50 Moments Everyone Has on the DCP!


Always keep dreaming!

Right in the feels….50 moments that everyone has on the DCP:


Saying “I’m going to Disney World!” to all your family and friends.

Mickey CP (2)

CP Moment #1 and the Best One:  Meeting Mickey during Traditions class.  (Trying not to cry…)

CP Moment Pascal (2)

CP Moment #2:  Realizing that you made it through the DCP application process!

accepted2 (2)

CP Moment #3:  Notifying your school that you’re taking the semester off.

Caroline Card

CP Moment #4:  Getting the DCP acceptance postcard in the mail.


Christian got accepted to the Spring 2019 DCP program!

CP Moment On Your Own (2)

CP Moment #5:  Moving to Orlando (or Anaheim!)




After months of waiting and planning, you’re finally here!!! Welcome!!!

accepted Spring 2019

CP Moment: Finding out your program arrival date!  #ArrivalDate

CP Moment Housing (2)

CP Moment #6: Moving into DCP housing on the first day of the program!


CP Moment:  Welcome to Casting.  You’re a Disney Cast Member now!  ❤


So happy to be at Disney World!!!


Making new friends!

CP Moment Earning My Ears (2)

CP Moment #7:  Earning Your Ears

CP Moment Getting Your Name Tag

CP Moment #8:  Getting you name tag with your university on it

CP Moment Nametags

CP Moment #9:  Wearing your name tag for the first time

Costume Cosmic Rays

CP Moment #10:  Christian went to Magic Kingdom Costuming right after Traditions. This is his costume for working at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

sir mickey costume CP moment

CP Moment: Getting my costume for Sir Mickey’s at the Magic Kingdom.

CP Moment Military Time (2)

CP Moment #11:  Figuring out your schedule for the first time

Epcot sign

CP Moment #12:  Learning EPCOT – Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday

CP Moment First Housing Event

CP Moment #13:  Going to DCP Housing events at Chatham Field.


CP Moment:  Making Magic for guests.  (BEST moment!)

Cp Moment Mary Poppins (2)

CP Moment #14:  First day at your new job meeting other CPs.

safety (2)

CP moment #15:  Safety D begins with me!

CP Moment First Day of Class

CP Moment #16:  First day of class at Disney University

CP Moment 2.jpg

CP Moment #17:  Making roommate, work CP and ICP friends!

CP moment First in Park

CP Moment #18:  Entering the parks before guests

CP Moment Last One (2)

CP Moment #19:  Leaving the parks after all the guests have gone home


CP Moment:  Free entrance into Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach!

CP Moment Illuminations

CP Moment #20:  Watching IllumiNations with your new DCP friends

CP Moment Balloons

CP Moment #21:  Holding a bunch of Mickey balloons on Main Street USA

CP Moment Candy

CP Moment #22:  Disney snacks!


CP Moment:  Having dinner with your roommates.

CP Moment Making a Wish

CP Moment #23:  Making a wish at Cinderella Castle

CP Moment Disney Point (2)

CP Moment #24:  Doing the Disney Point for guests


Making memories that will last a lifetime!

CP Meeting a princess (2)

CP Moment #25:  Seeing all the little guests in cute costumes

CP Moment 4 Fanatic (2)

CP Moment #26:  Earning your first Disney Fanatics 4 Keys card

CP Moment Monorail

CP Moment #27:  Riding the monorail and saying the safety message during the announcement

CP Moment Whistle While You Work (2)

CP Moment #28:  Picking up shifts at other locations and parks

CP Moment Free Admintence (2)

CP Moment #29:  When family and friends come to visit you during your program and you get them into the parks for free.


CP Moment #30:  Backstage magic – behind the scene tours of your favorite rides

blizzard (2)

CP Moment #31:  Getting into the water parks for free

CP Moment Housekeeping

CP Moment #32:  Monthly apartment inspections!

character auditions (2)

CP Moment #33:  Going to auditions

CP Moment Bilingual nametag

CP Moment #34:  Getting your bilingual name tag

CP Career

CP Moment #35:  Deciding to extend or make Disney a career

CP Moment Character Meet and Greets (2)

CP Moment #36:  Character Meet & Greets

CP Moment Mickeys Retreat

CP Moment #37:  Mickey’s Retreat!

halloween (2)

CP Moment #38:  Wearing a costume to the parks (not your work costume!) #MNSSHP

hot dogs (2)

CP Moment #39: Eating hot dogs for dinner at Caseys.


CP Moment: Pizza night at Epcot with your roommates.

best day

CP Moment #40:  Playing in the parks with your friends!

tink (2)

CP Moment#41 :  Parades day and night


CP Moment #42 : Riding the railroad because you’re tired of walking


CP Moment #43 : Watching the fireworks over the Castle with your roommates.  Making a wish when Tinkerbell jumps off the Castle turret.


CP Moment: Going to the Starlit Splash at Typhoon Lagoon in May and shutting the place down at 1am.


CP Moment #44:  Going to the Winter Formal Ball in December with your friends.

CP Moment Free Admission (2)

CP Moment #45: Comp admission to all the Disney theme parks.

CP Moment Holidays

CP Moment #46:  Spending holidays away from home, but with your new CP friends and roomates.

Cast Connection2 (2)

CP Moment #47:  Shopping at Cast Connections!

cp moment

CP Moment:  Being part of a team.


CP Moment:  Extending your program because you’re not ready to leave after just 4-5 months!


CP Moment:  Debating if you should stay on with Disney and apply for an extension or professional internship.


Getting accepted for a PI next semester!!!


Watching it snow on Main Street USA in December!


CP Moment:  Watching the fireworks over the Cinderella Castle for the final time as a Cast Member.

CP Moment Earning Degree

CP Moment #48:  Service ceremony with Mickey!


Getting ready to go home and back to school.

CP moment Clocking Out

CP Moment #49:  Clocking out for the last time


Graduation service ceremony!

dcp grad1

April 2019: Congratulations Christian!!!!



Learning something new every day, including learning about yourself.

Alumni (2)

And  finally, CP Moment #50:  Becoming a DCP Alumni!

legacy (3)

Knowing that as a DCP alumni, you’re a part of the Disney legacy.


Never stop believing in the Magic of Disney!


Castle fireworks

2019 will be the best year ever!!!!


working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

We’ve written two books about our time working and playing at Disney World.

Both are available on Amazon.com: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover

Adventures in the Animal Kingdom

book Two Girls

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link: https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/

Have a magical day!


Two Disney Sisters

Two Disney Sisters


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