Ice Cream Treats at L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot’s France Pavilion

Come on in!

L’Artisan des Glaces. Come on in!

One of our favorite sweet spots at Epcot is the L’Artisan des Glaces (The Artisan of Ice Cream) in the France pavilion.

Ice cream

Ice cream sandwich macaroons!

Ice cream

Mickey in the sherbet!

Ice cream

So hard to choose! Luckily, there were 3 of us!

Ice cream

This was delicious! So perfect on a hot day. $4.22


This is also where you can buy Caroline’s favorite ice cream sandwich: The Croque Glacé!

Ice cream

Cast member with fresh brioches.

There’s an entire table of rows and rows of stacked brioche buns.

You pick your ice cream flavor, then a topping sauce (chocolate, caramel, or raspberry).


Adding ice cream to her Croque Glacé.


Huge Brioche bun – check!, chocolate ice cream – check!, sauce – check!, hot waffle grill – check!

At the end of the ice cream counter is what looks like a Belgium waffle maker.


Next, some chocolate sauce drizzled on top! Time to close the lid.

Then, voilà!  30 seconds later, it’s warm and ready to eat.

It smelled so good!

Ice cream

This is one of Epcot’s best snacks!  $6.33

Ice cream

Caroline and Christian with their ice cream snacks.

Ice cream

Taking our treats outside so we can walk around the World Showcase with them.

epcot france

Christian, Mitch and Caroline at the 2019 International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot.


epcot France

Belle and the Beast at the Epcot France pavilion.

It’s been very warm at Disney World all month, sunny and in the 80s with little rain.

When Christian was at Epcot last weekend checking out the 2019 International Flower and Garden Festival, he decided to take an ice cream break.

The ice cream there is as good as Ben & Jerry’s!  Maybe even better!

Epcot France ice cream

Christian’s Blueberry ice cream cone.  $4.69

He said it was delicious!


Don’t forget to pick up a few souvenirs while at Epcot France.

epcot france

❤ this shirt and purse!


Don’t leave without buying some new merchandise!!! Paris mug


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Have a magical day!



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