Christian’s DCP Apartment at Chatham Square

Chatham Square
Chatham Square, Building 16

Day 1: Check-in Day at Chatham Square apartments.

Check-in only took 30 minutes, and he was done and in his apartment.

He’s living in Chatham! Same place we lived during our 1st program!!!
Chatham Square
Apartment 16308

He’s in a 2 Bedroom/2 Bath apartment on the 3rd floor for 6 guys.  The 6th guy never showed up, so there are currently 5 guys in the apartment.

Each bedroom has a bunk bed and a twin bed. The apartment seems roomy because of the high ceilings.  Their apartment doesn’t have a balcony.

Disney Housing fairly recently converted what were 2 bedroom/4 person apartments into 2 bedroom/6 person apartments just a few years ago.

It did not decrease the weekly rent per person by very much.  His weekly rent is $106/week.

dcp rent
DCP rents from January 1 – May 4, 2019

Christian came from the farthest away.  His roommates are from: Kentucky, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  All from the East Coast and they all drove their cars down to the program, something that Christian wanted to do too.

A few photos of his apartment:

3rd floor is actually pretty nice.
Lots and lots of trees in the parking lot.
Living room. One of the roommates brought a TV with him. There’s also a dining room table and chairs for 6.
Kitchen with 2 refrigerators.
Bedroom #1:  Christian picked the lower bunk. The upper bunk is empty for now.
Shared closet with lockers for 3.
Nice large dining room table.


The media center



Christian’s bathroom
Walking around the apartment complexes checking out all the pools.  It’s a nice day.

We’ve written two books about our time at the DCP:

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale
Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link:

Two Disney Sisters

chatham (2)
Our first DCP apartment at Chatham Square for the Fall 2013 DCP internship.  We were in Building #11.

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