Best Times to Visit Disneyland in 2018


Sleeping Beauty Castle in the early morning sunlight.  Lovely!

We thought we would post a link to the Disneyland blockout dates for using cast member guest passes, in case family and friends are planning on visiting you in sunny California!


February 2018. Whoa!!!

New official link to check on blockout dates at all Disney Parks including Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure:


The weather at Disneyland is beautiful in the springtime!

Best Times to Visit Disneyland in 2018:


Lots and lots of upcoming blockout days for using your guest passes! Always check before you go!


There are even upcoming blockout days at CAL for using your guest passes. 😦

Weekdays in January (minus the week of New Year’s Day and the days around MLK Day, Jan 15th)

Weekdays in February (minus the days around President’s Day, Feb 19th )


Lots and lots of upcoming blockout days at Disneyland for using your guest passes! Always check before you go!


There are even upcoming blockout days at CAL for using your guest passes. 😦

The first two weeks in March


Every weekend was blocked out for Easter/Spring Break 2017


California Adventure spring blockout days

Weekdays the second half of April after Easter (Sunday, April 1)

Weekdays in May before Memorial Day weekend (Monday, May 28)

Weekdays the first week of June


Most weekends are blocked out in the summer for using your guests passes at Disneyland.


California Adventure Park doesn’t have nearly as many blocked out days in the summer. Enjoy!

The first half of September after Labor Day (Monday, Sept 3); weekdays for the remainder of September and October, avoid Columbus Day weekend (Monday, October 8)


It is VERY hard to use guests passes during the holidays at Disneyland!!!


Forget about using guest passes at California Adventure in November!

Weekdays in early and mid-November (minus the week of Thanksgiving, Nov 22rd)

Weekdays during the first two weeks of December


Many, many , many blockout days during the fall and holiday season for using your guest passes at Disneyland!

To check on the daily park crowd forecast at Disneyland, click here:   
Is It Packed??? 


Disneyland in front of Pirates, December 27, 2016.  NO THANK YOU!!!


Christmas Week 2017:  45 minute wait just to get to the baggage check! DLR is packed this holiday week!!! 😦

The Worst Times to Visit Disneyland in 2018:  Listen Up People!!!

MLK weekend: Jan. 13 – 15, 2018

President’s Day weekend: Feb. 17 – Feb. 19, 2018

Spring Break : March 10 – March 30, 2018

Easter Weeks:  March 24 – April 8, 2018

Memorial Day weekend:  May 26 – 28, 2018

Summer: June 4 – August 31, 2018

4th of July week:  July 1 – 8, 2018

Labor Day weekend: Sept. 1 – Sept. 3, 2018

Columbus Day weekend: Oct. 6 – Oct. 8, 2018

Halloween week: Oct. 27 – Nov. 4, 2018

Veteran’s Day weekend: Nov. 9 – Nov. 12, 2018

Thanksgiving week: Nov. 17 – 25, 2018

Christmas week through the first week of the New Year: Dec. 22, 2018 – Jan. 6, 2019


Disneyland is really blocked out for using guest passes in the Fall, mainly because of Mickey’s Halloween Party activities.


dlr (2)

Disney’s California Adventure Park

During blockout days, you can’t use your Disney Guest Passes to swipe friends and family into the park for free.  Also, Disney limits the number of rooms available for CMs to use their cast member hotel discount.

New CMs can expect to get their guest passes after working 150 hours (about 5 weeks into their program), after completing Traditions class on around Day 3.

disneyland (2)

Disneyland even has its own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood!



Celebrating Disneyland’s 60th Diamond Anniversary:  We ❤ Disneyland!  We’ll see ya real soon!

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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Book link on  Two Girls and a Mouse Tale


Two Girls and a Mouse Tale


4 thoughts on “Best Times to Visit Disneyland in 2018

  1. Looking for a trip out there end of September in 2018, does Self-Admission usually work even though the Guest Passes are blocked at Disneyland (from WDW CM)?


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