Disney Cast Member Costumes at Disney World

sir mickey costume CP moment

CP Moment: Getting my costume for Sir Mickey’s at the Magic Kingdom.

One of the most exciting CP moments is going to Disney costuming for the first time and being fitted for your work uniform, aka ‘costume’.

You’re allowed to check out up to five complete work costumes at a time, plus accessories like a jacket and hat and gloves, if your costume has one.

When your costume gets dirty or wrinkled, you can just trade it in for a clean one. Costumes can be machine washed and some DCP apartments like The Commons have a washer/dryer unit in the apartment.

Each of the WDW Parks has its own costuming warehouse open 7 days a week, with the one for the Magic Kingdom being the largest.

On our way to Animal Kingdom costuming.

On our way to Animal Kingdom costuming.

Magic Kingdom costuming

Welcome to Animal Kingdom costuming

Finding a costume using RFID inside Disney's Epcot Operational Costuming Center

MK Costuming


Here are some of the costumes we wore as Disney World cast members:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom costumes:

Caroline costume

Caroline working at DAK (merchandise). Full summer shorts costume with hat.

Discovery Island Merchantile

Discovery Island Mercantile: Skirt option.

It's a jungle out there...

Elly:  It’s a jungle out there…

Caroline in her stocking

Caroline in her DAK stocking “mud” costume.


Caroline working Stroller Rental.  Great place to pin trade with guests!

The AK costume jacket. Warm!

The DAK costume jacket. So warm! Only size left at DAK Costuming:  XXXL.  She said yes!


Beautiful!!  😉

Costume Fittings

CP Moment #4:  Getting Your DAK Costume

Our Disney Springs costumes:

Pin Traders

Pin Traders at Disney Springs

Days of Christmas

Days of Christmas with jacket



Team Mickey (now closed)

Team Mickey (now closed)

days of Christmas

Days of Christmas

DTD Zone 1 Coordinator

DS Zone 1 Coordinator costume

Magic Kingdom costumes:

Agrabah Bazaar

Agrabah Bazaar in Adventureland

mk costume (2)

Sir Mickey’s merch costume at the Magic Kingdom.


Liberty Square


Catching the bus to MK at 6am!!!



CM Tip:  Disney sizing chart follows European sizing, so if you are normally a size 14 womens, for Disney costumes, you’ll be a size 18 or 20 here!  😥

Washer and dryer right off the kitchen.  No more trips to the common laundry room!!

The Commons:  There’s a stacked washer/dryer in every apartment, right off the kitchen. No more trips to the laundry room!!  🙂

Trolley Car Costume DHS

Our friend worked at the Starbucks Trolley Car Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This was her costume.

January 2019 Update:

Cosmic Rays

Christian working at Cosmic Rays.

Our brother is currently doing the DCP program for Spring 2019 and is working at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe in the Magic Kingdom!

He wears a chef costume.

Costume Cosmic Rays

Christian’s work costume pieces for Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe.


We’ve written two books about our time working at Disney World.

Both are available on Amazon.com:

Adventure Book Cover

Adventures in the Animal Kingdom

book Two Girls

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link: https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/

Have a magical day!



Two Disney Sisters

Two Disney Sisters


4 thoughts on “Disney Cast Member Costumes at Disney World

  1. Bruce E Liggett says:

    My name is Bruce Liggett a former cast member. Per. No. XXXXXXX at Walt Disney World Fl. I had a rain suit stolen from me and reported it to security. I was not able to return the item when I retired on 03/17/2018. How can I clear this from my record?


    • Hello,

      Congratulations on your retirement!
      Yes, it’s very important that you clear your costume record.
      Right now, you are on Restricted Rehire status instead of Good Standing with the company.

      You can email or call Disney Costuming and see if they will forgive your stolen costume or if they want you to pay for it (generally $25). Either way, it takes about 3 days to update your HR status.

      For costume questions, email costume recovery at: wdw.costume.recovery@email.disney.com

      WDW Costuming: 407-824-1269

      Don’t forget to bookmark this link for retirees: https://disneyretiree.com/

      Have a magical day!


  2. BJF says:

    I was wondering if you have this and if it’s possible to make a deal?


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