Having Dinner with the Beast at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom


Be Our Guest restaurant.

For a final get together before he left Disney World, Christian’s roommates got dinner reservations at Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

All his roommates decided to extend their DCP Spring 2019 program through the hot summer months until mid-August.  One of his roommates is in the Disney Culinary Program (Arthur) and hopes to make Disney his career.  He is an excellent chef.

Dinner at Be Our Guest is prix-fixe for $55/person and includes your choice of an appetizer, entrée, and dessert.  Cast members get a 20% discount.

It was already very hot for mid-May, in the mid-90s every day. This summer has been brutal in Orlando.

The restaurant is at the back of the Magic Kingdom and you have to walk through Fantasyland to reach it.

Sign out front of the restaurant.
Massive stone lions.

It’s a very pretty, Gothic restaurant with lots of stone.

It is the Beast’s Castle after all.

The Beast only makes appearances at dinnertime.

The food is actually better at breakfast, and it’s good for lunch. And much less expensive then as it’s all ala carte.

The Main Dining Room aka The Ballroom.  The huge windows do not look out at the Magic Kingdom.  It’s always twilight outside those windows and snowing.

They were lucky to be seated in the main dining room, which is the best and most sought after reservation.

Christian was feeling really adventurous and wanted to try something new.

Not today, Satan!!!  Ordering this appetizer was a mistake!!

For his appetizer, he selected the Charred Octopus (served cold!).  This was not good and upset his stomach.

For his entrée, he went for the Sea Scallops.

Diving into some Sea Scallops.
Christian trying the “grey stuff”.
Meeting The Beast after dinner.  l-r: Kenny, Christian, The Beast, Arthur, and Tom.  Kenny also worked in Tomorrowland.

A ton more restaurant and dinner photos:

Cool lamp posts with gargoyles.
The pretty waterfall outside the restaurant.
Walking into the restaurant.
Two massive stone lion statues out front.
The grand hallway.
Princess Belle and Prince Adam in tile.
Fairytale Elegance at Be Our Guest Restaurant
20 foot ceilings with beautiful paintings. Really lovely Ballroom.


Le Menu
The size of the ballroom.


Bringing home some dessert for the 2 roommates who couldn’t make it.
Spring 2019 DCP – Chatham Square!
Kenny shaking The Beast’s paw.


beast (2)
Meeting the Beast after our lunch.

We’ve written two books about our time working and playing at Disney World.

Both are available on Amazon.com: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
book Two Girls
Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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Have a magical day!


We’ve eaten at Be Our Guest 5x now. Breakfast is best (3 Stars), lunch is good (2 1/2 Stars), and dinner is only for special occasions (1 1/2 Star).
Meeting the Beast.


Two Disney Sisters
hehehe…bad food at dinner!

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