Hiking Manoa Falls Trail in Honolulu, Hawaii

Rainforest views straight out of Jurassic Park.


One of the Aulani excursions that we were really excited about was a day hike through a lush Hawaiian rainforest to a hidden waterfall.

Ready for the hike!

Our bus picked us up outside Aulani’s lobby at 1pm. We all remembered our hats, snacks, water, and were wearing plenty of sunscreen (a must in late June in Hawaii!).

You can see the Manoa Falls in the distance.

It’s about a 2 mile hike up to the Manoa Falls.  The trail is pretty uneven and on the day we went, it was 90 degrees with 90% humidity in the rainforest. The trail really does have breathtaking views of the Oahu island and coast.

It’s a jungle out there!!!!
Ian carrying my good camera.

We were a small group and our forest guide was very nice.  He pointed out all the native flowering plants and knew their Hawaiian names.

I spotted lots of my favorite heliconia plants aka ‘lobster claws’. So beautiful in red and yellow against all that greenery.
I’ve never seen a yellow one before.
Manoa Falls

The 200-foot Manoa Falls waterfall was spectacular! The waterfall is roped off for safety purposes. The water is not swimmable as you run the risk of contracting leptospirosis, yet people were climbing past the roped areas and jumping in the cool water. (We did not.)

So hot….so humid!!!!!
Pretty falls, but 100% humidity!

Seeing the bamboo forest on the way down was interesting.  You could swing on the flexible bamboo.

Adventurer Caroline swinging on some bamboo.

The scenic valley views with heavy vegetation were straight out of movie scene locations from Jurassic Park and LOST.  In fact, the Rainbow’s End Café building was cast the central building in LOST.

The Bamboo Forest.  Very dense vegetation.

That is the place to get shaved Hawaiian Ice treats after your hike.

hawaiian ice
Elly’s POG-juice flavored Hawaiian Ice. $5
hawaiian ice2
Rainbow Hawaiian Ice from the Rainbow’s End Cafe! (Christian)  Nice!

We got back to Aulani about 5 hours later and all took showers before dinner.

Our Rating of Hike:  4 Stars

At the trailhead. The hike is free.

Take a short and fun hike on Mānoa Falls Trail through a lush Hawaiian rainforest, inhaling the damp scent of rain-sodden ferns and Eucalyptus trees. Cross tranquil streams, walk along picturesque pools and view ancient rock terraces.

Reach the majestic beauty of the trail’s impressive namesake, a towering 200-foot tropical waterfall!

Return to the head along a path that winds through a magical bamboo forest. Let your guide regale you with tales of the Menehune, little forest people from Hawaiian lore.

The Menehune are the legendary “little people” of the islands in Hawaiian mythology who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, far from the eyes of humans (like the Irish Leprechaun).


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