Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle Gets a $300,000 Upgrade

sleeping Beauty Castle

Sunday, May 19, 2019: The Castle’s new look was unveiled. It’s beautiful!!!  WOW!

UPDATE:  The work on the Castle was completed and the walkway re-opened Friday, May 24, 2019 right before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens on May 31, 2019.

Check walkway hours here:  Sleeping Beauty Castle Re-opening Date

The Sleeping Beauty Castle’s new look includes a lot more gold accents!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

May 24, 2019: Sleeping Beauty Castle’s new paint job.


The walk-through has brand new LED lighting.


Disneyland closes Sleeping Beauty Castle for major improvements as part of Project StarDust

Sleeping Beauty Castle is undergoing a major $300,000 renovation. In early January 2019, the holiday décor came down and the construction walls went up around the Castle.

sleeping beauty castle1

January 2019: This is what the turrets and Castle paint job looked like in January. The Castle was a much paler pink.

Disney is spending $300,000 to re-roof the castle, add fiber-reinforced plastic on the castle’s turrets, and repaint the entire Castle.  Each castle brick will be hand painted in blues, grays, and tans.

Watch Sleeping Beauty Gets Some Pixie Dust Video:  Sleeping Beauty Castle 2019

Unfortunately, it’s not a pretty sight.  Some many guests have been disappointed not being able to see the Castle this spring.


Guests can’t walk through the Castle during renovation.

In front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, a sign directs guests to access Fantasyland through alternate routes. Guests can no longer access Fantasyland through the drawbridge, visit Snow White’s Wishing Well, or see Fantasy Faire.

You’ll need to use the Big Thunder Mountain Trail or the Parade Route Path along the Matterhorn to get to Fantasyland.

disneyland dlr matterhorn

Walking the Parade Route around the Matterhorn to get to Fantasyland.


sleeping beauty castle1

May 17, 2019: More of the Castle has been uncovered!  WOW!!!  The roof is so blue!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

May 15, 2019: Half the Castle’s tarps were taken down last night. The turrets look bright blue and sparkly!

sleeping Beauty castle

April 17, 2019: Still totally covered. 😦

Sleeping Beauty castle reno

March 24, 2019: Tarps went up last night to cover the sight of renovating the Sleeping Beauty Castle turrets.


star wars3

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens May 31, 2019. Do NOT visit Disneyland then!


Signage explaining Castle renovation work.

Disneyland is replacing the horse-drawn streetcar track in its entirety. That’s the first time that has ever happened.  (We’ve all seen the video of the guy walking down Main Street and tripping over the tracks every 2 seconds.)

Also on Main Street USA, the curbs are being lowered to make traffic move faster when entering the park and new brickwork is being added to the area.


Each Castle brick is being hand painted during the renovation.


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two disney sisters

Two Disney Sisters at Disneyland.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle Gets a $300,000 Upgrade

  1. […] Be aware that the Sleeping Beauty Castle is currently undergoing a $300,000 renovation.  The tarps won’t be removed until late […]


  2. […] Guests:  Be aware that the Sleeping Beauty Castle is currently undergoing a $300,000 renovation.  The tarps won’t be removed and the walk-thru […]


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