Christian Working at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe in the Magic Kingdom

Cosmic Rays

Christian heading into work.

We were thrilled when Christian’s work schedule allowed us to spend the whole day together at the Magic Kingdom as he didn’t have to go into work until 5:45pm.

Even better, it allowed him to make dinner for us at Cosmic Rays that night!
What a treat!


Welcome to Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe at the Magic Kingdom.

Cosmic Rays

Christian outside his work location.

Cosmic Rays

Note The Incredibles family walking in the background!

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic Rays lounge area

Cosmic Rays

Not crowded at all at 5pm, but very crowded when we returned later for dinner!

Cosmic Rays

Sonny Eclipse playing in the background.

And, some photos taken that evening at work while making us dinner.

Cosmic Rays

He’s off to the underground Utilidors to get dressed for work.

Cosmic Rays

Bay 1 opening for the evening at 6pm.

Cosmic Rays

Christian typically works in Bay 1 making chicken nuggets and fries.

Cosmic Rays

Christian in his chef’s costume!

Cosmic Rays

He says everything in the kitchen is hot, hot, hot! He’s already suffered one bad burn on his hand.

Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Rays

Cosmic Rays

Making Elly’s burger.

Cosmic Rays

Elly’s Mickey Burger

Cosmic Rays

The excellent toppings bar.


Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe is the major quick service restaurant in Tomorrowland. It’s a busy, busy kitchen.

It’s divided into three food “bays” so they can serve a lot of guests at once.  The food lines move pretty quickly.  It’s typically open for lunch and dinner, usually 10am – 8pm.

Christian’s usually works evening shifts with just a few morning ones depending on if the park has Extra Magic Hours before park opening.


Food Chef Christian!

We’ve eaten there many times as it’s a good place for an early dinner.  Their burgers and chicken nuggets are tasty and the Toppings Bar is excellent.

Explore a galaxy of enticing options—from our out-of-this-world BBQ platter and chicken breast nuggets to bacon cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Customize your meal at the topping bar, then have a blast enjoying the stellar musical entertainment of Sonny Eclipse!

Mickey 90th cheeseburger

The Mickey Burger cheeseburger ($16) at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café!  This angus burger comes loaded with macaroni and cheese, American cheese, cheese sauce, flaming hot cheese dust, and bacon all served on a toasted Mickey Mouse bun.  It’s out of this world!


Caroline and Mitch got to visit him at work in April:

Christian at working at Cosmic Rays

Christian at working at Cosmic Rays

Christian at working at Cosmic Rays

Time for dinner!

Christian at working at Cosmic Rays

Christian at working at Cosmic Rays

Big hugs!

Christian at working at Cosmic Rays Mickey Cheeseburger

This Mickey Cheeseburger was made with ❤


mr Morrow  Tomorrowland People Mover


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Have a magical day!




Christian making some magic at the Magic Kingdom.


The Mickey Burger cheeseburger ($16) at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café!

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