Shanghai Disneyland Finally Opens Almost a Year Late

June 16, 2106

Shanghai Disneyland finally and officially opened June 16, 2016 to good reviews, big crowds, and rainy overcast skies.

Video of Opening Day Ceremony:  Opening Day Celebration

Daily tickets cost ¥499.00 CNY  or about $79 US.  You can buy 1 or 2 day park tickets.

Shanghai Disneyland prides itself on offering a culturally distinct experience—imagined especially for China and designed for guests of every kind.

The castle at Shanghai Disneyland is Disney’s biggest one yet! IT’S HUGE!!!

Shanghai Disneyland continues the tradition in new and unique ways, through never-before-seen lands like Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove and Gardens of Imagination, and one-of-a-kind attractions and experiences.

That includes the largest castle in any Disney theme park around the world!

Free Opening Day buttons were given out to all the guests.

The building cost was initially estimated at 24.5 billion yuan (USD $3.7 billion) for the theme park and an additional 4.5 billion yuan (USD $700 million). This rose to around USD $5.5 billion before delays, which was due in part to additions to the number of attractions open to the public on opening day, which added USD $800 million to the cost. The added cost doesn’t take into account lost revenue from the lost admissions fees.

This huge overrun and opening delay caused massive layoffs and cut park hours at the other Disney theme parks, especially at Disney World and Disneyland.

According to the International Business Times (IBT), a “a two-day weekend ticket for two adults and one child comes close to China’s average urban monthly wage.”

We love collecting Disney pins!

Shanghai Disney merchandise:  Pins!

Opening Day:

The soft park opening started in May 2016 to test out everything.  Some guests were tagged as “uncivilized” by local media for their behavior during the theme park’s first few days of operations.

sd1 (2)
The park trashed at closing every night.

Photos of food wrappers, plastic bags, paper cups and other trash that littered the park grounds were shared on Chinese social media and local news sites.

Trash left by a family after they finished their picnic lunch.

Local reporters even spotted a mom letting her child defecate in an open area of the park grounds instead of bringing him to a restroom. Shanghai Disneyland has a visitor-to-washroom ratio of 4,500 to 1.  [Are they kidding???!!!  What was Disney thinking???]

The behavior of some guests led to the issuance of an etiquette guide by the local city government.  The six-point guideline directly asked park patrons to avoid littering, rowdiness, vandalism, cutting in lines, trampling on plants, and general “uncouth behavior.”

This video about the park’s guests was shared on facebook over 50,000x:  Chinese Guests Acting Badly

Read a Special Update for Disney Cast Members about Shanghai Disneyland below:

castle sh
The beautiful castle at Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disney Resort – Blocked Out Summer 2016

Due to anticipated high guest attendance, at this time Shanghai Disneyland will not be accepting complimentary admission (i.e.: Main Entrance Passes, Spouse/Domestic Partner Passes, Self-Admission Passes, Complimentary Tickets, One-Day Park Hopper® Guest Tickets, etc.). Please continue to enjoy your Complimentary Admission at eligible theme parks.   Posted by Disney Theme Parks 05/27/2016


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