My Disney Friend Lisbeth Lost Everything in Hurricane Maria – Please Help!

Lisbeth (left) and her family

The Go Fund Me Link:

I worked with Lisbeth for a year at Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs).

We were both cast members in the Disney College Program.

She returned to her lovely home in Puerto Rico after her program was over.

Lisbeth and her family lost EVERYTHING in Hurricane Maria.  Their house is gone.

She spends her days waiting on long lines looking for clean water and food.  But, there is no food or water!  The grocery stores are all still closed and there is no gasoline left!  She has been without electricity now for over 2 weeks.

It is unbelievable that this is happening to American citizens.

Right now, Walmart isn’t delivering to Puerto Rico.

But, once they can deliver supplies, Lisbeth needs EVERYTHING.

We’re starting a Go Fund Me page to help her family recover from both the hurricane and the US government’s lack of coordinated response.

No amount is too little to donate.  We are asking all our friends to please donate $5.00 today.

Thank you.

You can read about Lisbeth’s day-to-day updates and struggles here:


October 2, 2017:  A message from Lisbeth about current conditions in Puerto Rico:

We need gas and food. I walk 40 minutes every day to my job where I can use a company vehicle to work. We need help with food. If you want to help me and my family directly with food that does not need to be cooked and not refrigerated, I’ll thank you for that.

We also need candles to light up in the evenings especially while we bathe with a bucket of water. All this is very sad and depressing. We have received donations but Trump’s government holds it at the docks while we are still hungry every day. We have not had light for a week and it is predicted that it will take 6 months to a year for all Puerto Rico to have electricity.

Right now the mail is closed. But it hurts me that they are sending donations and the donations sit in the port. We are hungry and the Trump government does not care. I have four brothers, my mom and my stepfather. I have an 11 year old brother and 13 year old brother who is autistic. My sister is 29 and my other brother is 26. We, along with my stepfather, are the ones that go out looking for everything for my mom and my little brothers.  We need food and water and gasoline.

This is a small island not a big country that has 48 states together. I do not have 48 options to go out and get food. I write this to you with tears in my eyes. It is shameful to ask for food and more to be mailed to us as if we could receive it here. Trump wants to let us starve. People have died in hospitals because some hospitals have been left without diesel.  Diesel that is in the ports and that the damn president does not let dispatch. We know we are second-class citizens but we do not deserve to be treated like this.

Thank you for your help.

Lisbeth Pacheco

October 3rd Update:

There was a rumor that the nearby Walmart was going to open today and would have food to buy or that FEMA would be handing out food from there.

Lisbeth walked over there (her car is out of gas and there’s no gas at the stations) and stood in line for 3 hours.

But, the Walmart wasn’t open and nothing was happening.  It was just a rumor.

10am on line at Walmart

Update from Lisbeth

I tried to buy more food and ice at Walmart. But I was in line for three hours and it did not move. I could not stand the pain in my feet and I left.

I walk so much because my car has no gasoline left, that my feet are already swollen and sunburned.

Lisbeth walks everywhere.

Then comes Trump to throw the provisions [paper towels] as if we were dogs.

Trump throws rolls of paper towels into crowd of residents affected by Hurricane Maria as he visits Calgary Chapel in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Oct. 3, 2017.

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