of us and causes a giant splash that is used as a transition to the next scene. Note that there are no water effects with the splash.

Sydney Harbor  We are now flying over sailboats in the Sydney Harbor in Australia. As we pass the Sydney Opera House a seaplane takes off in front of us and we transition to the next scene.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Our next stop is the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle. As an aside, the castle has served as inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. A lens flare serves as the transition for this scene.

African Savana – We next find ourselves soaring over elephants on the African Savana. This is the first time a scent is introduced to the ride. The smell of fresh grass serves, in my opinion, as Soarin Around the World’s orange scent. It puts me right in the scene and is instantly identifiable. Dirt thrown by an elephant is the transition piece for this scene.

The Great Wall of China – We then fly low over The Great Wall of China, seemingly just missing people walking. A kite flys in front of us for the transition effect.

Pyramids – We fly past sand dunes and camels before banking towards the Pyramids. Once again, a dust cloud serves as the transition.

Taj Mahal – We approach the Taj Mahal while flying over the same reflecting pool that is depicted in it’s a small world. A scent of flowers/perfume is applied in this scene. We climb up and over the dome as it transitions into a hot air balloon for the next scene.

Monument Valley –  We’re now flying amongst hot air balloons in Monument Valley. Three hot air balloons form a hidden Mickey. A bird flying at the screen is the transition for this scene.

Fiji – A simple beach scene where we enjoy a leisurely flight over blue water. There is another smell piped in here, but I didn’t really identify it outside of a fresh outdoors-type smell. It seemed similar to the ocean smell in the last version of the ride. This serves as the smoothest transition as we go from water to water.

Iguazu Falls – We quickly approach the crest of the waterfall and soar over it. We bank slightly towards mist created by the falls into the next scene.

Eiffel Tower –  Our first night scene is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. As we approach the tower, we encounter our most pronounced bank in the entire ride. We shoot straight up the tower to the top and fly into the spotlights as a transition. I wouldn’t say that the bank is severe enough to discourage anyone from riding, but it’s the most pronounced shifting of the seats in either Soarin Over California or Soarin Around the World.

Epcot – The last scene is us returning home to Epcot at night. We approach from World Showcase and fly over the Fountain of Nations towards Spaceship Earth. A monorail passes beneath us and fireworks shoot off to signal the end of the ride.


The next generation of the popular Soarin’ attraction made its premiere at the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, 2016 as Soarin’ Over the Horizon.

The next day on June 17th, guests at Disney California Adventure park at the Disneyland Resort and Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort were able to board the exhilarating aerial adventure that immerses you in a multi-sensory experience, complete with stunning sights, spectacular sounds and even subtle scents.

There is a Fastpass+ option for Soarin’ Around the World, which we highly recommend getting during busy park times!

The new 3rd theater at Epcot has state-of-the-art film projection and sound.

Looking back:  Filming of the new Soarin’ Around the World video started in 2014:  Behind the Scenes Look at Filming Soarin’

Soarin' Around the World
Another scene from the new Soarin’ Around the World.
July 2015: Construction on the new Soarin' Theater has begun!
July 2015: Construction on the new 3rd Soarin’ theater at Epcot began and I was there!
My Soarin' vinylmation
My Soarin’ vinylmation. He is so cute!  He has a little orange grove on his chest.


working together at DAK
Working together at DAK.

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