Life is the Bubbles DCP Housing Event

First DCP Housing event of 2019!

Last night was the first DCP Housing event of 2019 welcoming the newly-arrived Spring 2019 CPs.

The theme for the party was:  Life is the Bubbles.

The monthly events are open to all DCP cast members living in any of the four DCP housing complexes.  They usually hold them at Chatham Field.

This is especially convenient for Christian as he’s living in Chatham this semester, so he barely had any walk at all over to the field.  He walked over there with his roommates at 7pm.

The food at the housing events is free and is usually pretty good.  They scan your Housing ID now and limit the amount of food you can have. 😦

Free pizza!!!

He got 2 slices Dominoes pizza and a soda.  And a delicious rice krispy cookie.

Meeting Sebastian the Crab!  I love the backdrop!!   Photo credit: emma_dcp_2019

Life is the Bubbles

The line for the character meet & greet – Sebastian the Crab – was over an hour long, so Christian passed on it.  That’s too bad because it was his first character meet and greet event!!!

The DJ was really good.

It’s been unusually cold at night this week in Orlando, so they only stayed for about an hour before heading back to their apartment.

Free special rice krispy cookies for dessert!
Under the Sea1  Ariel Mermaid
We love this movie! Image credit: Elly Collins

Can you believe we welcomed over 4,000 new participants to the Disney Programs family this spring?

Life is the Bubbles Welcome Event: January 2019

Wow! These participants traveled from all over the world, and to welcome them in style, we held some pretty incredible welcome events to kick off their Disney adventures. After all, this is Walt Disney World Resort, and there’s no shortage of magic!

“Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter – take it from me!”

Our first welcome event of the spring season was a “Little Mermaid”-inspired affair. We took the dive and went under the sea for this splish-splashin’ evening. Participants hung out with King Triton’s right-hand-crab Sebastian, posed for photos in front of themed backdrops, dined on delicious food and much more. It truly was a sea-sational happening!

01_25_A-Whole-New-World-Welcome-Event-2-1024x683February 2019 Event:  A Whole New World Welcome Event
Participants enjoyed a shining, shimmering, splendid night at this welcome event (and they didn’t even need three wishes!). The evening’s entertainment included belly dancers in beautiful costumes, tarot card readings, a dance floor fit for a sultan, and, of course, magical meet-and-greets with Genie, Abu and Jafar.  

01_30_Sweet-tastic-Welcome-Event-24-1024x683March 2019 Event: Sweet-tastic Welcome Event
We gave a sweeter-than-candy welcome to our newest participants at the Sweet-tastic Welcome Event! A candy bar, cotton candy station, a bounce castle and candy-filled photo backdrops direct from the “Sugar Rush” and “Wreck-It Ralph” games made for a scrumdiliumpious evening. We even had the two guests of honor – Vanellope von Schweetz and Wreck-It Ralph himself – join us all the way from Game Central Station! 

02_07_Start-Your-Engines-Welcome-Event-4-1024x683April 2019 Event: Start Your Engines Welcome Event
Kachow! For the last welcome event of the season, participants put the pedal to the medal and raced into the start of their program. The evening’s festivities included full throttle music, food, and meet-and-greets with some of our favorite Radiator Springs pals – Lightning McQueen and Mater. Mickey and Goofy also came by in their racing gear to cheer on our new Disney Programs participants.  


Mardi Gras Celebration – March 2019:  Movie Night!

mardi Housing event
Housing event celebrating Mardi Gras.

Tonight’s DCP Housing event celebrates Mardi Gras 2019 (which is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5th).
See you there!

We’ve written two books about our time at the DCP:

Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link:

Two Disney Sisters


DCP Kitchen Magnet
Christian got a free DCP kitchen magnet for his fridge.


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