Disney Officially Cancels Plans for 4th Resort Hotel in Downtown Disney at Disneyland

The canceled hotel.

Plans for a luxury hotel at the west end of Downtown Disney in Anaheim are dead, and the area will remain focused on shopping, dining and entertainment, Walt Disney Co. officials announced Wednesday.

They closed the Earl of Sandwich – our favorite place to have lunch and brought in food trucks instead!!!! 😦

This summer, Disney had started emptying out businesses, including the Rainforest Cafe, AMC Theaters, Starbucks, ESPN Zone, and the Earl of Sandwich (our favorite place to eat!), to make way for the hotel expected to lure business and pleasure travelers seeking high-end accommodations.

The Earl of Sandwich will re-open in their old spot this month.

dlr3 (2)
Proposed hotel design

Disney has been working for years toward construction of the posh new hotel on the west side of Downtown Disney, reaching to the border of the existing Disneyland Hotel. However, the hotel project was redesigned to move the hotel proposed location from the existing parking lot of Downtown Disney to an adjacent location.

dlr4The project has been in limbo since August, when the city told Disney a shift in the location of the project meant it could no longer receive the promised tax incentive.

Disneyland Resort confirmed today that they will not be adding a 4th hotel at this time.

Disneyland Resort spokesman, Liz Jaeger, made the following statement on the project this afternoon:

“We’ve taken the time to review the economics of our proposed Four Diamond hotel for Anaheim and have made the final decision to cancel the project. While this is disappointing for many, the conditions and agreements that stimulated this investment in Anaheim no longer exist and we must therefore adjust our long-term investment strategy.”

The hotel was being built to take advantage of a “City of Anaheim tax incentive for building four-star hotels within the city.” The program, created in 2015, allowed Disney to retain 70 percent of the occupancy tax visitors brought in for the first 20 years of operation. The city of Anaheim denied the incentive when Disney revised hotel plans, forcing Disney to rethink the building of the hotel.


Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom

Lions and Tigers and Strollers, Oh My!

This is not Caroline’s first time in the Disney College Program. Along with her sister, she was previously accepted into the program a few years earlier.  Back in Colorado, Caroline was wishing for a little more pixie dust to brighten up her life.  On a whim, she decides to apply to the exclusive Disney Alumni Summer Program.

Now that she’s back, things get wild.

Wild, as in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where Caroline is assigned to work in Stroller Rental.  While not the most glamorous position in the park, it’s often ground zero for humanity at its best and at its worst.

While Caroline makes many “Magical Moments” for deserving guests whose pixie dust has gone temporarily sideways, she also receives magical moments of her own through the friendships she makes, going to Disney cast member exclusive events, and all the spectacular dining opportunities at Disney World.

Caroline tells all – from the ins and outs of Disney’s secret training class called Traditions; to learning how to be a happy cast member during on-the-job training; to what it’s like to interact with fellow cast members and the guests who are ready to explore the most magical place on earth.

Join Caroline as she takes you on a wild ride through her adventures in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But be careful, it’s a jungle out there!

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Book link on Amazon.com:  Adventures in the Animal Kingdom


Adventure is out there!

About the Author:

Caroline’s love for all things Disney, and desire to grow up to be a Disney princess, is the reason she always wanted to work for Disney.  Her dream came true working as a cast member at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Caroline is the co-author of the book, Two Girls and a Mouse Tale, about her adventures working at Disney World with her sister.

She is currently a 7th grade middle school Social Studies teacher in Colorado.

Daily blog link:  https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/


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