Seeing Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, Baby!

Oscars Hollywood
And the Oscar goes to……

When we go to Disneyland, we try not to just go to Disneyland (even though that’s pretty hard!)….there are lots of other things to do and see in LA.

Like strolling down the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd.

You start on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street in Hollywood and start walking west. [Trivia:  We live on Vine Street!]

There are over 2,600 stars embedded in the sidewalk in the 15 blocks of the Walk of Fame.  There’s a lot to see.

Star Finder: Find the Star

We were interested in seeing all the Disney ones and there are A LOT of those!

(Note:  The area just 1 block off Hollywood Blvd. is a very rough neighborhood!  Only do this walk during the day!)

Hollywood & Vine
Hollywood & Vine
walt Disney Star on Walk of Fame
We found Walt Disney’s star!  #1 star we were looking for!!!
mickey mouse walk of fame
It all started with a mouse….
Snow White's star.
Snow White has a star too!
The Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd.
In front of the famous Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd.  There are a lot of performers dressed up here doing photo ops.  This is where you can see the handprints and sometimes footprints of stars in the cement.
Marilyn Monroe's statue
Marilyn Monroe’s statue re-enacting her cement signing.
Caroline checking out Marilyn's tiny handprint.
Caroline checking out Marilyn’s tiny handprint.
1937: Snow White Award Walt Disney won a total of 26 Academy Awards, and holds the records for most Academy Awards wins and most nominations in academy history.
1939: Special Award for Snow White
Walt Disney won a total of 26 Academy Awards, and holds the record for most Academy Awards wins and most nominations in academy history.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,600 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

Some more Disney-related Star photos:

disneyland (2)
Yes, even Disneyland has a star!
roy (2)
Roy O. Disney, Walt’s brother, the company’s financial guy, and his best friend.
tink (2)
Tink’s star
donald (2)
Yup, Donald has a star too.
winnie (2)
Winnie’s got one.
Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews and her star, 1966.
julie Andrews Walk of Fame
Such small hands and feet!!!!  Done right after the Sound of Music won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture.


chinese theater2
DHS’s Chinese Theater

We like the Chinese Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and can’t wait for the new attraction to open there in 2020.

Star Wars
Stormtroopers onstage in front of the Chinese Theater.
Chinese Theater1
Christian in front of the Chinese Theater.
chinese theater2
Just like the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Disney holds cement signing ceremonies for stars visiting Disney World.   Mark Hamill, 1990.


DHS Mickey Ears

We’ve written two books about our time working – and playing – as Disney Cast Members at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Both are available on in paperback and Kindle:  Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
book Two Girls
Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link:

Have a magical day!


Two Disney Sisters


frozen Two Disney Sisters
At Hollywood Studios.

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