Meeting Disney Legend Richard at the Grand Floridian

Meeting  Disney cast member – and Disney Legend – Richard, of the Grand Floridian.


Flowers for Richard this morning in his favorite spot to stand and greet Grand Floridian guests. 😥

June 7, 2018 Update:

It brings us great sadness to hear of the passing of the legendary Disney cast member, Richard Gerth, who died this early morning (12:28am) at his home, just one week shy of his 93rd birthday. 

We’re sure Walt was waiting for him in Heaven to be the first to greet him with a handshake and to say hello, and thank him for his years of service and for making magical moments for GF guests, especially all those Disney brides.


June 5, 2018:  We are hearing that CM Richard contracted pneumonia on Tuesday morning and is not doing well (cancer).  He has entered into hospice care.  We’re sending him our good wishes and some pixie dust this morning.

We’ve met him many times during our stays at the Grand Floridian and when we were cast members at WDW for a year, and enjoyed talking with him.

He is a character for sure.


Anyone who has ever visited the Grand Floridian Resort &  Spa has no doubt seen his familiar smiling face.

Disney cast member, Richard Gerth, who’s celebrating birthday #93 this year on June 14, 2018 (Flag Day!), has been greeting guests at the Grand Floridian since 1991.  🙂

October 2017:  Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid) meeting CM Richard at the Grand Floridian last week. Two Disney Legends!!

In 2013, Richard was presented with the Walt Disney Legacy Award. This is the highest award any Disney cast member can receive. According to Robert Hitchcock of the Disney Parks Blog, “Richard has greeted thousands of guests, and assisted thousands of brides with wedding photos on their special day.”

Link to his facebook page:  Disney Legend Richard

Disney cast member Richard Gerth.

The day we were there, he was posing with guests in front of the Grand Floridian’s beautiful Grand Atrium Lobby.

He calls himself a “train conductor” as he preps all the bride’s trains for their grand entrance into the Grand Floridian’s Grand Atrium Lobby.
richard (2)
One of the thousands of brides that he’s attended to on her wedding day.

In addition to being the greeter, Richard is also the Official Fairy Tale Wedding Greeter and has helped over 3,500 brides on their special day!

Video link by Disney:  A Day with Richard


Update on Disney Legend Richard and Hurricane Irma

Sept. 16, 2017 – UPDATE

Richard Gerth has stated he is doing well and being taken care of. He is still awaiting to get back into his home as the community is still flooded and surround by police officers.

After being evacuated in the middle of the night during Hurricane Irma, Richard said police and drivers took him to a safe community center where people were well taken care of.

Richard is aware of fundraising efforts for him and he has a request.

“I am told today that Richard is now aware of fundraising that various people have organized, and would prefer any donations be made to the assisted living facility where he has residence: Good Samaritan Kissimmee Village, which is located along low-lying Shingle Creek. I am not promoting any of the fundraisers or Go Fund Me pages, and please be vigilant if you do contribute to one of them.

Also, the management at Grand Floridian wants everyone to be aware that Cast members cannot accept gifts while on stage and on duty while on property.”

Sept 9, 2017: The Grand Floridian car, which Richard stands near, being towed away into safe storage ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival on Sunday night.
Sept 16, 2017: The Grand Floridian car is back!!!

December 2017 Update:

You know the holiday season has arrived when:

1.  The GF Gingerbread House goes up and,

2. Greeter Richard dons his festive red holiday vest!

pam and Richard
Our aunt Pam with Richard in his holiday outfit.
Christmas 2017:  92 years old!
Looking good, Richard!


Hanging with Walt Disney Living Legend, ‘Auntie’ Kau’i Brandt.  She’s 84 years old!

We also got to meet another Disney Legend working at Walt Disney World, Auntie Kaui, who makes leis for guests – and brides – over at the Polynesian Resort.

Meeting Disney Legend Auntie Kaui at the Polynesian


January 2018: Resort hopping at the Grand Floridian and we stopped by to talk to Richard.  It was a cool day and he was wearing his white gloves to keep his hands warm.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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Two Girls and a Mouse Tale


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