U.S. Navy Blue Angels Fly Over Epcot on May 2, 2019

blue angels1

Blue Angels Flyover at Epcot

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flew over Epcot Thursday morning, May 2nd at approximately 9:30 a.m.

The main viewing area was located between Spaceship Earth and the entrance to Epcot’s World Showcase.

epcot blue angels
Blue Angels flying right over Spaceship Earth.

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels made two passes over Spaceship Earth between 9:30am and 10am.

Video Link:  Blue Angels Fly Over Epcot

blue angelThe six F/A-18 Hornet jets roared overhead at more than 250 miles an hour on a first pass before executing what is called a Delta Break over Spaceship Earth on their 2nd pass over the park.

The Blue Angels made two VERY LOUD and VERY FAST flight passes over Epcot before continuing their flight to the Fort Lauderdale Air Show in Florida.

Go Navy!  🙂

blue angels epcot
Delta Break over Spaceship Earth on 2nd pass.

This continues a tradition of the Blue Angels flying over Disney World every 2 years.

The last flyover was performed over the Magic Kingdom in April 2017.

Note that the Blue Angels do not fly over Disney’s Animal Kingdom to avoid frightening the animals.

Perfect viewing spot for the flyover….Spaceship Earth. The 2019 International Flower and Garden Festival is going on right now.


U.S. Navy Blue Angels Fly Over Magic Kingdom on April 6, 2017

blue angel MK
April 7, 2017, 9:50am.  WOW!!!!!!
blue angel2 MK
They did this 2x!  The Delta Break pattern over the Cinderella Castle.

All eyes were focused on the skies on Thursday morning, April 6th,  as the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flew over Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom!

The Blue Angels made two passes above the Magic Kingdom at Disney World between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m.

Blue Angels MK

This is a special treat as the airspace over the Magic Kingdom is restricted and requires special permission from the FAA!

Video link: Blue Angels Fly Over Magic Kingdom 4/07/2017

mickey Blue Angels
Parade Mickey saluting the Blue Angels flying high above the Magic Kingdom!

In 2015, the Blue Angels performed similar flyovers to the cheers of thousands of guests at the Magic Kingdom.

Blue Angels Flying over Magic Kingdom 2015

You could see them in the sky from everywhere at Disney World.
Blue Angel
How Walt would have loved to see this!


epcot two sisters
Fun day at Epcot!

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Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
book Two Girls
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Have a magical day!


Castle two disney sisters
Two Disney Sisters at the Magic Kingdom



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